Serious Mass Review | Optimum Nutrition Weight Gainer Review

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review

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On 2014-05-05
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If you're a hardgainer looking to bulk up, Serious Mass is the supplement for you. It's loaded with everything you need to add muscle and size and provides great value for money.

For the last few years my weight gainer of choice has always been Mutant Mass.

It’s my ‘clutch’ supplement, dependable in crucial situations when I need that big hit of muscle and size.

However, I recently found Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass on offer online, and being a big fan of their Gold Standard Whey (and a bargain), I decided to broaden my horizons and give it a go.

This is how I got on…

Product overview

Serious Mass is a hardcore weight gainer which is literally bursting at the seams with calories.

It packs in a gargantuan 1,250 calories per serving (more than any other weight gainer on the market) making it the ideal product for hardgainers looking to add some serious meat to the bone.

This isn’t just a protein shake, this is an utter landslide of calories.

Mixed with whole milk, you’re going to be knocking back over 1,500 calories per shake!

Each serving size also contains a 50g protein blend, 250g carbs, 5g fat, 24 vitamins and minerals, creatine, and glutamine.

The protein formula comprises a mix of whey protein concentrate, egg albumen, alcium caseinate, and sweet dairy whey.

This makes for a moderate-to-slow release of protein throughout the day, meaning your body will be constantly feasting on the good stuff.

The carbs come from malodextrin (would have preferred a superior source here but hey ho), and of this only a relatively small proportion (20g) is derived from sugar.

It’s also good to see some other goodies, such as creatine and glutamine, thrown into the mix, as this really gives Serious Mass a comprehensive nutritional profile for aiding gains.

optimum nutrition serious mass

Taste and mixability

Using a blender, I had no problems mixing the Serious Mass powder into a smooth shake.

However, using just the shaker bottle was a different story.

Getting the thing into a drinkable state was like training for a charity wankathon, and I could never seem to get rid of those last few clumps of lumpy powder.

Although it’s not too bad, the taste of Serious Mass is also not a strong point.

It’s sweet and rich, but this is par for the course with a high calorie weight gainer, so no real complaints here.

I opted for the chocolate flavour, and, mixed with milk, it’s certainly not as bad as some people complain.


I took Serious Mass twice a day between three regular meals for 4 weeks.

This was alongside a basic 5×5 strength and size routine and some light cardio on rest days.

In just over a month I managed to gain 12 pounds (approx 0.86 stone) in bodyweight.

While most of this was definitely muscle mass, I did, inevitably, gain some fat, but this is to be expected with such a hardcore weight gainer.

Serious Mass also helped me to add considerable weight to my 5RM on bench, which is an exercise I’ve struggled to make gains with over the last few months.

Side effects

If you’re anything like me, a two-scoop serving of Serious Mass will cause some major bloating.

The scoop that comes with the bag is about the size of a cereal bowl!

I constantly felt full, sometimes uncomfortably so, and was reduced to waddling around the office where I work like a pregnant toad.

As such, towards the end of the month I tended to use just the one scoop, which works out at about 700 calories a serving.

The problem with this is that the protein serving goes down to about 25g, so I topped each serving up a bit with some basic whey.

You’re also going to be subjected to some severe rectal turbulence while taking this supplement, so brace yourself and everyone else within a 10 metre radius of your anus.

And, mark my words, going to the toilet will feel like giving birth to a baby rhinoceros.

Value for money

You can usually pick up 5.4kg of Serious Mass online at Amazon for around £40 or $50.

This works out at a similar price to Mutant Mass and slightly more than bargain basement brands such as Complete Mass from Bulk Powders.

However, the nutritional profile of Serious Mass, like all other Optimum Nutrition products, is far superior to competing brands, making it excellent value for money in my book.


Serious Mass ReviewAre you a hardgainer or ectomorph looking to put on weight and add some serious muscle to your frame?

If so Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass is the perfect supplement for you.

It’s overflowing with quality calories, protein, carbs, as well as other muscle building goodies, and provides excellent value for money.

It also works very well as an MRP if you’re the kind of person who struggles to get in a proper meal at every sitting.

Ultimately, if you’re consistent with your diet and training while using Serious Mass, you will almost definitely see significant results.

Buy Serious Mass

For the best price on Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass shop here at Amazon.

Have you tried Serious Mass?

Thinking of giving it a go?

Got any questions?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I’ve just started on Serious Mass.

    I currently weigh 50kg.

    Am a bit confused with the serving size.

    Each scoop is 250ml or 8oz, which amounts to roughly 224g per the label, 2 scoops equal to 334g.

    If my Maths is correct 2 heaped scoops is far more than 334g.

    Am I looking at this wrong?

    1. Hi Imran, 334g is equal to two HEAPED scoops, which makes the serving size slightly larger than the scoop size.

    2. If I split the 2 scoops per day of Serious Mass into 4 servings will the effect be the same?

      And how long will it take to notice weight gain?

      How effective is it?

      1. Experiencing acid indigestion and excessive salivation since started taking this in divided doses.

        Any suggestions or should I stop taking this?

  2. I have 4 stones in kidney so I take serious mass weight gainer.

  3. Thanks man, that’s a great review you have there!

    I’m planning to get the 6lb and trying to calculate my servings per month.

    Given that I’d probably be having one serving of a one scoop per day, how long do you think the bottle will last for me?

    And by doing so, how soon would I be able to see the results if my workouts are some how moderate in intensity as in 3 hours per week?

    One more thing if I may, as for a female, would this work as a proper weight gainer?

    And how effective would it be if one is not working out sufficiently yet have an active day, be for a male or a female please?

    Pardon me for the pile of questions but any help would count big mate.

    1. Hi Mohammed, thanks for your comment.

      OK, so bear with me while I calculate this in metric measurements.

      6lbs = 2721.55g

      A single serving of Serious Mass is 167g, so 2721.55/167 = 16.3

      So if you take a single serving a day, it will last you around 16 days.

      If you train consistently with heavy compound lifts and consume enough calories/protein, you should definitely begin to see results.

      Male or female, this product will help you up your calorie intake for size gains, but if you’re not training hard and eating crap, you WILL get fat.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any further questions!


  4. Hello.

    The supplement clearly states that it is for non-vegetarians.

    If half a scoop is taken with vegetarian diet, will that be just fine?

    Or else what procedure must vegetarians follow while taking ON Serious Mass?

    Thank you.

    1. If it states it’s not for vegetarians, it’s not for vegetarians, no matter how much you take.

      For more info on vegetarianism and bodybuilding, check out the following article:

  5. Nice review.

    Serious Mass is one of the most effective mass gainers I have come across.

    Within a month I gained almost 8 pounds.

    I would also suggest BSN True Mass and Muscletech Masstech as they are effective too for lean mass gain.

    1. Hi Rohan, thanks for your comment, definitely can’t go wrong with BSN!

  6. Hey.

    You said when you started using one scoop (700 calories, 25g protein), you topped it with Impact Whey Protein, so that you could consume more protein.

    I’d like you to give more details on that.

    Because I’m planning to consume 1 scoop of Serious Mass (1 scoop, not 1 serving!) mixed with milk after my workouts.

    I workout 4 times a week, so after every workout one scoop.

    So should I start using Impact Whey to top it up?

    Or please give me other ways to add more protein since I’d only be consuming 25g because of 1 scoop.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi.

      This was to cut down the total calories I was consuming per shake while still getting a decent hit of protein.

      Just start by taking the recommended serving size – I only cut it down because I was having bloating issues.

    2. I am a 20 year old male about 5’11 and I started taking Serious Mass in the summer of 2019.

      I weighed about 155 lbs and now today in November of 2020 I weight 215 lbs.

      I am extremely ambitious and often will try to surpass expectations, I can say for a fact that Serious Mass is very effective I have never seen results like it in my life.

      I took it 3 times a day for multiple months to get where I am currently at, but be careful because if you take it without working out you will gain fat very easily.

  7. Does Serious Mass or other mass gainers contain beef in it?

      1. It contains 48 hour marinated chicken inside

        1. Best comment, ever!!

  8. Guys, need some serious help.

    I’m a male of 22, my height is about 5’4″, and my weight is 48kg (106lbs).

    My bones seems short but I want to add muscles (but not that huge bulky bodybuilder type) to my slim body so that I can look tall & fit.

    So for that:

    1) What would be better, SERIOUS MASS or WHEY PROTEIN?

    2) The actual dosage of SERIOUS MASS is 4-8 scoops per day… what if I take 1-2 scoops per day, then will it increase my weight and muscles?

    3) If i take WHEY PROTEIN 1-2 scoop what will it do?

    And yes I am working out in a GYM (light weights only).

    1. If you’re going for a lean, shredded look I would avoid mass gainers altogether, as you will put on excess weight.

      In your case, I would recommend a simple, low-calorie whey protein shake alongside a full-body weights routine several times per week and some high-intensity cardio (sprints, boxing, spinning, etc).

      Check out our articles on training and nutrition for some more help:

  9. Sir my age is 24 and my weight is 65kg.

    I buy Serious Mass 12lbs at Healthcart and I take after exercise two times a day, one is in the morning and the other is in the evening.

    Please guide me for my diet and which time I should take Serious Mass.

    1. The timing of your shake is not important – just keep a track of macros on a daily basis to make sure you are hitting your daily quota.

      Use the supplement as a snack between meals and/or as a convenient post-workout hit of protein.

      The rest of your diet should comprise healthy, wholesome, “real” foods.

      Lots of meat, healthy fats, veg – i.e. steaks, fish, olive oil, nuts, greens, etc.

  10. Yeah, I completely agree with you.

    It’s worth the money.

    I have even bought 5.4 kgs for 40 Pounds and it’s really effective.

    Thanks for the share.

    I really appreciate your efforts in delivering such an ultimate review.

    1. Cheers Adit 🙂

  11. Dear Henry,

    I need your help to gain weight and muscles by taking Serious Mass Gain.

    Someone suggested me Serious Mass Gain.

    I want to know if this is effective for me or not according to my weight, height and workout I am doing everyday and food which I take.

    My Age is 29, height is 5’7″ and weight is 61 KG.

    I started gym 3 weeks ago with light weight.

    I use normal food everyday like, breakfast, lunch and dinner with 6 eggs without yolks and bananas.

    Please explain me how should I use serious Mass Gain that should give results without any side effects.

