Frank Yang: The Interview

Frank Yang: The Interview

After we ran our first article on this peculiar bodybuiling personality, one of our readers commented that the fitness community is lucky to have people as mad as Frank Yang.

We could not agree more.

Like other radical artists such as Blake, Milton or Kubrick, Yang is someone who’s powerful and unorthodox vision transcends his chosen medium.

frank yang

He bestrides the pantheon of bodybuilding like a colossal chrome penis, squirting his illusory, shocking, unnerving, introspective and pant-pissingly hilarious doctrine into the skies, gutters, crevices and fanny-holes of the internet.

In a bid to learn more about the man behind the vision, we strapped on our most durable BBC, parted the labia minora of his mind, and braced ourselves for entry…

Frank, thank you for talking with us today.

Firstly, we’d like to ask, do you see yourself as a YouTube trainer or something different altogether?

I’ve been doing the same things since the day I caught my grandfather lifting weights with his cock.

I remember using tape recorders to record myself beating myself up and playing it back and then recording myself beating myself up again to those sounds over and over until the whole thing sounded like a huge orgy/group fight.

When I played it back I heard an old man’s laughter, “HO HO HO HOO HOO!”

I was probably hallucinating but at that time I was convinced it was a ghost laughing at my artwork.

In High School I used to make “Jackass” videos on VHS before Jackass even came out on MTV.

YouTube is just another medium that came along the way that I thought I could use to transfer and manifest my creative energy.

The funny thing is that when YouTube first came out I was at the point of my life where I took training more seriously than any other endeavours I was taking on at that time in my life.

I never really tried to promote myself or anything in the beginning, and people started to catch on… slowly.

So it’s actually a kind of a coincidence that a big portion of my subscribers are from the fitness world.

Maybe by the time technology allows us to record dreams and upload them on the internet in real time or make films just by thinking them, I’ll have more audience that care more about my cinematic and creative efforts.

frank yang

And since I’ve never really trained anyone besides spotting them by yelling down their neck when they attempt a max effort squat, I can’t really call myself a trainer either.

What’s the largest animal you could squat?

I would love to squat a baby elephant.

Preferably one that just came fresh out of a womb with blood and stains still dripping from its body.

If the elephant is any more mature, even by just 10 minutes, I wouldn’t be able to squat it.

Animals bulk fast, all natty.

If Frank Yang was an exercise, what would he be?

The seizure hop:

When you did that interview on Chinese television, was it less an apology and more another genius media stunt?

Did you mean what you said?

Part of the allure, or should I say, the underlying “theme” of my videos and performances, is blurring the fine line (or breaking it completely) between trolling/being serious, fantasy/reality, mind/world, so that depending on context or who is perceiving the situation, both sides of the dichotomy could switch place with one another and dance around a bit inside each other’s shoes and still make sense.

Did you actually have sex in the street with Vivian or was it just simulation?

See my last answer.

Knowing how strict Chinese police can be, did this improve the sexual experience?

It was just like any other sexual experience of my life where I use another person’s body in place of my left hand to achieve orgasm.

Except this time it was in public.

I’ve been masturbating in public since I discovered it at age 5.

If the Hodge Twins were in front of you right now, what would you say to them?

I would ask them to show me pictures of their wives.

Do you agree there’s something ever so slightly strange about their relationship?

Yeah, the fact that they always only show the same small fraction of their house really intrigues and bothers me at the same time.

I want to see more, but am afraid of the consequences of such knowledge.

hodge twins gif funny

There seems to be picture frames that contain family portraits which I am dying to see.

Something tells me that they are fake, and that they actually live in a cave and have decorated only a small portion of their house to look like a house in the suburbs.

And their wives?


I mean they have each other, you know.

We even think they may have fucked, how far do you think they’ve gone?

You know how boys always try to go down on themselves only to realise that they aren’t flexible enough to do it?

If I had a twin I would definitely go down on him.

This leads me back to the theory that every orgasm is the result of masturbation.

American swimmer Michael Phelps used to eat over 12,000 calories per day. 

How much more do you think you can eat?

Well, 10,000 was pushing it.

Probably 12,001 if I starved myself and ran a marathon the day before.

You often talk about Zyzz.

What was it about him that started this interest?

It’s hard to say what I think of Zyzz the person because it was hard to know what was on his mind.

He didn’t really express himself much besides spitting memes and the word “cunt”.

Maybe he was some kind of a brilliant kinetic/visual genius who operated too much on the abstract to communicate with us through words though, who knows.

The fact that he became super famous just by looking aesthetic over the internet really fascinated me.

I was more interested in the aura around him and the cult following he created and how thousands of people who never stepped foot into the gym became interested in making transformations with their bodies with nothing but an idealised image of what “Zyzz” was over the internet.

He was the first “internet bodybuilder”, so, in a way, he was sort of like the Arnold of the digital age.

A lot of people followed in his footsteps and started uploading their bodies over the web, and the whole YouTube fitness community started to emerge.

