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The Protein Works Total Mass Matrix Review

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On 2013-08-27
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A high quality, highly effective weight gainer, Total Mass Matrix is hands down the tastiest supplement I've ever tried. Another superb product from The Protein Works.

Writing for Gymtalk has taught me a few things:

1. You can shoehorn a knob gag into pretty much any genre of writing;

2. Having a basic understanding of meta-tags and H1 tags can elevate your position in Google’s rankings considerably;

3. Most importantly, there are numerous companies supplying better supplements than Myprotein.

I’m inclined to think the owners of The Protein Works agree with me, given that they’re all ex-directors of MP.

Having tried some of Henry’s Whey Protein 80 (without that 80 it would definitely sound like I was fellating him, probably still does) I headed over to the excellent TPW website.

For a while I’ve been in search of a ‘mid range’ mass gainer – by that I don’t mean price but calories.

At 108kg I’ve no real need for the additional 1,000+ kcal per day that Mutant Mass or Serious Mass would give me, but equally something like Hurricane XS only delivers around 250 per serving.

Luckily, I had the serendipity to come across TPW’s Total Mass Matrix.

Product overview

jennifer lopez hot underwearMass Matrix is the first mass gainer I’ve found that finds the sweet spot between (metaphorically) Kate Moss and Adele.

Mass Matrix is more Jennifer Lopez circa 1998 – spicy.

Per serving you receive a generous 450 calories, including 42.8g of their whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and calcium caseinate, which adds a unique slow release element, plus 52g of waxy maize starch, pure fine oats and maltodextrin, as well as some other goodies like BCAAs.

All this comes together in perfect harmony to give you the ideal tools to build intimidating amounts of muscle.

Taste and texture

TPW have been praised for their Willy Wonkian (that’s a word) use of flavourings, such as Apple Cinnamon Swirl, Rhubarb and Custard, and Jaffa Cake.

I’m personally quite boring when it comes to supplement flavours, so I plumped for ‘Chocolate Silk’.

A rather grandiose term for chocolate which makes it sound rather like a black porn star.

I was to be left equally as satisfied.

Quite simply Total Mass Matrix is the best tasting supplement I’ve ever reviewed.

I actually ended up doing extra workouts just so I could have more of it!

A delightful vicious circle.

Like most mass gainers, the oats don’t fully mix, but that comes with the territory, and no one should complain about it.

But no doubt there’s numerous forums set up by 60kg noodles to whine and bitch otherwise.

Value for money

total mass matrix review4kg of total mass matrix came in at a svelte £34, which seems like no pounds to be honest.

Equally I opted for the 3-5 day delivery and it arrived next day.

A quick look on their Facebook page reveals that most have experienced this excellent level of service.

A word of caution though – as this company expands the orders will be flying in and it’s doubtful that they’ll be able to process such a high volume of orders so quickly.

Still, no-one actually needs protein next day.


I’ve been taking Total Mass Matrix for just under a month now, twice on workout days and once on non-workout days.

Alongside a reasonably high calorie diet and a tried-and-tested linear periodisation programme, I’ve already gained 2kg of lean muscle.


Total Mass Matrix is a high quality, highly effective weight gainer, and it is hands down the tastiest supplement I’ve ever tried.

All in all, another superb product from The Protein Works.

The sole fault I have with this product is that is does not contain creatine monohydrate like other mass and strength gainers.

Of course this just means I have a take 10 seconds out my day, but there’s my suggestion.

Saying that, it’s just been revealed that TPW have introduced a ‘build your own supplement’, so in a few weeks when I’m ready for my next order I’ll be sure to check that out and play protein Frankenstein.

Buy Total Mass Matrix

You can get your hands on Total Mass Matrix by following this link to The Protein Works website.

And make sure you you use a The Protein Works discount code to grab yourself a bargain.

If you’ve tried this supplement or any other products from The Protein Works I’d love to hear from you, just leave me a comment below this post.

That’s all for me now, so I’ll finish by paraphrasing some words from the presumably unsuccessful advert by the Scottish tourism board:

This year, why not try something different, try Total Mass Matrix.

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  1. Good post.

    I like how J-Lo is involved in Mass Matrix, going all the way back to 1998.

    1. The thing is Gavin, J-Lo used to be really hot.

      Not a lot of people know that.

  2. I am very lean with height 5’9″ weight 51.

    I started at my gym yesterday, I want to gain weight.

    Please advise me which is more effective for gaining weight faster?

    Please suggest me medium cost product.

    Please reply me sir.

    Thanks in advance.