    I am afraid if I will take this without knowing of exact use with exact calculation it will side effect on me.

    Please help me in this so I can use this properly that will give me results.


    1. Hi Ahmed – you should take Serious Mass between meals (not as a meal replacement) to beef up your daily protein/calorie intake.

  12. Hi,

    I just started my protein diet and I wanted to get some advice.

    So I’m actually 52kg for 175cm and I want to gain 6 more kilos in the coming month.

    I’ve already bought the Serious Mass 12lbs and I’m taking half of the scoop in the morning and the other half after workout (5 days a week).

    Do you think it will work for me or should I take 2 times the whole scoop?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi there.

      Halving the measure is a good way to start if you’re new to mass gainers, then once your body starts getting used to the added calories, consider upping the serving size.

  13. Sir, I have purchased 2 packets of Serious Mass gainer 12 lbs.

    I am using it for 15 days but I haven’t found any result so suggest me Sir.

    How should I use it for better results before it gets completed?

    My first packet is on the verge of completion but didn’t gibe any results.

    Sir plz tell me which diet plan should I follow or how to use Serious Mass gainer?

    Or how many scoops should I take in a day???

    1. Firstly 15 days is far too short a time to start seeing results, and, secondly, without knowing you, I’d say that looking for answers in supplements is not going to give you the results you’re after.

      Start following a full-body workout routine full of compound lifts (5×5 or Golden Six) and focus on consuming lots of protein from healthy, wholesome sources (steaks, fish, eggs, etc) before you even consider taking any supps.

  14. Hi,

    I’m 15 and I weigh 50kg.

    I train 4 times a week with full body workouts.

    I’m a serious hard gainer and I just want some quick size and muscle.

    What should I be taking supplement wise?

    If I was to buy this how would I take it?


    1. Hi Lennon.

      If you’re training as you say you are and have a good base diet in place, then, yes, I would certainly recommend a gainer such as Serious Mass to help provide extra calories.

      When taking it, just make sure you’re supplementing BETWEEN meals, and not using it as a meal replacement, otherwise you will not be benefiting from the additional calories.

      Feel free to ask my anything else 🙂


  15. Hello there, I’m wanting some help, I’m looking to gain muscle mass!

    I’m about 12.5 stone right now I’ve bought mass gainer and been taking it but been getting paranoid with getting belly?

    Is this normal to get belly when taking this I’m looking to gain weight and muscle mass and then shred in the summer lose as much body fat as possible.

    Also got Whey Standard Gold which I’m taking now as I’ve come off mass gainer – been paranoid with my stomach!

    If you could give me advice this would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Jonathan.

      Yes, it’s normal to develop a bit of a gut while taking mass gainers of this ilk, as this is not really a ‘clean’ bulk.

      Just keep training hard and eating well and the excess body fat will soon come off.

      To be honest I’m not really a fan of ‘bulking’ and ‘cutting’ cycles – I would always advise a more sustainable long-term plan instead.

      Charlie wrote an article covering this a few years ago, you should have a read:

      Do let me know if you have any more questions, and good luck with your goals!

  16. Hey I am 17 years old and about 5’10 1/2″ and weigh around 66kg or 145 lbs.

    I have been working out for a while – about 6 months – and I just bought Serious Mass to help me with my gains.

    I eat a lot of fruits – an apple, a banana, an orange.

    I try to get around 3,000 calories in but with Serious Mass it becomes 4,500.

    The problem is I took it for the first time today.

    I took one scoop just to try it out after eating rice, meatballs, potatoes and tomato sauce.

    I felt like I m about to explode when I took Serious Mass haha… and when I went to the bathroom it seems like it all came out… my puss even took a bit the color of the shake.

    Is this just because my stomach isn’t used to the amount of calories… because I ate all that and drank Serious Mass in about 30 mins.

    How can I make the most out of Serious Mass, make my body absorb the most… should I drink it through a longer period?

    Drink more water?

    Take some sort of vitamins to help with the digestion of all that?

    Hope you answer haha.


    1. Thanks Nour for your very detailed comment – just what I wanted to read over breakfast haha!

      In your case I would simply advise lowering the serving size and then gradually increasing it back up to the recommended 2 scoop serving.

      That way your body will get used to the calorie increase and it wont be such a shock to the digestive system.

  17. Hi,

    Great review, I just had a question.

    While taking this as a supplement would you recommend taking whey protein after workouts as well or would replacing postworkout protein with a serving of this suffice?

    In that case would it be fine if 1 serving is taken in the morning and 1 after working out?

    1. This will suffice as a post-workout shake – no need to bother with another.

      And, yes, 2 servings a day in addition to regular meals would be ideal.

  18. Sir I have bought 12 lbs chocolate Serious Mass.

    But it hardly tastes like chocolate and is not that sweet either.

    It’s really hard to mix in a shaker with water, few clumps are left at last.

    I verified with customer care of ON using my lot number.

    They said my product is authentic.

    I’m not convinced that it’s original still

    Can it be fake due to bad mixability and taste as described above?

    Looking forward to your reply 🙂

    1. As I mentioned in the review, the taste and mixability of Serious Mass is certainly not great, so it probably was authentic.

      Just get it down your neck and quit complaining – the results more than make up it!

  19. Hello there!

    I need important info.

    I’m 19 with 6’2″ height and just 60 kg, that typically makes me a hardgainer and ectomorph.

    I just started doing 5×5 SL workout a week ago.

    Now is it okay for me to take ON Serious Mass?

    If yes, then how many scoops should I take per day and at which time will it be best for consuming?

    1. Hi Galib.

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Yes, Serious Mass is ideal for hardgainers, and will especially complement a good solid routine such as SL 5×5.

      I would start by taking one serving twice a day between meals – and one after your workout – and then gradually increasing that to two scoops once your body becomes accustomed to the calorie increase.

      Hope that helps.


  20. Hello Sir Henry.

    I am 19, height 5’5″, weight 47kg.

    I want to gain muscles, about 6 to 8 kgs.

    I work out five days a week (including kickboxing).

    I have two options:

    1. ON Serious Mass
    2. ON Gold Standard Whey Protein

    I can afford only one pack of above (12lb).

    I have a high metabolism rate.

    So which one I buy Sir?

    (I am vegetarian, can’t add much protein etc from food, eggs in supplements are OK)

    1. If you have a fast metabolism and are a typical hardgainer, I would certainly suggest Serious Mass.

  21. Hi Henry, I am a 17 year old who is 5 ft 11 and weigh just over 10 stone.

    Your review really seemed to make me interested.

    Last night I ordered this product online without reading much reviews.

    Would this product work in the aspect of trying to gain just over a stone with doing my usual workout to gain muscle also or would I have to gain weight first and then turn it into muscle?


    1. Hi Daniel.

      Just use it alongside your workout routine.

      If you’re hitting those big compound lifts (squat, deadlift, presses, rows, etc) several times per week, eating a healthy protein rich diet, and supplementing with Serious Mass, then you should definitely see results.

      Feel free to get in touch any time you have any more questions 🙂


  22. Hey Henry,

    I just ordered Serious Mass and I work out 5 times in a week.

    It is hard to gain weight for me so that’s why I ordered Serious Mass.

    I need some help with the times I take this?

    And what about the days I don’t workout, do I still take the shake or only when I work out?

    And is it better if I take it after workouts or it doesn’t matter?

    Hope to hear from you.


    1. Hi Maikel, thanks for your comment.

      Take Serious Mass between meals every day to bolster your daily calorie intake – and it also works well as a convenient hit of protein post-workout.

  23. Hi,

    My age is 28, my height is 5.6 feet, my weight is 58 kgs.

    I am working out from last 3 months (5 times a week), I need to gain some weight, I look very slim.

    I am taking Serious Mass also but can’t see much results.

    What should I do to gain mass?



    1. Hi Navi.

      First off, I would like to reiterate that you should not be looking for answers in supplements, especially if you’re new to lifting weights (3 months is far too short a timeframe to expect decent results).

      Building a strong, muscular body takes years not months.

      You need to focus on nailing the basics first before worrying about supplements.

      Your workouts should be full-body orientated and full of the main compound lifts (squat, deadlift, presses).

      Some good places to start are:×5-routine/×5/

      Also make sure your diet is full of wholesome, healthy food with lots of protein – steaks, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, greens, etc.

      I recommend you check out the following article which has lots of relevant advice:

      Only when the basics are in place should you be using supplements – but please bear in mind they are only a very small piece of the overall puzzle.

      Hope that makes sense.

      Good luck with your training.


  24. My age is 30, my height is 5’10”, my weight is 63kg.

    Today I brought Serious mass 12lbs.

    I am starting to work out from last 1 months (5 times a week), I need to gain some weight.

    How much I should I take of that mass gainer protein powder after work out?

    What should I do to gain mass?

    Thanks & regards,


    1. Take Serious Mass between meals (not instead of meals) to bolster daily protein and calorie intake.

      Also take it after workouts for a convenient and quick hit of protein – if a regular meal is not available to you.

      Regarding serving size, as I’ve mentioned, start with a single serving and put that up to the recommended serving when your body acclimatises to increased calorie load.

      Aside from supplements/diet, make sure you are focusing on full body routines with lots of compound exercises.

      I would actually say you’re working out too much at five times per week.

      Less is more.

      Three solid full-body workouts every week will be much more effective, leaving your muscles more time to repair and grow.

      Stronglifts 5×5 is a good place to start.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


  25. I just ordered serious mass 6lbs, I am 20, 6’0″ and 140lbs.

    Will Serious Mass get my arms bigger and more toned while doing arm workouts such as curls and tricep pulldowns three times a week?

    My name is Austin.

    1. No.

      If you want to build muscle, forget isolation work, and focus on full body routines comprising squats, deadlifts and presses.

  26. Hi there I’m 5ft and 48 kg and very thin.

    I’ve just started in the gym twice a week one class of ladies weights and one core class.

    I’m very underweight and was wondering would Serious Mass help me put on weight?

    If so how would I take it and how many times a day please?

    Could really do with some advice.

    I know it could take months maybe years but am desperate thank you.

    1. Hi Barbara – yes, a protein supplement will help you gain muscle mass, provided your are consistently training well and eating well.

      Take it between meals to help you hit your daily protein goals (around 1 to 1.5g per pound of body weight).

