MuscleFood Protein Pizza Review

MuscleFood Protein Pizza Review

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On 2015-05-14
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A healthy, high-protein, appetising alternative to traditional pizza which you can devour regularly without any of the guilt. However, despite absolutely incredible macros, they just can't compete with traditional pizza when it comes to taste.

We’ve all been there.

That sinking sense of shame as, sprawled naked across your sofa like some kind of vast bloated slug, you shovel down the last slice of a billion-calorie Domino’s pizza.

With reckless abandon, you toss aside the greasy carboard box, letting it fester amongst the detritus of your depressing life.

Your girlfriend has walked out on you, you haven’t seen daylight for a fortnight, and your browser history is starting to arouse the interest of the FBI.

As your hand reaches downwards for the fifth time that day, you start to wonder, “where did it all go wrong?”

OK, maybe I exaggerate a little, most of us haven’t plumbed these gloomy depths, but mindless pizza consumption is one of the leading causes of shame and guilt in the fitness community.

It’s right up there with trying Crossfit, curling in the squat rack and subscribing to Scott Herman’s YouTube channel.

Usually packing a titanic amount of calories and carbs per serving, pizzas – the odd cheat meal notwithstanding – are a big no-no for anyone looking to maintain a lean physique.

However, this is about to change…

Product overview

Meet the game-changer..

MuscleFood’s new low-calorie pizzas contain approximately 70g protein and five times less carbs than regular pizza.

These superb macros come courtesy of the unique pea protein base, which is also soy and gluten free, in addition to the nutrient-dense pizza toppings.

Currently there are two flavours available, ‘Chicken and Pepper‘ and ‘Ham and Mushroom‘, with a third flavour, ‘Spicy Beef and Jalapeno‘, available soon.

Nutritional info

The MuscleFood website only provides nutritional stats per slice and 100g, which is pretty unhelpful considering that absolutely no-one, not even an anti-Italian supermodel on hunger strike, would eat just one slice of pizza.

So here, below, are the macros per whole 350g pizza:

Chicken and pepper protein pizza

Calories 577.5kcal
Protein 67.9g
Carbs (of which sugar) 29.4g (1.05g)
Fat (of which saturates) 19.25g (11.32g)

musclefood pizza review

For a pizza, these stats are absolutely incredible, with a total calorie count of under 600kcal!

To put that in context, a large pizza from Domino’s will usually contain around 2,000kcal, so with this MuscleFood pizza you’re consuming upwards of 50% less calories than your average pizza.

The toppings, in this case, comprise chargrilled chicken breast, roasted red peppers, spinach, mozzarella and a Mediterranean-style tomato sauce.

Ham and mushroom protein pizza

Calories 651kcal
Protein 66.5g
Carbs (of which sugar) 28.7g (2.45g)
Fat (of which saturates) 28.35g (12.25g)

musclefood pizza

A few more calories here – but still exceptional macros.

Toppings include serrano ham, rosemary sautéed chestnut mushrooms, mozzarella, peppery rocket and a Mediterranean-style tomato sauce.

Pea protein

The most significant ingredient of these protein pizzas is the base (more on this later), which substitutes the traditional bread flour dough base for pea protein.

In its entirety, the base is made up of: water, pea protein, tapioca starch, rice flour, corn starch, rapeseed oil, osylium, sugar, egg, yeast, buckwheat flour, stabilisers, salt.


To cook these high-protein pizzas all you need to do is remove the clingfilm and bung them in a pre-heated 18oc oven for 12 minutes.

Word of warning: because the pizza base is very thin, make sure you’re careful putting them in and taking them out of the oven, otherwise they will fall apart in your hands.

MuscleFood Pizza has a shelf life of 5 days – or you can buy in bulk and freeze them.

Taste and texture

Now the important part…

I have seen a few raving reviews on the MuscleFood website about how there’s no difference between these products and standard, takeaway pizzas.

This is simply not the case.

Sorry, but it doesn’t take the pallet of Pierre Hermé to discern a noticeable difference.

And while undeniably appetising, I found MuscleFood’s Protein Pizza to be lacking in the taste department when compared to regular pizza.

This is mainly down to the new base which has a slightly unusual taste and texture (a little grainy/powdery), which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it did put me off a little.

Other than that, the quality of the toppings on both pizzas was excellent, if a slightly bland for my tastes (the ‘Spicy Beef and Jalapeno’ sounds more up my street).

Value for money

A protein pizza from MuscleFood will set you back £4.95.

Not that competitive, you may think, but considering the ridiculously high protein content and quality ingredients, this is pretty awesome value-for-money.


A healthy, high-protein, appetising alternative to traditional pizza which you can devour regularly without any of the guilt.

However, despite absolutely incredible macros, they just cannot compete with traditional pizza when it comes to taste.

Fix that, and this is without doubt a five-star product.

Buy MuscleFood Protein Pizza

To order Protein Pizza, and for more product info, shop here at the MuscleFood website.

Don’t forget to save some cash when ordering by using a MuscleFood discount code.

Over to you

Have your tried these MuscleFood Protein Pizzas?

Thinking of placing an order?

Hit me up with your comments below!

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  1. That pizza looks damn good!

    I don’t live in the UK but I hope some of this exists in the US.

    If I ever lay my eyes on one, damn sure I’m buying it!

    – Samuel Pustea

    1. They were textbook.

  2. Great Product!!!

    Excellent combination of taste with health.

    Now enjoy your protein with protein pizza!

    1. Thanks for your comment – these pizzas really are the tits!

  3. I had a chilli chicken pizza recently, as you say the base is a bit odd.

    The thing I found most different to an actual pizza was the fact it didn’t taste at all of tomato.

    More like a flat bread, not unpleasant in any way, just not really a pizza.

    I’d certainly buy them again

    1. Yeah, if you go in expecting that classic pizza taste, you’ll be a little disappointed, but they’re still really tasty, and the macros are superb.

      They definitely taste enough like ‘real’ pizzas to curb any cravings.