Bulk Powders Complete Pre-Workout Advanced Review

Bulk Powders Complete Pre-Workout Advanced Review

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On 2014-02-07
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Competitively priced, boasts a solid 'no bullshit' blend of ingredients, and definitely produces noticeable results. If you're into your pre-workout supplements, I'd definitely recommend giving this product a go.

I’ve never been a big fan of pre-workout supplements.

I prefer the old-school mentality of just hitting the bar and getting it done, regardless of how demotivated you feel.

Also, there is just so much hype surrounding a lot these supplements, it’s ridiculous.

‘DEMOLISH this’, ‘EXPLODE that’, ‘Enjoy a more satisfying sexual experience’ (sorry wrong product).

It reads as if some quiff-haired marketing executive, with no scientific evidence to back him up, has just gone to town on a thesaurus.

However, a friend of mine had recently started using Bulk Powders Complete Pre-Workout Advanced, citing it as his new supplement of choice.

I usually trust what he has to say, and, like all of Bulk Powders’ products, it had refreshing lack of hype and marketing bullshit, some good reviews, and a decent formula with no proprietary blends.

Worth a try, I thought.

Product overview

Complete Pre-Workout Advanced is a pre-workout supplement containing, per serving, 3g Beta Alanine, 3g Citrulline Malate, 250mg Caffeine, and some Vitamin B6.

Bulk Powders Complete Pre-Workout Advanced

It also contains 5g BCAA (in a Leucine-heavy 3:1:1 ratio), 3g AAKG, and 400mg L-Tyrosine.

This product contains the staples of any good pre-workout supplement in adequate and transparent doses.

All the listed ingredients have real science behind them to back up their performance enhancing claims.

And, importantly, there are no proprietary blends here.

Always treat a product that doesn’t list its specific ingredients with caution.

For example, it might claim have a caffeine content that will get you ‘SMASHING’ your goals, but if the exact dosage isn’t listed, it could be significantly underdosed.

Don’t mug yourself.


As advised, I took 17g (about 3/4 of a scoop) of Complete Pre-Workout Advanced 30 minutes before my workouts, on an empty stomach.

Without doubt, I experienced a keen surge of energy for the first 30-45 minutes of every workout.

And this was without any shitty side effects such as headaches and light-headedness.

I was hitting the squat rack with renewed intensity and restlessly patrolling the free weights area between sets.

All this while issuing nonsensical four-letter threats under my breath like Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket.

full metal jacket

After this, I tended to crash a little, often retreating to the gym mats to writhe around like some vast sweaty slug.

However, this crash was not nearly as prominent as with pre-workout supplements like Jack3D and Grenade .50 Calibre.

Aside from increased focus and energy levels, I didn’t make any noticeable strength gains while taking this product, despite claims to the contrary, which I was a little disheartened by.

All in all, though, I was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of this supp.

However, don’t go thinking that this, or any other pre-workout, is going to be some kind of magic bullet.

The truth is that if you’re neglecting your training or diet in any way, a pre-workout like such as this going to do jack shit for your fitness goals.

Also, be careful what time of the day you take this supplement.

If you take it before a late-night workout (not a euphemism, although it would probably send you a bit Ted Bundy), don’t be surprised when you’re still awake at 4am staring at the ceiling.

Taste and texture

Complete Pre-Workout Advanced currently comes in two flavours: ‘Mixed Berry’ and ‘Apple and Lime’.

I opted for ‘Mixed Berry’ flavour.

It didn’t taste too great, but I think that’s because I’ve been really spoilt recently by the divine tasting Gold Standard 100% Whey.

It also had a slightly ‘chemical’ taste, was quite foamy, and left a residue at the bottom of each shaker.

But this is par for the course with pre-workout supplements.

I’ve yet to have one that behaves otherwise.

Value for money

You can pick up 1kg of Complete Pre-Workout Advanced for £19.99.

Using a calculator, I can tell you this works out at around 76p per serving.

This is a great price, undoubtedly one of the industry’s lowest, and it certainly doesn’t shred your pants like other pre-workout supplements on the market.

Looking a you, BSN No-Explode.


Bulk Powders Complete Pre-Workout Advanced provides a great boost if you’re feeling lethargic and need something to get you in the mood for a workout.

So if you’re into your pre-workout supplements, I’d definitely recommend giving it a go.

It’s competitively priced, boasts a solid ‘no bullshit’ blend of ingredients, and definitely produces noticeable results.

On a side note, the customer service I’ve experienced when ordering from Bulk Powders has always been top notch.

Keep it up guys.

Buy Complete Pre-Workout Advanced

To order Complete Pre-Workout Advanced, or for more details on the product, visit this page of the Bulk Powders website.

And make sure you check out our Bulk Powders discount code page as you may be able to save some money on your order.

Over to you

Have you tried Complete Pre-Workout Advanced?

How did you get on?

Any comments or questions?

I’d love to hear from you below!

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  1. Hey Henry, what do you mean when you say it doesn’t “shred your pants” like some other supplements?

    Seriously, this is a great review – I love a great honest product review, well done.

    1. Hi, it means it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

      I’m English – we speak constantly in slang!

      1. I did not quite get that at first. LOL.

        This is a nice Complete Pre-Workout Advanced review, btw.