      1. Hi Henry thank you so much for your reply if you get a chance could you calculate for me how much to take.

        I know you said it in your reply but I’m hopeless with mathematics.

        Or how many scoops with water etc.

        Sorry to be a pain.

        1. No worries.

          48kg is approx 106lbs, so aim to take between 106-159 grams of protein per day.

  27. I used to take 2 scoops daily one in morning and other after workout.

    One day after drinking this I feel like acidity, my lower stomach started burning.

    So I visited my nearby doctor.

    After getting some Anta Acid the pain got down.

    Due to this I stopped taking gainer.

    Please guide me what’s gone wrong.

    I used to take gainer with full cream milk.

    I also got some belly fat.

    I usually work out 6 days a week.

    I’m 23 years old and 66kg weight.

    1. Hi Vikash.

      I would suggest talking to your doctor as by no means am I a medical professional.

  28. Hey Henry, I am 17 years old, 5ft 8, and weigh 145.

    I have been doing homemade weight gain shakes with organic protein, managed to put on 10 lbs in 3 months.

    However I gained interest in Serious Mass but saw that it also contains creatine.

    Is creatine safe for a teenager without it affecting my body in a negative way?

    And do you think I will manage to put on more mass with this product than with my own weight gainer shake?

    Thanks you.

    1. Hi Juan.

      Creatine is 100% safe, I recommend it to people all the time.

      And, to be honest, as great as Serious Mass is, if you’re seeing results with your own homemade weight gain shakes, stick with it!

      You’ll save a lot of cash too!

  29. Hi!

    I would like to hear your advice, I’m 5’6! and 110lbs.

    I can’t gain weight, and I only eat white meat (chicken & seafoods) which makes it hard for me to gain weight.

    And ‘Im a bit confused about the proper serving – I ordered 12lbs of Serious Mass.

    Can I use 1 scoop (with milk & oats) in the morning (breakfast) and another one before bed time?

    Because I still have ON Whey Protein so I’m planning to use it post workout.

    Will that help me gain weight and muscle at the same time?

    Thank you.

    1. Yes, taking 2-3 protein/mass gainer shakes every day between meals will help you gain muscle mass.

      Provided, of course, the rest of your diet and training regime is on point.

  30. Hi.

    I am a female and I weigh 140 now I am 5’4.

    I am trying to get back up to the weight I was when I was in the army which is 160.

    That was the best I ever felt and looked.

    I actually just purchased Serious Mass today as it is very hard for me to gain weight.

    I am also starting T25… and have read that while taking Serious Mass to not do cardio is this true?

    1. It really depends on the type and frequency of cardio.

      If you want to get the best results from a mass gainer then hours of low intensity cardio are just going to be counter productive.

      But sprints, compound lifts, circuits – anything that comprises short bursts of high intensity – should be fine.

  31. Hi Henry,

    I won’t go too much into detail but I go gym 3-4 times a week and looking to gain size and muscle.

    I have been going for over a year and recently purchased Serious Mass, I’m taking one scoop in the morning and one at night and also one and a half after workout.

    I feel I’m consuming quite a bit a day so what’s your thoughts on doing cardio and if so how much?

    I like a 20 minute run etc on the treadmill on some days but in your opinion what would you feel would be the right amount to make sure I don’t get a belly!

    Any help appreciated!


    1. Hi Lewis.

      Too much cardio is going to be counter productive if you’re taking a mass gainer.

      Just focus on eating well and getting your cardio from compound lifts.

  32. Are the results of taking Serious Mass permanent or it should be taking consistently?

    1. You’ll need to keep up the calorie intake in order to maintain size.

  33. Hi, I already took 6 lbs protein and I gained 8 pounds, and recently I bought another 6 lbs Serious Mass gain to increase my weight.

    Some people says if you’re consuming a supplement and doing a workout (for example biceps ) that part will consume protein and enlarge.

    What if i did thigh means it will enlarge??

    I don’t want to increase my thigh and butt, it may sound silly but I need to know.

    1. When you work a muscle group in the gym, these muscles fibres will subsequently increase in size and number (your body is overcompensating to protect it from further stress), and protein intake helps this process along.

      So, in a roundabout way, yes, you are right.

  34. Sir, I am 5 feet 5 inches in height and 50 kg in weight.

    I have not much money to buy Serious Mass.

    If I will buy and take half of the scoop it will work for me or not?

    I would like to drink protein at low cost and it will go for long time use.

    Please advise me what to do.

    1. If you’re short on money, there are far cheaper ways to get your protein than via flashy supplements.

      Canned tuna, whole eggs, milk, cottage cheese, etc are all dirt cheap.

      Buy generic, buy in bulk where possible, freeze everything.

      And look out for deals on supplements – as there are some great savings to be made which can make whey a very, very cheap option.

    1. Cheers Rohan, nice article 🙂

  35. Hi, I am about 63kgs and I wantwd to increase my body weight.

    Someone recommended me about this product and I’m going to buy so please tell me the right flavour as I will take it with milk and the right proportion and the timings.

    If it does have some side effects please let me know I will keep that in mind.

    1. Honestly, just read the instructions on the packet, it will tell you everything you need to know!

      Take 1-2 scoops between meals and after training.

      Best flavour, personally speaking, is chocolate.

      Side effects, again personally speaking, are that it makes you fart constantly and you’ll have to cut each shit out of your arse with a hatchet.

  36. Dear sir,

    Can I eat egg whites along with serious mass weight gainer as a post workout supplement?

    1. Yes – but don’t eschew the yolk, as it has more vitamins (A, D, E), more protein and helps boost testosterone production (sat fat and cholesterol).

      Be a man and eat the whole damn egg!

  37. I’ve just got a Serious Mass 2.75KG!

    How much time it can take?

    And could you help me guys by a good timeline to consume it… like how much should I take in breakfast.. dinner… after training?

    1. Building muscle takes years – be consistent, work hard, and be patient.

      There is no quick fix, no magic bullet.

      Take 1-2 scoops between meals and after training.

      Do NOT replace meals, take it as a supplement to help boost daily protein and calorie consumption.

  38. Hi, sir my age is 18 and 49kg weight, and am thinking of buying Serious Mass 12lbs, so pls sir suggest me that I buy or not Serious Mass.

    1. If you struggle to get enough calories/protein, go for it!

  39. My story in bodybuilding is miracle and different.

    Changing in my wait, huff 53 to 80 in 6 month with a big gaint.

    Den for study purpose I left gym den reduce from 80 to 64.

    From last month going to gym.

    Last week I took Serious Mass.

    Madly work out in gym.

    3 workouts doing morning 7 to 9, evening 5 to 8.

    Giving strength to work out..

    1. Well done Rohith, a miracle indeed.

  40. Sir am Using Serious Mass Gainer from five Days but may I know this product should be used after exercise or before exercise?

    And one more thing the cup of powder is very big so how much I need to take?

    Full or half?

    Daily am using half cup with milk after exercise.

    Plz suggest me.

    1. Taking it after your workout will help provide your muscles with the nutrients they need to repair and rebuild.

      But you’ll need to take it more than just after workouts to get the optimum results, as per the instructions.

  41. Hello.

    I am 18 years old and my weight is 55 kg.

    I want to build muscle and be a healthy boy.

    What should I do?

    Should I take mass gainer along with some workouts in the gym?

    So suggest me some way that which mass gainer is best for me.

    But please hurry.

    1. Work out three times a week with full body routines, eat wholesome protein-rich food, drinks lots of water, get lots of sleep.

      Do this consistently for a decade and you’ll have the body you want.

      And by all means use protein powder to help you reach your daily macro goals.

  42. Hi sir, sorry if I would have a lot of questions but I would really appreciate your help!

    I’m 23 years old, 5’6″ in height & weigh 49kgs, that’s embarrassing right?

    I don’t know if I can still gain weight… been very skinny since birth.

    I work night shift all the time bcoz I’m a call center agent so I work mostly 2am-11am or 4am-1pm.

    If I buy one, how should I take Serious Mass??

    It would be hard for me to take Serious Mass during short breaks coz I only have 15 mins just enough to like go to cr… hehe…

    Currently I have protein shake (Promatrix 7) that offers 34g protein but 150 calories only so I feel that it would not be enough for me to gain weight if I don’t take in more calories that’s why I think Serious Mass is what I need.

    Can I mix my current protein shake with Serious Mass?

    Like 1 serving of Promatrix 7 mixed with 1 scoop of Serious Mass so get 34g+25g protein & 150cal+700cal?

    Also I don’t go to the gym because I already feel tired due to stress from work.

    Would it be OK if I just buy dumbbells so I can lift weights at home?

    By using Promatrix I don’t feel like I’m gaining weight or size.

    I just noticed that my muscle became harder this time bcoz I also play basketball once a week.

    Would Serious Mass help me this time gaining weight?

    Thank you hoping for your quick reply you can also message me on Facebook that would be great so that I could follow you as well.

    1. Hi there, thanks for commenting.

      First off, no need to be embarrassed about your weight, everyone has to start somewhere.

      With hard work, you will see results, that I promise.

      Mass gainers of this nature are ideal for hardgainers – just make sure you are taking it between healthy high protein meals and not replacing any meals, otherwise this defeats the purpose.

      You can certainly mix this with another shake, provided, of course, you are hitting your daily calorie/protein goals.

      And lastly, regarding your last question, yes, you really need to be working out while taking this, otherwise all those calories are just going to build fat and not contribute to any muscle gain.

      Hope that helps a little – feel free to message me any time with any questions.


  43. Hi Henry, your post has really helped me know more about mass gainers.

    I would like to first explain my life with the weights up til now…

    I started working out 1 year ago, I was quite skinny then.

    After 5 months I started taking ON Whey Protein but then my friend suggested that since you require more calories you should take ON Serious Mass.

    I also watched some reviews about it on YouTube and was quite satisfied.

    Only one thing which scared me was that it had a gigantic scoop.

    Now that I have purchased it from Amazon, many questions have arrived in my mind-

    1) Can I take only one full scoop since it is just the beginning and then increase my intake after some time?

    2) Major question – should it be taken with water or milk considering I want to gain muscle?

    Please explain this with proper reasoning?

    3) People say that bananas motivate weight gain but I am quite allergic to them, so can I avoid them completely and still gain good mass?

    4) Is my decision of turning to Serious Mass from whey good?

    5) How much time would it take to get results considering I go six times a week – P.S I am 18 years old!

