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Leroy Colbert’s Super Set Chest Blitz

Hitting a plateau is one of the most frustrating experiences that can befall any lifter. It's up there with getting injured, waiting 30 minutes for the squat rack to become free and your great aunt Marjorie trying to convince you that a banana con [...]
Clarence Ross

Workout Reviews

The Clarence Ross Muscle Man Workout
You're a skinny 16 year old who wants to build some muscle. Scenario #1: 2018 You Google "how to build muscle". 9,970,000 results... well, fuck. You start cycling through articles about creatine supplementation, anabolic windows, superset [...]

Workout Tips

Advice To My 18-Year-Old Self
On January 1st of this year I turned 30. As well as ushering in a malaise of cynicism and despair, crippling hangovers, an aversion to doing anything other than drinking tea in my pyjamas on a Friday night, and the weary acceptance that we wil [...]

Gym Humour

Common Gym Phrases And What They Actually Mean
The gym can be an intimidating place. Well, sort of. Not as intimidating as being chained up in a Belgium sex bunker, being asked to call a coin toss by Anton Chigurh or having your CV marked up by Claude Littner. Or being forced to sleep [...]

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