I thought it was interesting and a bit ironic how these bodybuilders, whose medium of expression is their flesh, become immaterial and, in many ways, immortal, as they upload their physiques to the web and their flesh becomes “digitalised”.

If you could spend a day with Tom Cruise, what would you do?

I would put on an invisible coat and get really up close to him, without him noticing, to observe every pore, wrinkle and pimple on his skin and smell every breath that he takes.

How much could you squat with a gun to your head?

I’ve heard stories where grandmothers lift up entire cars to save babies due to the fact that we all possess a lot more strength than what our bodies allow us to express on a day-to-day basis when we are not under the pressure of life and death.

Basically to keep our muscles from tearing off of the bones and tendons, our bodies have protective systems that keep us from always using 100 percent of our strength when we perform tasks that are not critical to our survival.

Most people, without training, can only express or “release” a small fraction of our ABSOLUTE strength limits.

For a regular Joe, perhaps 30 percent.

Lifters or athletes that train their CNS to be more efficient can set this “brake” lose and allow our bodies to recruit more muscles – around 80 percent for an elite athlete (but don’t quote me on the number).

However, at a weightlifting competition, even the most intense ones like the Olympic medal games are not situations of life and death.

The stakes are high when you perform and compete at such high level, and it probably means the world to you to win a gold medal, but it isn’t as high as people who need to save another life or save themselves.

But the downside is having severe injuries afterwards.

I mean, you gotta pay the price for super human strength.

So this means that if you put a gun to my head and I actually believed that I was going to die, it would be closer to a life-death situation and the amount of pressure to lift up the weight would be a lot higher than say a state meet so I could probably lift a lot more.

I’m estimating 465 pounds on the squat.

But if you want me to lift even more, you would probably need to pull it out quickly and without warning because the body would have to react even faster without delay, therefore even less brakes would be called upon to stop me from becoming Super Saiyan.

I would say 500 pounds if you pull out the gun to my head as quickly as possible when I’m at the bottom of a squat, just a fraction of a millisecond before I come up.

Then I would really need to fire 150 percent of my body’s muscles, but I could probably lift it.

What do you think is the best sex position for building muscle?

“None-sex” is probably the best position.

Which gives you a lot of freedom to be in almost every position possible aside from the few positions we associate with fucking.

frank yang

I’ve been reading and experimenting with no fap and sexual transmutation whereby you channel your sexual energy and dissipate the semen into thoughts or willpowers that would result in higher-level endeavours.

Which other bodybuilders/fitness gurus do you respect?

Scooby, mainly because he seems to have a variety of different interests besides working out.

I heard he was building a plane.

Which bodybuilders/fitness gurus do you abhor/think offer nothing useful to the world?

None as long as you look aesthetic.

Even the ones who give shitty advice or lie about being natty on Instagram still contribute to the overall aesthetics of the world.

Anybody who looks at them will automatically derive the pleasure of beauty from them and at least temporally have a more aesthetic mind as a result.

What do you think of YouTube trainers like C T Fletcher and Kali Muscle who claim to be 100% natural?

Amazing, insane, mindblowing.

Have you ever considered taking steroids?

Only after I feel like I need to look that big for the performance project that I’m undertaking.

For instance, if one day I make a film about a 300 pound bodybuilder who started lifting and wanted to get that big only because he found a giant sized vagina and the only way to satisfy it is to become the cock that’s big and hard enough to stick it in there.

Which violinist do you most compare yourself to?

Maybe David Oistrakh due to his powerful and imaginative ways of playing.

He seems to rely as much on the right brain for creative interpretation and making the piece of music his own as much as techniques and mechanics.

Do you think they could deadlift over 200kg?

I think weight lifting and violin playing have a lot of similarities, so yes.

Both require an efficient CNS and good visualization skills.

Not to mention dedication, the strive for perfection, and the importance of repetition during practice/training.

When you shot your blinded workout in the morph suit, we’re you worried you’d get an erection?

Why would I be more likely to get an erection while blinded?

I wear morph suits all the time, even when I go grocery shopping.

If you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Single leg one legged squats.


Because you don’t need anything and can perform the exercise anywhere, any time.

I was gonna say pull-ups but then you would still need something to hold on to.

Then I was going to say sprints because all you need is your body, then I thought to myself, you still need a long enough surface to sprint on and maybe even a pair of shoes if you are stuck in a place with rough surfaces, like the moon.

Then I thought about just bodyweight squats, but then you still need two legs.

That led me to the one legged squats where you can be in an enclosed space, possibly the smallest of all prison “holes” that is just a fraction bigger than your body, and you can still perform this exercise.

I could go on and say crunches because you could basically perform that exercise even if you have all your limbs cut off.

But crunches are for losers that like sixpack abs through shortcuts.

What’s next for Frank Yang?

I’m making a tribute video to Jeff Seid at the moment.

I’m actually going back and forth between editing and writing up this piece.

That’s what’s next.

Where do you see Frank Yang in 10 years’ time?

I hope to have a couple of feature films under my belt.

Frank Yang, thank you for taking the time to talk to GymTalk.

Keep on doing what you’re doing!

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