    6) Last strange question… since I have been hitting the gym I have got sulken cheeks, can mass gainers bring enough calories so that my cheeks would get puffed?

    Kindly revert to it as soon as possible as your replies satisfy our queries!!!!

    1. Hi Shubham.

      Glad to know we’ve been of help 🙂

      My replies:

      1) Yes, I would recommend precisely that.

      2) Either is fine – although I would advise milk as it adds additional protein/kcals and also makes the shake taste much better.

      3) Yes, that’s nonsense.

      4) If your goal is to gain weight, then yes, the added calories in a weight gainer will certainly help.

      5) If you are consistent and work hard, you should start seeing results after a few months, but remember that great physiques are built over years, not months.

      6) Yes, increased calorie intake will help with this.

      Hope this helps.


  44. Should a 15 year old try this?

    1. Personally, I would not recommend it, as your body is still growing.

      Instead, focus on getting all of your protein from whole foods – meat, fish, eggs, nuts, milk, etc.

  45. Sir I have used Serious Mass 2 months ago and didn’t use any protein after it.

    I want to know that can I use the same protein now???

    Plz help…

    1. Yes, protein is protein at the end of the day, don’t get too hung up on it.

  46. I love Serious Mass.

    I gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

  47. Age is 17, weight is 54 and height is 6 foot.

    How to increase weight sir?

    1. Simply put – eat lots of protein and focus on compound lifts in the gym!

  48. Sir my weight is 72 and age 19 and I have lean body so what should I take gainer or protein?

    Thank you

    1. Both will help, but if you struggle to get enough calories in your diet, go for the weight gainer.

  49. What’s the exact size of one scoop of this gainer?

    1. If, as per the label, two heaped scoops equal 334g, then one heaped scoop will equal 167g.

  50. Hi Henry,

    Actually I started on Serious Mass from last 3 months so now can I go with creatine + Serious Mass?

    And how much dose I’ll take for creatine before workout?

    And when should I take serious mass – at bed time or after workout?

    Waiting for your response.

    Warm regards,


    1. Hi Raviraj.

      To my knowledge, Serious Mass contains only 1g of creatine.

      The recommended daily intake of creatine is around 3-5g, so, yes, I would advise supplementing a little extra.

      As to your second question, take Serious Mass 2-3 times per day between meals.

      Hope that helps.

  51. I had started taking Serious Mass gainer and after drinking shake after 15 min sweet water or saliva coming in mouth… continually coming… what is the reason..???

      1. For me also, I feel sweet saliva in my mouth after starting Serious Mass.

        Is it related to sugar intolerance?

        1. I have no idea, just consult your GP.

  52. I buy a Serious Mass gainer of ON.

    Tell me the perfect time to use it along with quantity per day.

    I used to do exercise as well on a daily basis.

    Weight 58
    Age 21
    Height 5’7

    Will appreciate your reply.

    1. Hi Hammad.

      There is no ‘perfect time’ to take a protein shake – just focusing on hitting your daily macros.

      As a guide, eat 3 meals per day and use this shake as a snack between meals.

      1-2 scoops is fine.


  53. What’s the solution for tod like abdomen??

    After using this!!

    1. Tod?

      Do you mean toad haha?

      Bloating is par for the course with mass gainers, due simply to the amount of calories/carbs you are consuming.

      If you want a ‘cleaner’ bulk, have a read of this article by Charlie:

  54. Hi.

    I’m 19 year old and my weight is 63 kg.

    I eat Serious Mass 3 time in a day and after exercise I take whey protein but my weight and muscle not increase.

    Pls help and I drink milk.

    1. In the gym, focus on full-body workouts which comprise compound movements (plenty of routines here).

      Make sure your diet contains plenty of real, wholesome food which is high in protein and healthy fats – steaks, nuts, fish, olive oil, avocados, eggs, etc.

  55. Hello Sir,

    I’m 20 years old and my weight is 60kg.

    I started my gym 1 yrs ago and started taking the big muscle xtreme weight gainer.

    After that I found the result good, then I started with the Ronnie Coleman Russian Bear, then I just left the gym for some reasons then again I started my gym 5 months ago and started taking big muscle and the major problem caused was my stomach got upset.

    My digestive system has become weak, now I have been regular to gym but without any proteins & still I look skinny.

    My body has been developed somewhat but my cheeks are just… I want chubby cheeks!

    I want to gain some weight and muscle too but I’m confused about what products should I take?

    ON Serious Mass or ON Pro Gainer or ON Whey Protein?

    Sooo plzz help me, whether I take proteins or not, and if yes then which will be better for me?

    1. Hi Sunny.

      In your case, if you’re struggling to gain weight, I would suggest a mass gainer like Serious Mass, which is essentially a protein shake with more calories/carbs.

      Just ensure you are not replacing any daily meals but rather supplementing – that is, taking Serious Mass 2-3 times a day between meals – otherwise it kinda defeats the point.

  56. Hey Henry!

    I am a 24 yo male / 65 Kg – 1.78cm tall (a bit skinny).

    I just bought the Serious Mass and now wondering, a friend has recommended to have a scoop before the session (with half an hour) and another scoop before sleeping.

    Is that OK?

    Or wouldn’t it be OK?

    Because I want to gain some weight (at least 8 kilos).

    And how much water or milk I should use with every scoop? (hich is 25g I assume)

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Timing of the shake is not important – instead focus on daily quotients.

      For example, per day, you want to be consuming at least 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight.

      Use however much water or milk you want – this is just personal preference.

  57. Hi.

    This is such a good site.

    You are very helpful.

    I just wanted to ask you what flavour of Serious Mass is best?

    What time of day to drink it?

    I won’t be going to the gym.

    I just want to gain 12 pounds by now and October.

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    1. Personally, I prefer the chocolate, although it’s a long time since I’ve used SM.

      Timing isn’t important – just focus on hitting your daily macros.

  58. Hi Mr Henry,

    My name is Deepanshu Arora.

    I am a teenager (16 years old) .

    My weight is 42 kg and height is 175.5cm.

    I am kind of a ectomorph i.e. I am a very skinny guy.

    I have ordered Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass yesterday from Amazon.

    So I just want to ask you Is Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass right for me?

    And please can you advise me how to take this gainer with full precautions.

    I would be very thankful to you.

    Waiting for your reply.


    Deepanshu Arora

    1. Serious Mass is a great option.

      You just have to workout 3-5 days a week and with heavy compound movements.

      Start by calculating the amount of calories you need per day to gain weight, and then take Serious Mass accordingly.

    2. Hi Deepanshu.

      Rohan is on the right track – focus on full-body routines with compound movements and consuming plenty of protein, using a shake such as Serious Mass to help you hit your daily macro targets.

  59. I started working out about 5 weeks ago and weighed 146 lbs.

    By the way I am 6 feet tall.

    My workouts are extreme and I go 5 times a week for 2 hours at a time.

    With Serious Mass my weight has gone up to 157.11 pounds in 5 weeks!!

    1. Hi Michael.

      Glad to hear you’re getting good results – keep it up!

  60. Hey, I am 23 yrs, 5’11 height, and almost 67kg two months back.

    Now I am at 70 kg and no matter what I do, I am unable to gain more than this.

    I hit gym 6 day per week, and I want to gain weight up to 80 kg, I am confused between mass gainer and whey protein supplement.

    I have two options, Ultimate Nutrition Prostar, whey protein, and Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass.

    Which one should I take?

    1. Seems like you’ve hit plateau.

      It means that your body has already adapted to the workout and will not grow now until you change your workout.

      It is advised that you change your workout every 4-6 weeks.

      Also you can go for a mass gainer if you need to gain muscle.

    2. Hi Rohit.

      Six days per week is far too much – in your case less will be more.

      Focus on training three times per week using full-body workouts which comprise compound movements: squat, deadlift, bench, rows, overhead press, pull-ups, dips.

      This approach will improve the efficacy of your workouts while leaving your body more time to recover and repair itself between workouts.

      Please ignore Rohan’s advice above about changing your workout every 4-6 weeks – this is nonsense.

      Find a routine that works for you and stick to it.

      Regarding a protein shake, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose, so long as you are hitting your macros – i.e. consuming, per day, at least 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight.

      If you’re struggling to get enough calories in your diet, then go for Serious Mass.

  61. Hi,

    I am 22 years old, height 5’9″ and weight 115 lbs and I am doing gym since last 1 month.

    I am thinking of taking a mass gainer.

    Is it worth it to take Serious Mass gainer?

    If it is then how to use it?


    1. Since you have just started working out, start by first increasing your calories.

      Supplements are useful only when you’ve reached to a stage where you are not able to meet your calorie and nutrient requirements by whole foods.

      Once you start eating more calories and find that you are still not able to meet the calorie requirement then go for a mass gainer.

      And yes, Serious Mass would be the best option.

    2. Hi Akash.

      Rohan is right – focus on getting as much as you can from whole foods before supplementing with a protein shake.

  62. I had a watery stool when I started using Serious Mass – what’s the problem?

    Should I still keep using it or stop.

    1. Consult you GP – I’m not qualified to advise on such matters.

      Having said that, the common sense approach would be to listen to your body and stop taking the shake.

  63. Hi sir I’m an underweight guy at 110lb (50kg).

    I’m 18 years old.

    I want to gain some weight, I’m planning to buy ON SERIOUS MASS.

    I am an ectomorph and a little active as I go to work (job).

    Seriously I don’t have time to go to the gym in the day time.

    Can I go gym at night time and then have my mass gainer?

    Pls sir help me out to reach my goals.

    Is one bag 12lbs enough for me to gain weight?

    1. Yes, timing of the shake is not really important, just focus on hitting your daily macro requirements.

  64. Hi Henry,

    I’m new to lifting, started around 1 month ago, I’m 5’8 and 63kg.

    Can you please advise when is the best time to start a supplement like Series Mass?

    I mean is it OK to start now or should I train another 1-2 months prior to getting supplements?

    1. It’s fine to start taking protein supplements, but just understand that they’re not miracle workers.

      No amount of supplements will make up for a weak workout routine and a crappy diet.

      Focus on training and eating correctly and use supplementation for a little extra help.

  65. Sir, I want to build muscle body but without having to go to the gym and lift weights.

    I have bought ON Serious Mass, please tell me now how do I take it?

    Tell me right away, please hurry.

