MuscleFood Freshly Prepped Meals Review

Review: MuscleFood Freshly Prepped Meals

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On 2015-10-30
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A nice idea, and the food quality, portion size and macronutrient profile is absolutely superb, but they're a tad on the expensive side and some of the meals leave a little to be desired on the flavour front. Fix these issues and this would no doubt be a five star product.

More and more, nutrition companies are eliminating any semblance of effort from our bid to stay fit and healthy.

I can envisage a future where we intravenously plug in to our smart phones and download macronutrients straight into our bloodstream, all while a giant chrome robot barks orders in Korean through a loudspeaker as our habitat smoulders in ashes around us.

But until that time, one of the latest products to conveniently facilitate our dietary requirements is MuscleFood’s Freshly Prepped Meals.

MuscleFood have pretty much become a one-stop-shop for all your nutrition needs – I could spend all day just browsing and salivating over their huge hunks of meat and various protein goodies.

In fact, if they started streaming pornography (free range, high in protein), I would probably never leave their website.

So, let’s see how their new Freshly Prepped Meals stack up alongside the rest of their excellent product range.

Product overview

Prepping meals can be a colossal ballache – spending hours in the kitchen every week grilling chicken, washing up tupperware and Googling whether or not yellow broccoli is safe to eat.

That’s where these Freshly Prepped Meals come in, as they are designed to eliminate all of the hassle from meal prep.

They come freshly made, delivered to your door, and are high in protein, nutritionally balanced and calorie controlled to meet your daily macro needs.

No prep, no fuss, no mess – just gains on a plate!

To serve up, all you do is loosen the lid, whack them on full power in the microwave for two minutes, stir, then heat for a further two minutes.

There are a range of seven Freshly Prepped Meals currently on offer, and this review will focus on three:

Crispy Chicken with Dijon Mustard & Rice, Turkey & Sweet Potato Lasagne, Tuna Burgers & Sweet Potato Fries.

Crispy chicken with dijon mustard and rice

MuscleFood Crispy Chicken with Dijon Mustard & Rice


Price: £4.99 or 7 for £30

Calories 490.9kcal
Protein 54.9g
Carbs (of which sugar) 42.4g (0.4g)
Fat (of which saturates) 12.1g (2.1g)

Turkey and sweet potato lasagne

MuscleFood Turkey & Sweet Potato Lasagne


Price: £4.95 or 7 for £28

Calories 360.8kcal
Protein 46.2g
Carbs (of which sugar) 26.3g (6.8g)
Fat (of which saturates) 9.4g (2.3g)

Tuna burgers and sweet potato fries

MuscleFood Tuna Burgers & Sweet Potato Fries


Price: £4.95 or 7 for £28

Calories 449.5kcal
Protein 67g
Carbs (of which sugar) 9.3g (9.3g)
Fat (of which saturates) 16g (3.8g)

Ingredients and nutritionals

The best thing about MuscleFood’s Freshly Prepped Meals is the incredible macros (as you can see above) and the fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Indeed, if I were judging these meals on this category alone, they would easily be a five star product.

They are clearly made with gains in mind, as all meals boast a whopping 50-70g of lean protein alongside low GI carbs, healthy fats and no added sugar.

If these nutritional stats were a sound, it would be the sound of a powerlifter hitting a Squat PR while simultaneously receiving a highly skilled blowjob from a Brazillian bikini model.

Taste and texture

I found all three meals to be tasty, however they were a little on the bland side when it came to flavour and rather dry in texture, so, until MuscleFood improve this, I would recommend adding a dash of sauce to each meal.

Although still miles ahead of anything I could rustle up myself, they’re certainly not a culinary masterpiece, and if you served this up as Masterchef contestant, John Torode would probably spit in your face and call you a c**t.

Then again, these meals are hardly designed with Michelin stars in mind, rather slabs of perfectly honed muscle, and in that respect they do excel.

That said, they certainly tasted fresh, and the veg was cooked just right, which is rare to see in meals of this ilk.

Taste-wise, the best of the bunch were the tuna burgers – I found the lasagne and the crispy chicken to be rather chewy.

Value for money

While the serving size is large and the food quality and macro-nutrient profile is excellent, at almost £5 a pop these meals are an expensive addition to your dietary regimen, especially if you’re looking to routinely replace your own meal prep for the long term.

That said, buying in a bulk does make things slightly cheaper, and you can order seven meals (lunch for the entire week) for around £30, which works out around £4.29 per meal.

Yes, this is still considerably more expensive then preparing meals yourself, but, as they say, time is money, and this is convenience par excellence.

Plus, if you’re the type of person that will quite happily blow £3.79 on a Boots Meal Deal every lunchtime, then for just 50p more, these highly nutritious meals really would be a no-brainer.


MuscleFood’s Freshly Prepped Meals are a nice idea, and the food quality, portion size and macro-nutrient profile is absolutely superb, but they’re a tad on the expensive side and some of the meals leave a little to be desired on the flavour front.

If these issues are addressed, which I hope they will be, then these meals would be an essential purchase, alongside MuscleFood’s requisite chicken breasts, extra lean beef mince and hache steaks.

Buy MuscleFood Freshly Prepped Meals

You can order Freshly Prepped Meals by shopping here at the MuscleFood website.

Don’t forget to use one of our exclusive MuscleFood discount codes when checking out to save some extra cash on your purchase.

Over to you

Have you tried these Freshly Prepped Meals?

Would you consider putting in an order?

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  1. These look dryer than Clint Eastwood’s ball sack.

    Hot sauce definitely required.

    1. For these meals or lubing up Clint?

  2. These are expensive meals.

    And the review says it’s a little on the bland side.

    I like your honest opinion on the product.

    This will serve as the viewers guide for all the prepped meals out there.


    1. Thanks Jesse.

      Like I say, there’s lots of good stuff here, just needs a few tweaks to make it a five-star offering.

  3. I avoid many of the meals from Musclefood, not great in my opinion!

    I do buy all of my meat from there, some incredible deals, but I find nothing tastes better than meals prepped myself exactly the way I like them!

    1. With you there Steven – always prefer to stay in control of my meal prep.

      Some MuscleFood deals are truly mental – must be loss leaders as there can’t be any profit margin!

  4. I love MuscleFood, the head office in Nottingham is just around the corner from my house.

    They offer value for money and I always shop there.

    As you say, I guess it comes down to personal preference, I also found some of the food to be bland, but hey, value for money and they offer excellent nutritional values if looking to get quick protein and all.

    Great post, Henry.

    1. Yep – there meats are amazing value for money!