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The world’s worst fitstagram accounts

Thanks to its vainly visual nature, Instagram provides the perfect habitat for thousands of self-obsessed buff bods. Like a digital alternative to posing in Amsterdam shop windows, these preened and polished plebs love nothing more than taking to th [...]

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Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Review
Until fairly recently, protein powder was marketed to a very specific demographic: men who read bodybuilding magazines, could quote scenes from Pumping Iron verbatim, and would happily bathe in a bucket of badger shit if it meant adding an extra inc [...]
the worst fitness youtubers part 2

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The worst fitness channels on YouTube: part 2
You know that kid at school who wore a cape, dressed his rabbit as Hitler and once, as a dare, took a shit in his own backpack? Well that’s basically YouTube. These annoying tossers on a global scale, chasing their moment in the spotlight, b [...]

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The 5 Worst Fitness Channels On YouTube
Approximately 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. As anyone who’s clicked “filter by recent results” will testify, the vast majority of this content is proof, if it were needed, that humankind is hurtling towards its in [...]