  66. Hello, I’m 21 years old with 53kg body weight.

    Will Serious Mass give stamina to our body to lift more weight in gym?

    Will it give any effect on the face?

    1. A high protein diet will certainly contribute to muscle and strength gain.

      And if you suddenly skyrocket calorie intake, you’ll no doubt gain weight, which I expect will make your face a little fuller.

  67. Hi sir, I am Nikhil and I am 19 years old and I started taking ON Serious Mass since 2 weeks and I gained only 2kgs.

    How much time does it take to see effective results?

    Now I am 57.6kgs.

    1. Two weeks is FAR too short a time to expect results.

      Keep at it, be consistent with your diet and training, and you should start to notice results within the first few months.

  68. Hey!

    My height is 5.10 and wt is 65 kgs.

    I have started gym and want to put on some wt and muscle, people hve recommended me these three supplements, which one do you suggest:

    1. Anabolic halo
    2. Serious mass
    3. Optimum gold whey protein

    I have fast metabolism as well!

    I have read much about the side effects of supplements use but I’m confused regarding issues like bloating and kidney liver problems!

    Whether they occur if used in excess, or taking them in prescribed way as well!

    Plz tell any counter measure for these side effects.


    1. Hi Sadeed.

      Protein shakes are all much of a muchness, but if you’re really struggling to put on weight, go for a mass gainer like Serious Mass as the added calories will help.

      Regarding side effects, you should be completely fine as long as you don’t supplement to excess.

      Aim to consume approx 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight per day.

      Hope that helps.


  69. Hi Henry.

    I’m 19 years old, height 5’9″, weight 63kg.

    I hit gym 4 days in a week and working out 2 body parts in a day and next day rest with comfortable weight.

    I want to gain more weight and I already bought ON Serious Mass 12lbs.

    What is the best time to take it for best result?

    1. As I’ve said countless times on this thread, don’t get too hung up on when to take the shake, just focus on your daily macros.

  70. Hello sir I am 18 height 5’11 weight 57kg.

    I recently got Serious Mass 6lbs.

    I also got Gold Standard Whey Protein.

    I want to ask you that can I use boath these products at the same time?

    If yes then please tell me the time when should I consume them.

    Your reply would be very helpful for me.


    1. Protein’s protein – you can take them both at the same time.

      Consume them between meals to boost your protein intake, don’t replace any meals.

  71. Hi sir.

    My name is Zafar I am 19 yrz old, height 5’10”, weight 62kg.

    I want a slim figure not a bulky figure, medium figure, lyk a dummy figure.

    Which supplement is best for me.

    First time I take a supplement advise me sir.

    1. Hi Zafar.

      If you don’t want to bulk up too much, avoid mass gainers and get yourself a standard whey protein shake.

  72. Hey man.

    I am 17 years old and 6’3 inches tall.

    I currently weigh 96kgs.

    I am very fit physically and have excellent bone density.

    I am fat and I am into bodybuilding currently.

    I am considering taking Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass to bulk up.

    I really want to become huge.

    Is it alright for me to take this product at my age?

    I work out 5 times a week, that is an intensive workout with heavy weights.

    Please help

    1. Let me get this straight… you’re fat but you still wank to bulk up?

  73. Hi Henry,

    I’ve just changed from Gold Standard Pure Whey to Serious Mass as I’m a long distance runner and weight is falling off me at the moment.

    No matter how much lean food I eat along with two servings of Gold Standard Whey I just keep loosing weight!

    Do you recommend Serious Mass to help me keep weight on or switching back to whey?

    P.S I still go the the gym once a week to do core exercises and weights but I’m clocking up over 20 miles a week running.


    1. To be honest, if you’re that worried about losing weight, stop distance running.

      Running marathons and building muscle mass are completely at odds.

  74. Yo Dear Henry,

    I need your help to gain weight and muscles by taking Serious Mass Gain.

    Someone suggested me Serious Mass Gain.

    1. Lift weights three times a week and eat lots of protein.

  75. Yo.

    I’m 15 years old weighing in at 70kg.

    My height’s 182cm.

    What’s your advice for me?

    1. See my reply above ^^^

  76. Hey Henry,

    I thought of buying Serious Mass with ON creatine and ON bcaa for a lean bulk.

    Will it work?

    Or will it be a waste of money?

    The previous supplement I used was Mass Tech by Muscletech, it worked pretty well, but I need to gain more mass in my pecs.

    So would using Serious Mass and the other two help?

    Looking forward for your reply .

    1. My advice to you would be to stop looking for answers in supplements, as they’re effect in the grand scheme of things is minimal.

      Build your house first, with hard work in the gym and a healthy diet, and then you can decorate it.

  77. Hi Henry!!

    I’m going to start gym & I’ll also buy this supplement.

    Age is 21 my weight is approx 45 to 47 kgs.

    I want to gain it and if I take one serving a day before going to the gym how’s it?

    And what’s your advice for me?

    Please give answer thanx…

    1. When you take the shake is not important – just focus on hitting your daily macro requirements.

      1. Thnx bro but plzz suggest me a gud diet for gym & more tips about gym!!

        1. As a starting point, aim to consume around 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight per day.

          Aim to get this from ‘real’ foods as much as possible, such as fish, meats, eggs, dairy sources, and supplement when falling short.

          Keep the carbs in check, eat lots of healthy fats, and avoid junk food and other processed rubbish.

  78. Hi…

    I’m 19 years old, 6.1 height, weighing 72kgs.

    I want to grow the muscle mass and gain weight for size in the muscles.

    Can I take a mass gainer???

    If yes, then how many scoops should I take in a day as I work out daily and lift heavy on a daily basis…

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Firstly, if you’re lifting heavy every day you’re doing it wrong.

      At your age I would prescribe a simple three-day-per-week full body routine which is going to leave more time for rest and recovery, which is what’s going to help your muscles repair and grow.

      Have a look at some of the workouts listed on this site for more info:

      By all means take a supplement such as Serious Mass to help you get more protein in your diet, but remember supplements are not miracle solutions, you will need to consistently work your ass off in the gym and eat a wholesome healthy diet to get results.

  79. Sir, my age is 24, weight 53kg, height 5’6″.

    I am buying Serious Mass weight gainer but I don’t know dose, please reply me.

    What dose in grams?

    1. Take one to two scoops per serving, as stipulated.

  80. Hi.

    I’m 22, 5’3 height, 43kgs.

    I’m planning to buy ON serious mass gainer and start weight training.

    I want to know what is the best workout and meal plan for me.

    Thanks for the answer.

    1. For an introductory routine, I would suggest a three-day-per-week full-body routine with some strength focus, such as Stronglifts 5×5:

      Our review here:×5/

      With regards to a meal plan, have a look at some of my previous answers in these comments.

  81. On this shopping site this product original or not and how to buy this delivered in India?

    1. I’m sure you’ll be able to get it from

  82. A great read, very helpful and informative.

    Just as well you have a great sense of humour 🙂

    1. Cheers John, appreciate it.

      Refreshing to get a comment that isn’t asking me the same thing for the hundredth time in a row!

  83. I am 50 years with 70kg weight and I am diabetic for the last 9 years.

    I have ordered ON Serious Mass.

    Any side effects, what is the dosage?

    1. Please consult your GP.

  84. Hi,

    I am 28+, 5.7″, 56 kgs.

    Aiming to add muscles, athletic.

    Hitting Gym almost 6 days/week.

    Medium to intense workouts, doing weight training and leg workouts as well.

    My Questions are:

    1. I have been taking only 1 scoop which I realized is just 1/2 serving. Was it all wasteful all along for me ? (Gained 1.5 kgs since last 1 month).

    2. Is taking 1 scoop before workout an ideal one to do (I’m a lean body) along with post workout 1 scoop?

    3. What instruction should I follow in consuming Protein Shakes when taking temporary breaks 2 months in exercising or long breaks like 6 months?

    Will highly appreciate the advice.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Six days per week is far too much – recovery is equally important to muscle growth as diet and training.

      If your goal is to bulk up, you’d be better off with a full-body routine, in which you’d train every bodypart three times per week using compound lifts, and leave four days for your muscles to repair and grow.

      Regarding your other question, such minutae is unimportant – instead focus on how much protein you’re consuming on a daily basis (your goal should be around 1 to 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight per day).

  85. Hi, I’m working out in gym for 6 months and recently I’m taking Nutrition Extreme Mass 6lbs, and the only weight I increase is 3kg.

    And now I’m taking Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 12lbs.

    So I want to know that in 12lbs how much weight can I get from this product?

    1. Impossible to say.

      What I will say, however, is to stop looking for answers in supplements.

      Sure, they can give you a little boost, but in the grand scheme of things, the bulk of your results will come from the correct gym and diet regimen.

      Be consistent with these, get adequate recovery and sleep, and you will see results.

  86. Hi, I have a small doubt buying Serious Mass from Amazon or Flipkart cause I have noticed two different Serious Mass from ON:

    1. Serious Mass calorie rich protein source.

    2. Serious Mass high protein weight gain powder

    I am not sure which of them is original and how to be sure.

    Please suggest if you have noticed the difference in these two.

    The option with 2.7kg in Flipkart is different than that in 2.72kg.

    1. As far as I know they’re the same thing.

  87. Am 30yrs old, weighing 70kgs, I started using Serious Mass this week.

    I don’t want to add more weight but to add muscles, is the product gonna help?

    1. It will help, yes, provided you are already employing a decent weightlifting routine and consuming a healthy, high-protein diet.

  88. Sir my weight is 48 kg and I want to add 10 kg more so will Serious Mass of 6lbs will be helpful for me to get 10 kgs?

    1. See my above reply.

  89. Hi…

    I’m 24 years old 5.6ft height and 48kg weight.

    I’m doing workout 5 days in a week.

    I want to gain weight.

    1. Start by reading through all of these comments and replies…

  90. Hi, I’m 21 years old and 61 kg so I’m working out for 2 months.

    I bought ON Serious Mass but I don’t know when is the best time for me to take it… and how many grams of powder per ml…

    Thanks for the answer.

    1. I’ve answered this many, many times – see above replies ^^

  91. Hello Mr. Henry, I have been consuming ON Serious Mass gainer, 2 scoops daily from past week, and I don’t find any changes.

    What should I do?

    Do I continue taking it or change the product?

