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Review: Musclefood Live Clean Meals

Review of: Live Clean Meals

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On 2017-03-25
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If your own attempts at meal prep are about as appetising as a stale sock garnished with toothpaste - or you simply don't have the time or inclination to prep healthy meals - then Musclefood's Live Clean Meals are definitely worth a try. They're extremely convenient, taste great, boast exceptional macros and are made with fresh, natural ingredients.

There is place, glimpsed only on social media, called “Fitness Land”.

It is a gleaming, spotless kingdom, populated by rippling abs, avocados and neon leggings, where people communicate solely in motivational hashtags, always stay humble and are constantly grinding.

In this magical province, leg day is never skipped, PRs are constantly smashed and all meals are nutritionally balanced and diligently prepped for the week.

The reality, for most of us, is a little less rosy.

While you may always have the best intentions of being healthy, life often has other plans.

When Monday morning begins with a tube journey resembling a scene from Apocalypse Now, an inbox that feels more like a list of ransom demands from ISIS, and Tina from human resources delivering a 30 minute monologue about her recent colonoscopy… well, that tuna salad begins to look about as appealing as self-castration with a rusty buzzsaw.

Sod it – you get a massive lamb wrap and some Jammie Dodgers instead.

Tomorrow you’ll be healthier…

If this scenario sounds all-too familiar, as it does for us, then you’ll want to check out Musclefood’s new range of ‘Live Clean’ meals, which may well be the answer to your unhealthy eating woes…

Product overview

Musclefood’s Live Clean Meals are essentially an upgraded version of their Freshly Prepped Meals which we reviewed back in 2015.

Like the latter, Live Clean Meals are designed for people who struggle to eat healthily during the week and lack either the time or inclination to prep nutritionally balanced meals.

While we liked the concept of the Freshly Prepped Meals and were impressed by the macros, we did express a few reservations in our review – namely the bland nature of the meals themselves, which, for the most part, resembled something you’d find on a transcontinental flight in the late 90s.

Thankfully, Musclefood have addressed this issue with their revamped Live Clean Meals, which I’m pleased to report taste fantastic (more on this later).

musclefood live clean meals

As with all Musclefood produce, Live Clean Meals are delivered fresh to your door, and each dish is packaged into two sections (usually meat and veg) which will need microwaving for slightly different times depending on the meal.

I cannot stress enough how easy the whole serving process is – simply bung the trays into the microwave with the cellophane on, cook for a few minutes, then dish it all onto a plate.

There are a wide range of Live Clean Meals available and they can be purchased singularly, at just under the £5 mark, or in batches of seven, which will set you back £30.

For £22 you can also buy a multipack of five meals for the week, which this review will focus on.

The meals stack up as follows…

Korean pork with rice and Korean vegetables

musclefood Korean pork with rice and Korean vegetables


Price: £4.95 or seven for £30

Calories 450kcal
Protein 51.3g
Carbs (of which sugar) 29g (6g)
Fat (of which saturates) 12.6g (4.1g)

Persian lime chicken with quinoa and minted peas

Musclefood Persian lime chicken with quinoa and minted peas


Price: £4.95 or seven for £30

Calories 446kcal
Protein 55.6g
Carbs (of which sugar) 17.9g (6.9g)
Fat (of which saturates) 14.9g (3g)

Pulled pork with beans and rainbow vegetables

Musclefood Pulled pork with beans and rainbow vegetables


Price: £4.95 or seven for £30

Calories 485kcal
Protein 57.1g
Carbs (of which sugar) 11.8g (9.1g)
Fat (of which saturates) 20.5g (9.5g)

Beef lasagne with roasted Italian style vegetables

Musclefood Beef lasagne with roasted Italian style vegetables


Price: £4.50 or seven for £30

Calories 474kcal
Protein 40.1g
Carbs (of which sugar) 35.9g (15.3g)
Fat (of which saturates) 16g (17.3g)

Oriental chicken pad Thai with rainbow vegetables

Musclefood Oriental chicken pad Thai with rainbow vegetables


Price: £4.95 or seven for £30

Calories 484kcal
Protein 60.8g
Carbs (of which sugar) 16g (11.7g)
Fat (of which saturates) 17.4g (2.7g)

Ingredients and nutritional info

Musclefood have absolutely nailed it in the macro department, with all meals coming in at under 500kcal, boasting 30%+ protein content, low sugar levels, and balanced carb/fat ratios.

As their name implies, Live Clean Meals are perfect for anyone pursuing a healthy, lean physique or looking to lose weight.

I was also really impressed by the ingredients, which are all natural and wholesome and free from any artificial nasties and additives, such as MSG and soy lecithin.

You can tell the nutritional content is spot on by the fact these meals keep you feeling full for hours afterwards, and they don’t leave you in an unproductive, mid-afternoon coma, much like you’d experience after banging back a Ginsters Meat Feast Slice, Snickers and a bottle of Lucozade (me every day circa 2010 – cherished memories).

Taste and texture

Having been underwhelmed by Musclefood’s last foray into meal prep, I was a little reluctant to give these a try, but they were really pushing the “designed by a Michelin trained chef” angle, so I figured they were hopefully a move in the right direction as far as flavour was concerned.

Bottom line: Live Clean Meals taste great.

chuck norris thumbs up dodgeball gif

I enjoyed every meal – but particular praise must go to the Pad Thai and Beef Lasagne, which I thought were full of flavour and genuinely delicious.

I would have been happy to have either served to me in a restaurant.

The portion sizes were also decent – certainly more filling than the tupperware tuna salad I’ve relied on during previous clean eating phases.

Value for money

At around a fiver per meal, Live Clean Meals are certainly not the cheapest option when it comes to buying lunch or preparing your own, but they’re super convenient, taste great and provide fantastic macros.

So for me, they’re definitely worth the price tag, especially when you buy them discounted in bulk.

During a busy week at work I’ll quite happily spunk £8 a day on lunch without really thinking about it, so having all my meals prepped for the week for around £22 (almost half the price of what I would normally spend) is, for me, definitely worth it.

Yes, of course I could save money by buying all the ingredients myself, cooking them, and packing everything into labelled Tupperware boxes every Sunday night, but, to be honest, I think I would rather have my scrotum gnawed by a bloodthirsty werewolf/Nicola Sturgeon (either works).


If your own attempts at meal prep are about as appetising as a stale sock garnished with toothpaste  – or you simply don’t have the time or inclination to prep healthy meals – then Musclefood’s Live Clean Meals are definitely worth a try.

They’re extremely convenient – not just in their quick preparation time, but also in the fact that they have a decent fridge life (seven days off the top of my head) and can also be bunged in the freezer.

They’re also very, very tasty, boast exceptional macros, and are made with fresh, natural ingredients.

All in all, Live Clean Meals are a great product, and certainly a step in the right direction for Musclefood, who have seemingly spent the last few years madly trying to infuse everything under the sun (sweets, beer, Oreos, even fucking toothpaste) with added protein.

Buy Musclefood Live Clean Meals

You can buy Live Clean Meals – either individually or in bulk – by shopping here at the Musclefood website.

Don’t forget to use a Musclefood discount code when checking out to save money on your order.

Over to you

Have you tried Musclefood’s Live Clean Meals?

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Any comments or questions?

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  1. I quite fancy Nicola Sturgeon actually…

  2. I became hungry by reading this, that is so good – meals with perfect cost.

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    Good for you bro.

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    Probably a tad expensive for me, even though these meals look great!

    Great review.