MuscleFood Protein Bread, Pasta, Liquid Egg Whites Review

MuscleFood Non-Meat Products Review

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On 2014-02-03
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MuscleFood's Protein Bread, Protein Pasta and British Liquid Egg Whites are three innovative, high-quality products that serve as the perfect addition to any bodybuilder's diet. We really can't praise this company enough!

Hopefully the title didn’t put you off…

So it seems there are now ways of building muscle through everyday meals without shoveling down 20 chicken bites or 400g of mince.

Yes, my vegetarian bodybuilding friends, you’re back in luck.

Despite the fact we probably couldn’t spend an evening together without physically attacking each other, I think it’s about time these guys had a bit of break, as all vegetarian proteins are fairly disgusting.

In this MuscleFood review I will be sampling MuscleFood’s Protein Bread (what?!), Protein Pasta (seriously?!), and their best selling product: Liquid Egg Whites (that’s better).

Now if the first two products sound like the resultant of Willy Wonka getting turned down one too many times in Groove on a Saturday night and wanting to bulk up, then funnily enough you’re wrong.

These products, sold through MuscleFood, come from Dr Zak, a bodybuilding PhD who’s putting these previously taboo foods back on the menu.

High Protein Bread

musclefood protein breadPrice:

850g Loaf for £4.49

Nutritional breakdown (per serving):

Kcal: 289.2

Protein: 30.5g

Carbs: 27.95g

Fat: 4.89

Having been to a few bodybuilding shows, looking at the serious looks on the competitors’ faces you’d think they were busy trying to remember their routine.

However, I’m actually thinking that after 12 weeks of cutting all they’re really thinking about is a piece of toast slathered in butter.

But no longer will they have to with MuscleFood’s brilliant High Protein Bread.

Made from wheat and pea protein, this bread delivers a fulfilling 30g+ of protein and just under 300kcal per two slices, and it’s also high in Omega 3s.

Complex carbs come in at around 29g, which is in line with normal wholemeal bread but obviously without the benefits.

A loaf comes in at £4.49 – but if you buy your bread in loaves of three or five you can save more.

Now some may say that’s expensive compared to the cheap processed shite you can get for 80p in Asda, but comparing the two is like comparing a digestive biscuit with a top end protein bar.

At first I was sceptical about the product, but to be honest it really didn’t taste much different to normal wholemeal bread.

Texturally it was a bit more dense, but it was certainly very edible and kept hunger locked up for a few hours.

Unlike Shreddies, the liars.

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Protein Pasta

musclefood protein pastaPrice:

400g for £4.95

Nutritional breakdown (per serving):

Kcal: 198

Protein: 25g

Carbs: 15.5g

Fat: 3.89

Another new one for me here.

I wasn’t such a big fan of this as the bread as I just couldn’t get past the texture.

It’s a bit grainy compared to the fresh stuff.

Would Gino D’Acampo serve this in his restaurant?


But then again, is his clientele trying to build delts like cannonballs?


What this Protein Pasta does do is give you the option to add something else to your diet other than rice or rice cakes, and per 50g it gives you 25g of protein (pea protein isolate again) and 15g of complex carbs.

Even better, it’s made with 100% natural ingredients.


A 400g bag is £4.95, but just see my price comparison above for more info.

All in all, another excellent, innovative product from MuscleFood.

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British Liquid Egg Whites

musclefood liquid egg whitesPrice:

1 litre carton for £4

Nutritional breakdown (per serving):

Kcal: 50

Protein: 11.2g

Carbs: 0g

Fat: 0g

And finally, an old school classic for every bodybuilder.

Scrambled, omletted, or if you’re listening to the Rocky soundtrack, pick up the carton and just start chugging.

These Liquid Egg Whites are British Lion assured therefore you’re obviously not at risk if you’re feeling particularly primordial.

Per 300g, you get 30g of protein and virtually no carbs or fats – so perfect for lean muscle growth.

Even better, scramble them and add in a couple of slices of toasted bread and you’ve got yourself a delicious and bulky snack.

A one litre resealable carton will cost you £4, which is the cheapest you’ll find on the internet and it is, as with all MuscleFood products, very high quality.

I can certainly see why MuscleFood’s British Liquid Egg Whites are the top selling product!

rocky balboa egg drink gif

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Once more, like their poultry and red meat produce, these are three brilliant products you really must try from the fantastic and innovative MuscleFood.

At GymTalk HQ we really can’t praise this company enough and we implore you to not just take our word for it but head over to their website now.

As soon as the homepage loads it’s quite simply a bodybuilder’s wet dream, exploding with meaty goodness that’ll have you salivating all over your keyboard, or liquid ink keyboard if you’re using a tablet.

So there we have it, enough gushing.

Order MuscleFood Non-Meat Products

It’s the end of the month, don’t piss your money away on watered down lager, fruit machines and kebabs.

Instead, head over to now and buy yourself some delicious muscle.

Delivery to mainland UK is £3.95 or free for orders over £75.

But before you order, be sure to stop by our MuscleFood discount code page, as you might be able to land a huge bargain on your meat by using one of our exclusive deals!

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  1. Holy crap that bread is insane.

    I’m gonna look more into that right now.

    I consume too much chicken and Gold Standard Whey and this looks perfect.

    1. Hi Garage Gyms, it’s pretty special, especially when bodybuilding diets are generally so dull.

      Get on it!