    1. Expecting to see results after one week…

  92. Hi Sir,

    I am 5`10 and 65 kg and I want to gain weight (7 to 10kg).

    I work out 6 times a week.

    I am taking a proper diet.

    What should I do to gain more weight.

    Should I take Serious Mass or True Mass?

    1. Again, let me stress that supplements are only a very small piece of the puzzle, focus first on optimising your diet and weightlifting routine.

      There are plenty of articles on this site to point you in the right direction.

  93. Hi Sir..

    If I take ON glutamine and Serious Mass in my daily diet there is any side effects?

    1. Taken in moderation and as recommended, no, you shouldn’t experience any side effects.

      If you do, I would advise consulting your GP.

  94. Sir, I am going to buy SERIOUS MASS from Amazon.

    But as the product is non-returnable, how would I identify that it’s a fake or original?

    And if I got the fake one how should I return it??

    And how many scoops are there in a tub of 6.6lb?

    I had joined gym just before 2 months, so is it OK to me to start having supplements?

    And as I am beginner how many scoops should I consume a day and on what time should I consume it?

    1. I highly doubt Amazon are going to be stocking counterfeit Serious Mass.

      Regarding your other questions:

      1) Not exactly sure, but a large back of Serious Mass will last about a month if I remember correctly (been a while since I took it).

      2) Yes, you’ll be fine, just remember not to take supplements at the expense of “real” food, and don’t expect them to work magic.

      3) For starters, I would recommend taking 1 scoop twice a day between meals, and then increase intake from there if required.

  95. Hi Henry: am a 38 yr old female.

    Have been 68kg for over 6 years and exercise mainly spinning, squats, lunges, and light arm weight lifts.

    In past 5 months I have come from 68kg to 64kg (approx).

    Before losing this weight, I had a curvy butt and hips to die for.

    Since I’ve gone down to 64kg, my butt has shrunk along with my thighs.

    My diet hasn’t changed, so not sure why the sudden weight loss.

    Question: Can I still use Serious Mass and my normal routine and gain my butt muscle back?

    In what way can I combine exercise and Serious Mass to achieve this?

    Note: My butt looks smaller, but toned.

    I like it prominent and lifted.

    Not sure if my exercise routine + Serious Mass will help me achieve this.

    Please help me sort my body out before i start eating rubbish to gain unnecessary weight

    1. “My diet hasn’t changed, so not sure why the sudden weight loss.”

      Because your body is burning more calories, and with it body fat, from the increased exercise.

      If you’re unhappy with these changes, that’s your call at the end of the day, just stop exercising.

  96. Sir I have joined the gym recently my weight is 47kg I want to make huge body can I take Serious Mass to make bulk & how I do I take this Serious Mass… thank you…

    1. Supplementing your diet with Serious Mass (and not using it to replace any meals) will certainly help you bulk up, just ensure your training routine is full of heavy compound lifts and hard work, otherwise you’re just going to get fat.

  97. I’m 18, 5.7 inch tall and I’m using Serious Mass.

    What is the actual process to use it?

    I weigh 71kg and how should I take it?

    Can we take anything after taking Serious Mass for 1 hour or we should not eat anything please help me.

    And also using half a spoon in morning and half a spoon in the evening – is this good or not because I can’t afford it for only 16 days I want it for a whole month.

    1. If you’re rationing Serious Mass you’re kind of missing the point, the goal here is to significantly boost your calorie and protein intake every day.

  98. Hi,

    I just got my ON Serious Mass gainer.

    I am taking the supplement for the first time.

    The scoop is comparatively big (250g), so I would like to know the average scoop I should take everyday.

    I have a high metabolism rate, so should I take just half a scoop in the morning and half a scoop after workout in the evening?

    Thank you.

    1. Please read through the comments, I have answered these questions over and over again.

  99. Hi sir.

    I’m 19, weight 56kg, height 5’7.

    I just started workout from 5 days, my food routine is egg breakfast then lunch then evening 5 eggs then dinner.

    Can you help me out, suggest me a mass gainer which will help me to gain fast?

    1. I would definitely recommend Serious Mass

  100. This is an effective mass gainer but the problem I have with this is it has a very low protein to carb ratio, which is likely to add lots of fat to your body.

    I used it, and liked the whole process of gaining weight through it, but I had to go through hell to burn the fat that I gained with it in my chest and abdomen.

    Can’t consider it the best weight gainer.

    1. Exactly, the ratio kinda sucks.

      Could anyone help me out how can I fix that ratio?

      I have been recommended to use the Mutant Mass weight gainer which has a somewhat better ratio of carb:protein.

      Though I am using serious mass for three months and have seen results, I’m kinda confused.

      1. Virtually all mass gainers will yield some fat gain, it’s the nature of the beast, you just have to counteract this as much as possible by working your arse off in the weightroom and eating a healthy, nutritious diet.

        There is no magic solution out there that will give you massive lean muscle mass overnight.

        Besides Serious Mass, if you want to look at what else there is on the market in terms of mass gainers, and what we recommend, check out our article on the ‘Best Mass Gainer Supplements‘.

  101. Hi, I want to take Mass Gainer, and started the gym.

    My age is 22, height is 5’6″ and weight is 55 kg.

    Would you suggest me the diet plan and mass gainer quantity?


    1. You won’t go far wrong if you stick to three high-protein meals a day and supplement with 1-2 scoops of Serious Mass between meals.

      As far as meals are concerned, stick with wholesome “real” foods: meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, potatoes, nuts, olive oil, etc etc.

  102. Hello, mate!

    I would like to get your advice.

    I am 21, I weigh around 80 kilos and I am 177cm tall.

    I have never used supplements before, but I am planning to buy ON Serious Mass soon and my objective is hitting 85 kilos in 45 days.

    So how many grams of Serious Mass do you suggest I take daily and what sort of diet should I stick to?

    I would like you to answer my questions because I have been hearing that taking mass gainers is fatal for one’s health.

    1. I have almost the same inquiry as the guy above

      1. First off, mass gainers shouldn’t have any negative impact on your health (apart from maybe increased flatulence), but if you encounter any side-effects or have any specific allergies, I would advise consulting your GP.

        Without knowing you both, it’s hard to give out specific advice, but you won’t go far wrong by taking 1-2 scoops of Serious Mass between your three standard meals per day.

        Ensure you’re getting around 1-1.5g of protein per lb of bodyweight per day, and focus on eating as much wholesome “real” food as possible, drinking lots of water, and avoiding processed junk, fast food and alcohol as much as possible.

  103. Henry bro.

    I am also planning to use ON SM 5.4 kilos supplement, but the things is, I am the endomorph type, I weigh 79 kilos and I am 180 cm tall.

    Do you recommend using Serious Mass for me, bearing in mind that I gain fats easily?

    Please bro I need some solid pieces of advice and if you don’t mind suggesting for me the type of foods I should be consuming while using SM.

    And please do not forget to tell me how many scoops should I consume per day because Serious Mass’s scoop is soooo big ._.

    1. If you’re an endomorph I would refrain from taking a mass gainer – you simply won’t need those extra calories, and a lot of it’s going to end up as fat.

      If your goal is to increase muscle mass, just focus on getting around 1-1.5g of protein per lb of bodyweight per day, from regular meals if possible, but supplementing with a regular low-carb whey protein shake if required.

      Nutrition-wise, I would recommend the macro-counting plan in Jim Stoppani’s ‘Shortcut to Shred’ programme, which I’ve personally found to be effective (don’t worry too much about all the supplement recommendations):

      And, of course, make sure your gym routine is built around heavy, compound lifts to really maximise muscle growth.

  104. Hello, Henry!

    I am in need of advice.

    I know it’s kind of tiring to keep on replying the same questions over and over again, but could you please answer my question?

    First and foremost, I am already training for one year without supplementing my diet and through the process of training, I achieved great results.

    However, I am thinking about adding more weight asap.

    So I have been reading article for 3 days about what product is the best when it comes to bulking, and the answer of most of the bloggers was ON Serious Mass.

    I already ordered one, but the thing is, I am confused what training routine should I stick to in order to gain weight and muscle fast.

    Should I stick to the Stronglifts 5×5 routine or what?

    I don’t want to gain fats, so it would be also nice of you to suggest how many scoops I should consume on a daily basis.

    Please answer my inquiry.

    Thanks for creating this thread in the first place so that we can get our questions answered.


    1. Hi Scott.

      Regarding a routine, anything that has you working the full-body three times per week, using heaving compound lifts, is going to yield results.

      I’m a huge advocate of the 5×5 protocol, having used the Stronglifts and Madcow programmes as well as Reg Park’s original 5×5 routines, time and time again to great effect.

      So, I would advise sticking with your routine, and just keep adding weight to that bar!

      Regarding scoops, I would suggest taking one per serving at first, and then work up to two, seeing how you go.

      Good luck – and let me know if you have any further questions!

  105. Sir, I have a question about buying this ON Serious Mass.

    I am going to buy it from store, but how can I check it is original or fake?

    1. Sorry, I’m not an expert on such matters, I would suggest contacting the ON customer service.

  106. Heyyy there!

    I take Serious Mass also, I just finished my 6lb tub last week and bought a 12lb bag.

    I gained 3lbs so far and my weight is not changing anymore.

    Yes I take Serious Mass between meals and eat 4-5 meals a day and exercise 3 x a week.

    I don’t feel 3lbs change in my body.

    Still skinny :((

    1. Keep at it, as I’ve said, results are measured in terms of months and years, not days and weeks.

  107. Hello there I have been training so hard for 4 months to bulk finally I have reached 72kg after I was 5 kg, such a big difference, but my question here is how can I continue to grow after finishing my supplement?

    Am I losing my weight with no taking Serious Mass again or not?!

    1. 67kg gain – now that is impressive haha!

      If you keep yourself in a caloric surplus and continue to hit the weights hard, in a progressive fashion, you’ll continue to add muscle mass.

  108. I’m 63kg and 5.8 ft in height, I’m going to start taking Serious Mass from today, can you give me an idea what foods I should have while taking Serious Mass?

    And I have only 3 meals a day and how many servings and how many scoops should I take to be fit and muscular?

    1. Take 1-2 scoops, depending on what you can stomach.

      As far as meals are concerned, focus on wholesome “real” food and getting in lots of protein.

      You won’t go far wrong with: meats, fish, eggs, nuts, milk, cheese, fruit and veg, potatoes, etc etc.

