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MuscleFood Protein Cookies, Bars and Flapjacks Review

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On 2014-03-13
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These delicious snacks are high in protein and low in carbs making them a super convenient way to meet your daily macros.

For me, whoever invented the protein snack is truly up there with the great minds of our time: Thomas Edison, Louis Pasteur, George Foreman.

Who would’ve thought that you could take the somewhat humble chocolate bar and make it acceptable for gym rats up and down the hemispheres to consume it like Philip Seymour Hoffman consumes… well you know.

I was a huge fan of the man’s work, but when you take a cocktail of heroin, cocaine, amphetamine and benzodiazepine, I’m just not convinced ‘accidental death’ is still an acceptable cause of death.

And that’s all we have time for on FilmTalk this week.

Next week: has Leonardo DiCaprio ever been in a bad film?

(He hasn’t.)

In the latest of our MuscleFood review series it was the prospect to getting my hands on some protein cookies, bars and cakes that had me salivating most with excitement.

I was not to be disappointed.

MuscleFood Chocolate Protein Cookies


£15 for 10 cookies

Nutritional Breakdown (per serving):

Kcal: 320

Protein: 40g

Carb: (of which simple): 18g (3.5g)

Fat: (of which saturated): 9.6g (4g)

Just think if that googley-eyed blue monster from Sesame Street had been given these protein style cookies instead…

Swole as a motherfucker!

It’s often hard to find protein cookies that don’t give you jaw cramp or require a pint of water to get them down but MuscleFood’s brand are of a very high standard.

They remain slightly moist but with a crunchy outside coating.

All you can wish for really.

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MuscleFood Chocolate Cake Bars


£15 for 10 cakes

Nutritional Breakdown (per serving):

Kcal: 402

Protein: 50g

Carb: (of which simple): 27g (7g)

Fat: (of which saturated): 10g (6.6g)

We don’t normally like to criticise other company’s products here on GymTalk when the article isn’t about them, indeed this may not make it though editing.

So here’s hoping PhD aren’t a litigious bunch, because their equivalent is bloody awful.

I’m not one to ever not finish food, but with there’s I couldn’t.

MuscleFood’s I most definitely did.

Textually, it took me back to the ones my Gran used to make.

Given that she would use lard, I think this says a hell of a lot of the nutritionists at MuscleFoodswho have struck at highly commendable balance between taste and texture.

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MuscleFood Chocolate Chip Protein Flapjacks


£10 for 10 flapjacks

Nutritional Breakdown (per serving):

Kcal: 304

Protein: 20g

Carb: (of which simple): 38g (6g)

Fat: (of which saturated): 7.5g (2.8g)

To be honest, this wasn’t as good as the the others.

I’ve yet to find a genuinely enjoyable protein flapjack across the industry (this is probably the best of the bunch).

MuscleFood’s version was better than most, flavoursome and not too dense, but I think getting these right is the holy grail.

But keep on trying guys, as notable fitness fanatic and singer Kate Bush would say:

I know you’ve got a lot if strength in you yet.

Also, you can currently buy 10 protein flapjacks for £10, which is an absolute steal!

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What impressed me the most with all these bars is the low ‘simple carbohydrate’ figure we see for each of these products.

However, don’t expect to eat 3-4 of these per day and see abs.

Nor should these products be seen as a replacement to good old protein shakes or main meals

(Much like 5 kitkat chunkies a day won’t help you achieve or build anything, Henry.)

For me, the real forte of protein snacks is twofold:

1. Total convenience – easy to carry around, quick to eat, and a certainly viable alternative if you forget your shake every now and then.

2. Gains Loss Prevention – picture the scene:

Sweaty office around 3.30.

You’re hungry, you can’t hear yourself think over the Danish intern’s somewhat aggressive sounding conversation with someone in Odense, and you have a rogue VLOOKUP that for no reason at all isn’t working.

All this can be solved by grabbing yourself something from the vending machine.

What you need to do is start stockpiling these bad boys in various locations:

Work desk, boot of car, hell why not holster a flapjack by your ankle?

Just don’t reach for it if you’re near an American Policeman or you’re black.


So there we go, once again MuscleFood have got your back.

Now I just wish they’d come on a night out with us and do something when someone even mentions Sambucas…

Go on, give these fantastic protein snacks a go and try and prove me wrong!

Buy MuscleFood Protein Snacks

To get your hands on these high protein snacks – or for more info – shop here at the MuscleFood website.

And don’t forget to use a MuscleFood discount code to save money when you order.

Have you tried any of these products?

Got any recommendations for other protein snacks?

Join in the conversation in the comments section  below!

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