Go Nutrition Whey & Oat Crisp Protein Flapjacks Review

Go Nutrition Whey & Oat Crisp Protein Flapjacks Review

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On 2014-10-10
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These are among the best protein flapjacks we've tried - great taste, solid nutritional profile and damned cheap (the 4* rating is based mainly on price). Ideal as a replacement for all that sugary, fatty crap we all crave when hunger kicks in.

Anyone who’s followed Gymtalk from humble inception will know that we’re still looking out for the perfect protein flapjack.

This is hardly the race to stop Ebola spreading through Africa or 1970s BBC TV and radio personalities trying to wipe their hard drives

But nonetheless we feel it’ll be a seminal moment when a sports nutrition company finally comes up with something to rival Mrs Vinden’s own personal flapjack recipe.

N.B. I appreciate that 99% of those reading this blog will not have tasted her flapjacks… actually, don’t answer that, just rest assured that they’re reeeeeeeal goooooood.

Anyway, the latest product to step up to the metaphorical and literal plate is the Go Nutrition Whey and Oat Crisp Protein Flapjack.

Product overview

As Charlie mentioned in his last article, summer is over, and unless you frequent some of Brighton’s more choice hot spots then there’s really no reason for anyone to be worrying about maintaining abs.

I’ve personally been banging that drum for the last 25 years – not the Brighton one.

Yes, it’s certainly approaching bulking season and these Whey and Oat Crisp Flapjacks are the perfect sidekick to size.

Go Nutrition Whey & Oat Crisp Protein Flapjacks Review

Each bar contains 19g protein per serving (whey protein isolate and whey crisp balls) and 28g carbs (rolled oats, oat bran and jumbo oats).

These high quality carbohydrate sources are low GI which means they’ll provide a sustained release of energy to keep you fuelled for longer.

GN’s Whey and Oat Crisp Protein Flapjacks, which are freshly baked here in the UK, are currently available in two flavours, ‘Double Chocolate’ and ‘Toffee and Raisin’.

Nutritional overview

Each flapjack looks like this:

Calories 276kcal
Protein 19g
Carbs (of which sugar) 28.6g (6.6g)
Fat (of which saturates) 7.4g (1.4g)

I usually expect a few more calories from a protein flapjack but Go Nutrition’s Whey and Oat Crisp Flapjacks are also aimed at those looking for lean mass.

Taste and texture

Taste-wise both the Double Chocolate and Toffee and Raisin were very nice.

The Toffee Raisin had a slight plastic twang to it which I’m sure might’ve just been a bad or early batch, but that’s easily rectifiable.

Textually you’ll need a fair bit of liquid to get these flapjacks down.

My initial thought was that eating these flapjacks was a similar experience to going down on Terry Crews (but maybe half the size).

My tip is to eat a flapjack with a glass of milk – solves the texture issue nicely and gives you some additional calories.

Value for money

12 x 80g flapjacks will cost you £18.99 (£1.58 each).

Or if you buy three packs (and why wouldn’t you) the price tumbles to £1.27 per flapjack.

This is brilliant value for money – certainly some of the cheapest protein flapjacks you can buy.


Go Nutrition Whey & Oat Crisp Protein Flapjacks are definitely not the worst flapjack we’ve sampled (there are several out there) and they’re up there with the best.

That said, the ‘best’ is still hardly mindblowing – who knew butter could make such a difference?

But all in all these flapjacks taste great, have a solid nutritional profile, and are damned cheap (the 4* rating is based mainly on price).

I see them as a great tool for packing on lean muscle and stopping you from eating sugary, fatty crap when hunger kicks in.

Cheers guys.

Buy Go Nutrition Whey & Oat Crisp Protein Flapjacks

To order a pack of these protein flapjacks – or for more product information – shop here at the Go Nutrition website.

Make sure you use one of our Go Nutrition discount codes to save some cash when your order.

Over to you

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Any other flapjack recommendations?

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