MuscleFood Chicken Breast Fillets Review

MuscleFood Chicken Review

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On 2013-12-21
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The best quality chicken for the best prices, it's as simple as that. So stop wasting your money in supermarkets, clear your freezer, and give MuscleFood a go!

As a twenty-something career man I like nothing more than convenience and the glorious rise of ecommerce in recent years has been as welcome as a taxi driver not trying to rip you off at 3am on a Sunday morning.

Now the idea of having meat delivered to your door might sound somewhat Dickensian but the concept has been around for years now through Ocado, Tesco et al.

But it was when MuscleFood got in contact with GymTalk about doing some reviews that I really started to pay attention.

More about MuscleFood

MuscleFood, by its own admission, is a UK supplier of “premium nutrition for peak performance”.

By juggling responsibly sourced meat with no additives, added water or salt – in addition to providing rock bottom prices – MuscleFood has really taken the UK sports nutrition market by storm.

So much so that some of their meats are also used in Jamie Oliver’s London restaurant – but not Jamie’s Italian restaurants, which are terrible.

I intend to split my review of MuscleFood’s products into three parts: chicken, red meat and non-meat products (they do exist).

I’ll also drip feed bits of information about MuscleFood for those too slovenly to look for themselves.

Again, convenience.

NB: if you like this MuscleFood review and decide to buy some of their products, don’t come complaining if you don’t like the taste of their food, it’ll be your ropey cooking that’s to blame and not the quality of the products!

MuscleFood Chicken – Product Overview

So, chicken, every bodybuilder’s favourite.

MuscleFood sent me one whole chicken and a 5kg pack of premium chicken breasts fillets, all of which add up to the frankly ridiculously low price of £31!

The chicken breasts come in at £25 and the whole chicken is priced at £6.

A quick look in my local Tesco tells me you can buy 450g packs of chicken breasts for £3.33 (on a 3 for £10 offer).

Therefore buying the same quantity from the supermarket would cost around £37.

Frankly, I should just end the review now and you go order.

Go on, off you go!

An addendum – if you’d like to correct my maths here, please fuck off.

The cynics will no doubt start to question the quality of such a vast quantity of meat at a fantastic price but as I’ve already mentioned, MuscleFood insist on a high quality, British, outdoor-reared produce.

Top guys, top products.

MuscleFood Chicken Breasts


5kg for £25

Nutritional breakdown (per serving):

Kcal: 204

Protein: 44.8g

Carbs: 1.4g

Fat: 2.2g

First off, these breasts are bloody massive.

No wonder they’re MuscleFood’s bestselling product!

Each one weighs in at a meaty (pun intended) 200g plus, which is pretty much double what you’d get from a supermarket.

They’re so large, in fact, it’s as if MuscleFood are feeding their chickens MuscleFood products.

(They don’t, that would be barbaric.)

Each breast fillet gives you a rather generous 204kcal, 44.8g of protein and only 2.2g of fat, of which 1/3 is saturated, which is perfect for those looking to boost lean muscle growth.

A 5kg pack of MuscleFood premium chicken breast fillets should last you around one month, but that’ll obviously depend on how much you plan on eating.

But no matter how long it lasts, as mentioned above, this product is much better value than a supermarket brand.

In addition, the chicken breasts do not shrink when cooked, which is often a problem when buying chicken on the cheap from your local supermarket.

Order Your MuscleFood Chicken Breasts Here

MuscleFood Whole Chicken

musclefood whole chickenPrice:

1.2kg Whole Chicken for £6

Nutritional breakdown (per serving):

Kcal: 216

Protein: 17g

Carbs: 0g

Fat: 16g

The whole chicken, weighing in at approximately 1.2kg, is probably more of a Sunday treat rather than an everyday product.

Unless you’re Hafþór Björnsson, in which case you’ll need more.

As expected, per 100g there is a lower quantity of protein and higher fat quantity.

Obviously you can negate the latter by not eating the skin, but that’s the nicest bit, right?

Order Your MuscleFood Whole Chicken Here


So there we have it.

Suffering from post-Christmas lethargy and feeling bloated?

Get yourself over to MuscleFood now for some fantastic poultry products.

It’s the best quality chicken for the best prices, it’s as simple as that.

So stop wasting your money in supermarkets, clear your freezer, and give MuscleFood a go!

Order MuscleFood Chicken

To get your hands on this top quality chicken, just head over to this page of the MuscleFood website and place your order.

Delivery to mainland UK is £3.95 or free for orders over £75.

And if your culinary expertise extends to instant noodles and baked beans, you can also check out the website for interesting things to do with your meat… recipes and such.

Also, before you order, be sure to stop by our MuscleFood discount code page, as you might be able to land a huge bargain on your meat by using one of our exclusive deals!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more MuscleFood reviews coming soon, and remember to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. Thanks for the great review.

    I have tried similar places like this with less than stellar results.

    I also noticed that at time went on, the quality of products that we were receiving got worse.

    Nice to know about someone doing it right.

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for the comment.

      What other companies have you used?

      So far so good with MuscleFood, red meat review going live soon so be sure to check it out!



    2. Avoid MuscleFood.

      Firstly, their meat is not that good.

      Secondly, once you are on their mailing list it is impossible to get off – they just keep sending spam emails and texts, often multiple times a day.

      Really poor show.

  2. “MuscleFood insist on a high quality, British, outdoor-reared produce”

    I received my first Muscle Food order today.

    Chicken breasts from Romania
    Turkey from Poland
    Boiled eggs from Germany
    Buffalo from Italy
    Whole chicken from France

    This company does not insist on “high quality, British, outdoor-reared produce”.

    1. Hi Mike.

      Think I wrote this review around a year ago when the chicken I received certainly was British.

      Bloody Schengen Agreement eh?


  3. I am really happy with the quality of the meat I get delivered.

    Chicken that actually holds a chicken flavor, bacon that grills, shallow frys and does not boil in strange injected salt water first.

    I have been using the company for about 6 months and each month I get an offer that is incredibly valuable.

    You know the type that is actually worth opening and email before you delete it……

    The meat I had delivered today was duplicated and charged.

    I contacted the company and they were amazing, they apologised about the technical error, suggested I keep the meat, credited my account of the extra funds and gave me £5 worth of loyalty points.

    All my support goes to this family run company, quality produce and exemplary customer service.

    “Well done Musclefood you are at least one company who is getting it right!”

    1. Hi Rebecca, thanks for getting in touch.

      Couldn’t agree with you more, great products and great service, I’ve had no mis-deliveries but if they get you free chicken then I’ll hope for one next time.

      Do check out our discount code page for Musclefood where you can find even more exclusive offers.


  4. Thank you for this review.

    I really love this site…


  5. “An addendum – if you’d like to correct my maths here, please fuck off.”

    Cracked me up.

    Great review Greg, I am a fan of their products as well.

    Sometimes it might be more expensive and others a little cheaper.

    BUT, it’s consistent and delivered to my front door.

    Less time at Tesco wins every time.