Go Nutrition Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix Review

Go Nutrition Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix Review

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On 2014-07-13
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With 47.5g of protein per 250ml serving and less than 60% saturated fat than standard ice cream, this innovative Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix is a guilt-free, tasty and inexpensive addition to any healthy diet.

So, it’s summer (unless you live in Scotland in which case it’s always grim) and bodybuilders up and down the country are looking for any excuse to show the world the sum of their hard work in the gym.

And, as always, there’s the perennial dilemma of jeopardising those agonising weeks of cutting just for a decadent raspberry ripple oyster.

Well worry no more, because the boffins at Go Nutrition have come up with another absolute belter with their brand new Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix.

Surely after Heston Blumenthal these guys have got to be up there in terms of wacky food creation?

Then again, Heston’s food is so baffling that once you sit at the table you begin to wonder whether you’re actually going to have to eat your own foot as part of his seven course tasting menu.

Product overview

Go Nutrition’s Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix is an easy-to-make, high-protein ice cream delivering over 47g of whey protein in each 250ml serving.

This latest high-protein innovation contains no added sugar and provides over 60% less saturated fat than standard ice cream.

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Just imagine if you could get this stuff from a regular ice cream van – none of that trans fat and sugar nonsense, nothing but gains here.

Nutritional information

Per 250ml serving (which is a hell of a lot by the way) your nutritionals look like this:

Calories 295
Protein 47.5g
Carbs 17.5g
Fat 3.5g
Sugar 17.5g

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For more product information, click here.

How to make

Now this couldn’t be much easier.

Simply add 190ml of milk to 60g of whey protein ice cream mix and shake for a few minutes in your blender bottle.

Then you pour the mix into a tupperware box and put into the freezer for 3-4 hours before eating.

Lovely stuff.

Taste and texture

gnicecreamNow, as with most things that Go Nutrition have transformed into a high protein food (such as these protein crisps), don’t expect this to be like a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

Their Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix comes in strawberry flavour which was perfectly edible.

For me it tasted a bit like a Mini Milk ice lolly – but on swole.

This wasn’t quite ice cream texture but I”m pretty sure that if you stirred the whey protein ice cream a few times while freezing it”d be a bit smoother.

Value for money

A 1.2kg bag of Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix will cost you £25.99.

That works out at £1.30 per serving, which oddly enough is probably less than a standard 99 from Mr Whippy (despite its fairly self-explanatory name).

No qualms there.


Go Nutrition’s Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix is a great way to enjoy a guilt free, tasty snack which definitely won’t damage your hard cutting work.

Eat it on its own or combine with a protein pancake for a proper treat.

I suggest you stock up for the summer right now!

Buy Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix

You can order this Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix by shopping here at the Go Nutrition website.

Remember to use a Go Nutrition discount code before ordering to save yourself some cash.

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