  109. Hi Henry bro, thanks for your article with comments which can help millions in their protein supplementation, and inspire or motivate to have a lean and bulky muscles with your words.


    1. Thanks Babu, appreciated.

  110. Hey Henry,

    I read your article and most of your comments, it’s really helpful.

    I am 25 year old boy, I have 48 kg weight, now.

    I was going out for gym from so many months, I have taken Dynamite Super Mass Gainer before 4 month ago, it gain my weight by 4kg in 3 months, but then I was unable for going out for gym for 1 month and it takes my weight again to 48 kg.

    Then after I was taking Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass gainer for last 1 month after workout, daily one scoop with milk, but my weight still there.

    I read your comments and got some answer of questions like I have to take twice in day but still can you give me some advice bro?

    It will really helpful to me, thanx in advance bro.

    1. The best advice I can give is to just keep at it – you’ll get results by being consistent over months and years, not weeks.

      Focus on full-body workouts with compound lifts in the gym, eat lots of wholesome high-protein food and supplement with Serious Mass between meals, get as much sleep and rest as you can, and drink lots of water.

  111. Serious Mass is veg or non veg?

    I want to build up my body.

    I am vegetarian also…

    Plz suggest…

    1. I would suggest contacting customer service.

  112. Which is the best time morning or evening to workout to gain weight?

    And also to take Serious Mass on?

    Please suggest me.

    1. Won’t make any difference.

  113. Hi.

    How much does a person need in one month?

    5kg or less?

    1. The 12lb bag lasts me about a month.

  114. Hey Henry,

    I am 125lbs and 5’4″ skinny.

    Have not worked out for about a year.

    I have a small athletic build but nothing special and was considering buying Serious Mass today but wanted your advice on workout regimen and diet.

    On a side note I am starting workout, diet, mass gainer next week.

    1. I’d suggest a strength-focused full-body workout such as 5×5 (Reg Park, Stronglifts, etc) and as far as diet goes, just focus on eating healthy “real” foods high in protein with plenty of veggies, and you won’t go far wrong.

  115. Sir, is it okay to take serious mass even without working out?

    Does this product don’t cause LBM or pimple breakout if I don’t go to gym?

    1. You can do, but all those extra calories are just going to make you fat.

      As for pimples, I never experienced such a side effect, but if you do please consult your doctor.

  116. I want to get fat and healthy.

    So what can I do?

    Which protein is perfect for me?

    1. Fat and healthy… now there’s a contradiction in terms.

  117. Dear sir,

    My age is 21 and my weight is 52.

    I started gym before two weeks.

    Yesterday I purchased Serious Mass 6lbs.

    Kindly suggest me how much quantity I should take daily and how long I should take?

    1. Read my review…

  118. Hi dear.

    I’m 25 and weighing 99lbs and my workout routine consists of push ups, squats, jumping jacks, stretches, basic stuff for about 10 to 15 mins a day.

    Mostly I’m a stay-at-home mom.

    I want to gain about 20 lbs or so and I was just wondering if Serious Mass can be a good option for me.

    I eat at least 3 times a day not much though and sometimes less cause I don’t get the chance sometimes with my baby.

    I’ve never crossed 100 until got pregnant though.

    1. It will help you put on weight, but some of that’s probably going to be fat.

      I need to know a little bit more about you before dishing out specific advice – feel free to shoot me an email via our contact page.

  119. Hi,

    I’m going to take Serious Mass and as you write above that excess of vitamin A would cause some serious injuries so I want to ask that can I also take oatmeal porridge daily as a snack?

    Or just to stop to take it?

    I also take Holland & Barrett ABC Plus Caplets (multivitamin & multi-mineral formula) before going to bed so also I should stop taking it or it would be good?

    And please pardon me if my English is wrong anywhere grammatically or verbally etc.

    Thanks and wait for your reply 🙂

    1. Sorry – where did I mention anything about vitamin A?

  120. Hi.

    I’m from India, I have been working out at the gym for the last 8 moths, and in this 8 months I have gained just 7kg.

    Soo my trainer suggested me too take Serious Mass as my current weight is 47 KG what’s your point of view?

    What should I do?

    Should I take Serious Mass or no?

    I have taken one Bodygear Ultra Mass Gainer before but result was zero.

    Should I get result by taking Serious Mass?

    Please reply.

    1. As I’ve said many times in these comments, a mass gainer will help – but it’s a small piece of the puzzle and there are so many other factors at play.

      If progress has been slow in 8 months, my suspicion would be that supplements are not to blame, more your workout and diet.

      Can you give me a bit more insight?

  121. Hi Henry.

    My age is 21, height 5’10, weight 55.

    I want to gain 10kg weight.

    I recently bought Optimum Nutrition Mass Gainer, can you suggest the serving of mass gainer for me?

    Should I take one serving immediately after workout?

    And how many calories in a day required for me?

    1. This is all answered in the article.

  122. Hi pls confirm only egg mix or any another chicken or nonveg mix in Serious Mass chocolate peanut butter.

    Because I only eat egg.

    1. I would suggest contacting Optimum Nutrition directly.

  123. So you took two scoops daily and gained 12 pounds in a month.

    What were your total calories during that time ?

    1. I can’t remember the specifics as this was quite some time ago now.

      I was eating so much I was constantly bloated and uncomfortable – that much I do remember.

      Putting on that much weight is certainly possible with the right routine and a massive calorie surplus – just be prepared for some fat gain in addition to muscle.

  124. Hi sir.

    I have two questions to ask.

    I’m 24 years old with 5’7 ht and 53kg weight.

    My first question is:

    1. How long will it take for me to increase ma=y weight up to 70kg and how much quantity of this mass gainer is required for me to reach to 70kg?

    2. Is it good option if I do normal exercises at home instead of doing in gym?

    1. 1) Impossible to answer – everyone is different.

      2) What do you mean by normal exercises?

  125. How much my weight will be increased after consuming 6lbs of Serious Mass?

    1. How long is a piece of string?

  126. Hi

    Need help I’m taking Serious Mass for my weight gain and just want to know I normally put in 2 scoops of full cream milk, 1 cup of oats, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and 1 spoon of bee honey.

    I blend it and drink for morning as my breakfast.

    Then lunch and dinner before bed again 2 scoops with whole milk.

    I do go to the gym but not taking it as pre or post work out, sometimes I skip dinner and have a shake only.

    My question is do I have to have three meals apart from the shake or can I use it as a whole meal ?

    1. Using Serious Mass to occasionally replace meals is fine as long as you don’t make a habit of it.

      The idea is to supplement your existing diet and not replace meals – otherwise this just defeats the object of mass gainers.

  127. Hi – three quick questions

    1) Is Serious Mass for gaining Lean muscle? (as per the instructions given in the box or cover).

    2) Box contains “HEAPED” scoop which is larger than usual one – so how many heaped scoops should I take for each serving?

    3) How many servings in a day is minimum or mandatory?



    1. Read the article and comments – all these questions have been answered over and over again.

  128. I have already completed a pack of 3kg and I didn’t seen any result.

    Later I understood that it was a fake product.

    Could you please tell were can I get Serious Mass original in Kerala.

    1. Instead of blaming “fake” supplements, I would first assess your gym routine and overall diet if you’re failing to see results.

      There’s plenty of info on this site to guide you in the right direction…

  129. Hey…

    I am a beginner, I am 5’9″ and weigh 64kg.

    What should I take??

    Serious Mass or whey protein??

    I’m so confused because Serious Mass contains a lot of carbs… becoz of that can I be fat???

    I want a lean body but a little more size… so what should I take Serious Mass or whey??

    I do not want to get fat… so plz help me out.

    1. If you are an ectomorph (typical hardgainer) Serious Mass will certainly help you bump up the calories required for growth.

      However, some of this weight gain is likely to be fat as well as muscle – that’s just part of the deal with weight gainers.

      So if you’re super concerned about staying lean, stick with a simple whey protein shake.

  130. Hi.

    I want to increase my muscle size also want to increase weight so is this Serious Mass good for me?

    How many scoops should we take per day?

    1. 1) Yes, Serious Mass will help.

      2) FFS – read the article and comments.

  131. Hi guys,

    I have been lifting for some years now and I am learning the ways my body is responding to supplements and natural diets.

    I am currently on a 12 week program.

    Started with Serious Mass 6lbs.

    I am on 2nd week with Serious Mass.

    I used take Performance Mass gainer and had bloating issues.

    However with Serious Mass, I see the rich contents in there.

    But I only go with 3 times 1/2 the scoop, morning, pre and post workout.

    Rest I manage with diet.

    Since my goal is to cut short body fat, I am bit afraid to continue SM that can add up bit of fat, but I balance the fat burning with combination on l-carnitine & CLA.

    It seems to be working.

    But I will shift to Gold Standard Whey once I am done with this container.

    Any helpful tips for me?

    They would be most welcome.

    Follow me in Bodyspace on

    1. As a tip, I would suggest not getting too hung up on supplements, as they’re only a small piece of the puzzle.

      You really don’t need to worry about l-carnitine and CLA.

      Focus on consistently eating like a boss, shifting some heavy barbells and getting lots of sleep and everything else should fall into place.

      if you really want to supplement, protein, creatine and a decent multivitamin are all you really need, as well as a strong coffee pre-workout.

  132. Hi sir/brother… can I do masturbation while taking the course of this mass gainer, because I heard that weight loss is due to masturbation?

    1. I don’t even know where to start with this comment…

  133. Sir, I’ve been taking Serious Mass for 4 months, but I just gained from 48kg to 52kg.

    Why is it so slow?

    1. Impossible to answer as there are so many factors in play.

      Can you give me a few more details about your training regime, diet, etc?

  134. Im 26 and 5’4”.

    I am a very skinny guy.

    I started taking serious mass 4 weeks back and I went from 45kg to 50kg for the first time in my life.

    I consumed one scoop in the morning and one before bed.

    But I am not working out.

    I want to first gain some weight (6 – 8 kg) before going to the gym.

    I am definitely going to continue Serious Mass because it’s actually increasing my weight.

    Any advice because I’m not working out?

    1. Yes – have it with whole milk and also drink it between meals.

  135. Hey Henry, I’m a 5’7″, 50kg, 22yo female who struggles to maintain my weight.

    I have to eat minimum 4 full meals per day to not drop below a healthy weight.

