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Go Nutrition Protein Chips Review

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On 2014-06-04
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The best protein crisps on the market by a long shot. Great nutritional profile, reasonably priced and very, very tasty. Go Nutrition have stolen a march on all other sports nutrition companies and really set the bench high in the protein crisp market.

Protein chips (crisps) – the zenith of bodybuilding nutrition.

If you’re anything like me you can happily demolish a sharing bag of Doritos in a few minutes, and while this will leave you feeling both satisfied and disgusted in equal measure, the one thing it won’t do is build muscle.

So, what are your alternatives?

Don’t eat crisps?

Please fuck off.

‘Pig Snacks’ aka pork scratchings?

Delicious but have the same fat content as Jabba the Hut.

Other protein chips on the market?

Just not good enough to make me consistently buy.

So, with a bag of Go Nutrition Protein Chips in my hand, I start my latest journey into the vistas of taste and nutrition…

Go Nutrition Protein Chips ReviewNutritional overview

These protein chips are a combination of soy protein concentrate, tapioca, potato starch, fibre, whey protein isolate, and various other, less important requisite parts.

I actually had some tapioca crisps at a Michelin starred restaurant a few months ago and while these were admittedly better than Go Nutrition’s, the head chef was obviously not driven by trying to reduce my powerlifting gut.

Per bag, the vital statistics look like this:

Calories 89kcal
Protein 15g
Carbs (of which sugar) 4g (0.3g)
Fat 0.6g

Frankly, this is top class.

Taste and texture

For me, the tapioca is the ingredient that really sets these chips apart from all other competitors, as I actually wanted to eat these again.

Really, really nice.

I had salt and vinegar flavour and both the taste and texture was a bit like a Snack-a-Jack.

They are also available in ‘Mature Cheddar & Red Onion’ flavour, which sounds equally as delicious.


Obviously it’s hard to say whether these protein chips have really done anything to help my key lifts but I think the main point is that they certainly are not ruining gains.

They are a simple and very enjoyable way to add extra protein to your diet while not having the added calories, saturated fat and complex carbs of normal crisps.

Value for money

Go Nutrition Protein Chips ReviewAs with most proteinous (waiting for OED confirmation on that one) foods, these Go Nutrition Chips will cost you more than your average bag of crisps.

Of course they will, why do you think Red Cross drop bags of rice and chick peas into Sierra Leone rather than filet mignon and ballotine of chicken?

Buy yourself a pack of 10 and it will cost you £0.99 per bag.

Based on the taste, texture and macros, I’m more than happy to pay this.


Go Nutrition’s Protein Chips are the best protein crisps I’ve tried by a long shot.

They boast a great nutritional profile, are reasonably priced and very, very tasty.

Go Nutrition have stolen a march on all other sports nutrition companies and really set the bench high in the protein crisp market.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other great protein crisp flavours they can gift us with next!

Buy Go Nutrition Protein Chips

To order these fantastic protein chips – or for more product information – shop here at the Go Nutrition website.

Don’t forget to use a Go Nutrition discount code when you order to save yourself some cash.

Tried this product or any other protein crisps on the market?

What are your thoughts?

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