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The Clarence Ross Muscle Man Workout

You're a skinny 16 year old who wants to build some muscle. Scenario #1: 2018 You Google "how to build muscle". 9,970,000 results... well, fuck. You start cycling through articles about creatine supplementation, anabolic windows, superset [...]

Workout Tips

Advice To My 18-Year-Old Self
On January 1st of this year I turned 30. As well as ushering in a malaise of cynicism and despair, crippling hangovers, an aversion to doing anything other than drinking tea in my pyjamas on a Friday night, and the weary acceptance that we wil [...]

Gym Humour

Common Gym Phrases And What They Actually Mean
The gym can be an intimidating place. Well, sort of. Not as intimidating as being chained up in a Belgium sex bunker, being asked to call a coin toss by Anton Chigurh or having your CV marked up by Claude Littner. Or being forced to sleep [...]

MuscleMeds Reviews

Review: MuscleMeds Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate
This is a product we’ve been wanting to try at Gymtalk for quite some time. Not just because it’s weird, but because of its crazy awesome nutritional profile, and the fact that it’s a protein powder made from beef. Yes - beef. Isolated [...]

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