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Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Review

Until fairly recently, protein powder was marketed to a very specific demographic: men who read bodybuilding magazines, could quote scenes from Pumping Iron verbatim, and would happily bathe in a bucket of badger shit if it meant adding an extra inc [...]

Workout Tips

The bodybuilding illusion and how to get strong and conditioned
Fitness is now playing out like a scene from Fantasy Island. The images that pummel your eyeballs on social media, while intoxicating, are about as authentic as a Lance Armstrong interview on sportsmanship. Young men, juiced up like genetically mod [...]

Gym Humour

The world’s worst fitstagram accounts
Thanks to its vainly visual nature, Instagram provides the perfect habitat for thousands of self-obsessed buff bods. Like a digital alternative to posing in Amsterdam shop windows, these preened and polished plebs love nothing more than taking to th [...]
the worst fitness youtubers part 2

Gym Humour

The worst fitness channels on YouTube: part 2
You know that kid at school who wore a cape, dressed his rabbit as Hitler and once, as a dare, took a shit in his own backpack? Well that’s basically YouTube. These annoying tossers on a global scale, chasing their moment in the spotlight, b [...]