    It’s gotten to the point that eating is more of a chore (even though I am a total foodie.)

    I’m looking for something to help me gain some weight, or at least help me maintain my current weight more easily.

    I am not the most active person either, so I’m also starting to try to incorporate some exercise into my routine.

    I’ve been advised by a nutritionist to incorporate a calorie-heavy mass gainer into my diet.

    Do you think that this one would be an appropriate choice?

    If so, would starting at 1/2 scoop, 2x daily be reasonable?

    If you have any other advice, I’d appreciate it, too 🙂


    1. I also ought to mention that I would be more than happy to gain fat, in addition to some muscle mass.

      1. Hi Kristin.

        Before splashing out on a mass gainer, my first recommendation would be to drink a pint of whole milk with every meal and see how you get on.

        Feel free to contact us via social media or email for any follow-up questions.

  136. Hi Henry, I am 16 years old and about 58kg at around 5’8″ in height.

    I’m pretty skinny and am looking to get bigger but alongside I want decent muscles.

    Shall I start of with half a cup of Serious Mass post-workout?

    I’ve only just started working out with weights, I also have a very active physical job so will I gain great muscle and mass out of this?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. As a complete novice, I would honestly advise forgetting supplements all together, and just focus on lifting well and maintaining a decent diet.

      Get out of the mindset of looking for answers in supplements as they’re a tiny piece of the puzzle.

      For now, work out three times a week with full-body routines and compound exercises, sleep eight hours every night, drink lots of whole milk and eat lots of meat, fish and vegetables.

      And, most of all, have fun!

  137. Hy Henry,

    I’m a girl, I just want to gain fat and not muscle with serious mass, hope I’m on the right track.

    1. If Serious Mass pushes you into a big caloric surplus – and you’re not exercising – then, yes, you will gain fat.

  138. Hi.

    I buy new ON Serious Mass 12lbs my weight is 60kg so can you please tell me how many scoops I take daily and time after gym or before gym?

    Please send me answer at my mail

    1. Read the article and comments – all the info you need is there.

      I’m not just going to keep repeating myself just because you can’t be bothered to read it.

  139. Hey I currently weigh 45 kgs and I wanna gain weight.

    My metabolism is really fast and I get hungry a lot from time to time but don’t have time for myself because of my tough routine.

    My routine is physically tough so I don’t think i need to go to gym as such.

    I once started gym and in a month instead of gaining weight I lost 3 kgs.

    So I decided that gym is not my jam I should just concentrate on gaining more calories than going to gym because my routine is tough enough.

    I didn’t get any scoop thingy with my mass gainer I just use the regular 1 tablespoon in 250ml of milk…let me know if it’s right?

    1. 1 tablespoon is no way near enough… try something like 10.

  140. I have used Serious Mass for two weeks now, one of the better ones for price that is for sure.

    I do it a bit different, having it 30 minutes or so b4 bed and adding a banana and then freezing it for an hour.

    Working well so far.

    1. Great to hear it, let us know how you get on when you’ve finished your training block.

  141. My friend gifted me ON Serious Mass Gainer, but its expire date will be ended on April month 2019, can I use that protein or its usage is harmful for my body?

    1. As a general rule of thumb, if it smells and tastes OK, you’re probably safe.

      I’ve had expired powders before and have always been fine.

  142. Hi Henry,

    Been reading through the comments but I haven’t found the answers I am looking for.

    I am thinking about purchasing this mass gainer as I am starting a bulk, where I need to consume over 3,000 cal a day.

    I am 19 and currently weigh 65kg.

    I have been weight training for over a year now and I have seen great improvements in my physique.

    However recently the gains have slowed despite taking sufficient protein and eating clean, I have decided to bulk for three months to gain some serious muscle in my legs and a little bit in my upper body.

    However I am just really worried I will get ‘fat’ in my stomach area as currently I am very lean and toned around there.

    Could this mass gainer cause this?

    I want to lean bulk in order to build muscle only.

    I hope you reply!!


    Anni 🙂

    1. ‘Lean bulking’ is not a particularly helpful term – when you’re putting your body into a significant caloric surplus, there’s always going to be some fat gain.

      If you want to get big and strong, and you want to do it without drugs, then you need to stop worrying about ‘razor abs’ and low body fat, because this will just be a barrier.

      This is why your gains have stopped – it’s time to start eating and squatting if you want to make progress.

      Sorry if that’s not that the answer you were hoping for.

  143. How much weight will I gain with 6lb of Serious Mass?

    How will I use it?

    1. Impossible question to answer as there are so may variables at play.

      At the simplest level, if you use it to create a caloric surplus you’ll put on weight.

      How much of that becomes fat/muscle wholly depends on your diet, training, sleep, etc.

  144. Hi.

    I’m 23 and 72kg.

    I’m planning to gain some solid weight, what’s the better dosage for Serious Mass?

    Plus the 12lbs bag contain less servings.

    Could you please advise to me take this effectively?

    1. Don’t get hung up on serving size, there is no strictly optimal amount.

      Just make sure you’re consuming more calories then you’re burning, you’re lifting weights, and you’re getting plenty of sleep.

  145. Hello Henry,

    Thank you for having transmitted your experience with the Serious Mass, I would have liked you to put a price comparison on the different sites, it will be very useful for beginners.

  146. I don’t eat meat so my question is, what type of non veg is mixed in Serious Mass?

    Is it derived from meat, pork or any other animal source?

    Can you please help me with my question.

  147. Hi sir I have bought the Serious Mass powder.

    I’m 16 is it okay for me to consume it?

    1. Yes you’ll be fine.

  148. Loved this review!

    Thanks for making me laugh and learn a bit along the way.

    1. Thanks for reading – glad you enjoyed it!

      1. Hello please my first time about to use Serious Mass and how do I go about it please?

  149. Hey Henry, I really liked your review here but think there may be some confusion around serving size (not helped by the instructions on the container!).

    Please correct me if I’m wrong here:

    The scoop included is 250g – as it says on the scoop handle.

    The recommended serving size is 334g – and the packaging clearly states ‘two heaped scoops’.

    You don’t need to think too long about how two heaped scoops of 250g doesn’t make 334g.

    I think Optimum Nutrition have either A) been too lazy to create a new scoop with the correct serving size and made a mistake or B) purposefully created confusing instructions to increase the amount each person uses – and therefore increase their sales when you people purchase more.

    The right amount would be one full flat scoop of 250g (right to the very top of the scooper, not to the line), and then refill the scoop to around one third full (130g).

    That will get you the recommended 334.

    Or you could do what I do, and just take 250g – which is equivalent to around 36g protein, 910 calories.


    1. Agh, one third is 84g not 130g!

      My mistake

    2. I was thinking about the same thing.

      I will never buy this gainer again.

    3. Scoop is 250 ml NOT grams…

      Having said that, one scoop of 250ml weighs 125grams.

      So two scoops would equal 250 grams only, quite shy of the 334 grams (but that is for “heaped” scoops).

      In order to get to one “heaped” scoop as per their definition, you would need to heap a third more (41 grams or so) on top of a full scoop.

      I don’t understand why they don’t just provide us a proper scoop size with 167 grams in each scoop.

  150. I’m planning to get the 45 pounds 101 pound now and trying to calculate my servings per day and per month.

    Given that I’d probably be having one serving of a one scoop half cup morning and night per day, how long do you think the bottle will last for me?

    And by doing so, how soon would I be able to see the results (what workouts should I use I have abs and a shape just trying to gain weight and tone it up if my workouts are some how moderate in intensity as in 1 hours per week?)

    If I may, as for a female, would this work as a proper weight gainer?

    And how effective would it be if one is not working out sufficiently yet but have an active day, be for a male or a female please?

    1. 1) Just do the maths – divide the tub size by your serving size and that will give you the number of servings.

      2) Impossible to say as there are so many variables at play (diet, exercise regime, sleep, rest, etc). Stick with a thrice weekly fully body routine (all compound lifts) and you won’t go far wrong.

      3) Yes this will help you put on weigh regardless of sex.

      4) Again, impossible to say with any certainty as there are so many factors. If daily calories consumed exceed calories burnt you will put on weight, some of that will be fat and some of it will be muscle (ratio will vary depending on your exercise regime).

  151. Hi, I’m a 15 year old girl and I weigh 47kg and I really want to gain weight can I take Serious Mass to help me gain weight?

  152. So I am 23 years old weighing 85 pounds.

    Yes I am super insecure with my body.

    How many scoops do I do a day?

    Is it one per serving or one scoop a day?

    My goal is to weigh the most 105 pounds.

  153. Hi sir mera weight 58 kg hai or mera muscle size gain ni ho rha or body ka size bhi gain ni ho rha toh main on ka serious mass le skta hu ya ni or kaise use kru usko plzzz batao

  154. My weight is 63kg and my height is 167cm what should I take to build a body muscle like doing bulking… whey protein or mass protein?

  155. Can taking Serious Mass cause your stool to be a little bit orange?

  156. Hi Henry,

    Thanks for the helpful article.

    I work in IT and there’s no gym in my area.

    I am 29, 1.65m and only weigh 45kg.

    I need to put on weight and at least run.

    What do you think?

  157. I am 87kgs and I wanna take Serious Mass cud it take me to 120 kgs?

  158. I’m 45, 5’8”, and 140 pounds.

    I’ve been using this stuff for a year now and have yet to see any real results.

    What’s wrong with me?

    If I drink a full serving of the stuff every day I’m able to get up to about 144 pounds and maintain that.

    If I don’t take the shake for two or three days though I drop immediately back down to 140.

    I eat plenty of food, but my metabolism is so fast that I just seem to burn calories up instantly.

    I spend a ton of money on this stuff in order to just maintain an extra four or 5 pounds which still leaves me pretty scrawny.

    Are some people immune to they effects of this stuff?

  159. I just started to use this product and thanks for the tips.

    So loved reading your straight forward comical write up review.

  160. Loved reading this review.

    Almost fell out of my seat laughing at certain points.

    But overall very informative about what to expect by consuming this.

    I am on the fence between Gold Standard Gainer and Serious Mass.

    Based on this review, I’ll probably lean towards the Gold Standard Gainer as something which can be absorbed more rapidly and still offer a decent amount of calories.

  161. Hi Sir Henry!

    May I know if Serious Mass have a pork in it?

    Thank you very much.