Review: Whey Crispy Clusters From The Protein Works

Review: TPW Whey Crispy Clusters

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On 2016-02-09
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A healthy, protein-rich and truly delicious alternative to chocolate snacks which will effectively keep sugar cravings at bay while helping you develop the muscle tone of a paving slab.

It’s 2pm Monday, the first day of your new healthy eating regime.

That spinach and avocado chicken salad you had for lunch was nice enough but it didn’t quite hit the spot, and after hearing Linda from HR refer to her stupid fucking children as her raison d’être for the fifth time that day, you are quickly losing the will to live.

You need some snack-based sustenance to continue, otherwise that fantasy where you bang back some opium suppositories, unleash a volley of small arms fire and turn the office into a Guernica-like mish mash of dismembered corpses looks like it could definitely become a reality.

But where do you turn?

The usual candidates (custard creams, Twix bars, chocolate hobnobs) have the same sugar content as a tablespoon of Ronald McDonald’s seminal fluid.

The answer, my friend, is Whey Crispy Clusters from The Protein Works, a much healthier alternative to chocolates, biscuits and office-based genocide.

Product overview

Protein snacks are a burgeoning sub-section of the sports nutrition sector, and these Whey Crispy Clusters from the ever-reliable team at TPW are one of the newest additions to the market.

The Protein Works Whey Crispy Clusters

These clusters are crispy bite-size snacks which are high in protein, fibre and other nutrients.

They come in a tube of 70 which will set you back £9.99 and are currently available in ‘Toffee Choc’ flavour.

And, most important of all, they taste bloody brilliant.


The nutritionals, per 100g serving, are as follows:

Calories 359kcal
Protein 22g
Carbs (of which sugar) 31.9g (12.9g)
Fat (of which saturates) 10.1g (5g)
Fibre 26.1g
Salt 0.06g

Yes the sugar content is not that low, but when you bear in mind these clusters are essentially a replacement chocolate bar, then these figures are, relatively speaking, pretty exceptional.

Of course, you could get some much better macros from, say, a whey protein shake, but then that’s not going to satisfy your sweet tooth in quite the same way as gobbling down one of these.


Like other TPW snacks, such as their fantastic protein brownies, these Whey Crispy Clusters are made with premium quality protein (whey protein isolate) and other healthy, high-quality ingredients.

The raw Indonesian chocolate and organic Peruvian cacao nibs are much better for you than regular chocolate, being lower in sugar and full of antioxidants and nutrients (cacao beans, on their own, are also a superfood).

Taste and texture

These clusters taste absolutely delicious – just like Toffee Crisp chocolate bars.

They’re also seriously addictive.

It’s impossible to just eat one or two, you’ll be mindlessly banging back handfuls like a chimpanzee at feeding time.

Really moreish, as Super Hans would say.

super hans peep show crack is really moreish gif

Only with these you don’t have to bang a load of valium up your arsehole for the comedown, which is always a bonus.

Texture-wise, they are, like all high protein snacks, slightly on the dense side, which means your jaw will be getting a slight workout, but this is only a minor quibble.

Value for money

As mentioned above, these Whey Crispy Clusters are priced at £9.99 for a tub of 70, with each individual cluster working out at 14p.

Now 350g for just under a tenner is obviously more expensive than a similar-sized box of chocolates, but remember that devouring a tub of these won’t leave you with a sinking sense of shame and a belly that resembles a dropped birthday cake.

Rather, when consumed alongside a wholesome high protein diet, they’ll help you develop the muscle tone of a cracked paving slab.


Whey Crispy Clusters from The Protein Works are a healthy and truly delicious alternative to chocolate snacks which will effectively keep sugar cravings at bay.

Store them in strategic locations around the house – in your desk drawer, by the TV remote, under your pillow – for optimised protein consumption throughout the day.

Buy TPW Whey Crispy Clusters

You can order Whey Crispy Clusters by shopping here at The Protein Works website.

Don’t forget to use a The Protein Works discount code to save considerable money on your order.

Over to you

Have you tried Whey Crispy Clusters?

Thinking of putting in an order?

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