Bulk Powders Complete Protein Dessert Review

Bulk Powders Complete Protein Dessert Review

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On 2014-09-04
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Get cravings for something sugary and sweet in the evening? Then this product will be a godsend. Add some fresh fruit and you’ve got the perfect blend of decent sugars and quality proteins. It's also excellent value for money.

Protein crisps, protein cookies, protein ice cream, and now protein dessert, yet another holy grail of the craze that is protein enriched treat foods.

This new Complete Protein Dessert from Bulk Powders aims to fill the gap where sweet after-dinner or before-bed snacks are usually desired, and it does so with a variety of tempting flavours.

But will it satisfy a Haribo addict like me?

Let’s take a look.

Product overview

Complete Protein Dessert is a Bulk Powders own brand product, which seems to compete with many other products in this category, including the very-popular-on-Twitter ‘Muscle Mousse’ by Genetic Labs.

However this product comes in much cheaper at only £17.99 for 25 servings.

It is offered in Chocolate Caramel and Strawberry flavours, and I tried them both.

Each serving of the protein dessert contains a very impressive 30 grams of protein and hardly any carbs or fat.

Per 40g serving, the complete stats look like this:

Calories 147kcal
Protein 30g
Carbs (of which sugar) 3.4g (1.68g)
Fat (of which saturates) 1.54g (0.59g)

The dessert is prepared by shaking up 40 grams of product with 150ml of water and setting in the fridge for 5-10 minutes.

Bulk Powders Complete Protein Dessert


The protein related ingredients here are whey, milk and egg white protein

Bulk Powders pride themselves with being one of the only brands on the market to produce a product like this with no low quality gelatin protein.

The rest of the ingredients contain nothing out of the ordinary, no dodgy sweeteners or colours, it’s all good ingredients.

Complete Protein Dessert also has an 80:20 whey to casein ratio, which is ideal for prolonged amino acid release.

Taste and texture

Both the Chocolate Caramel and Strawberry flavours taste great.

The strawberry one I kind of prefer, as it has little bits of dried strawberries in it.

I also added chopped up bits of fresh strawberries to it which was pretty damn amazing.

You can also jazz it up with some Dried Coconut Flakes or Chia Seeds for even more protein, or add a swirl of peanut butter to the chocolate one for a Snickers effect.

The sweet taste of these protein desserts is awesome, and does tend to hit the spot when you get those evening cravings for something sweet.

The texture, however, is a bit strange.

It’s not quite solid enough to be a mousse like Muscle Mousse is – it’s actually a lot more like Angel Delight.

I also found that 10 minutes in the fridge isn’t really enough – more like half an hour is best for it to properly set.


Effective at stopping me eating shit in the evening?


Complete Protein Dessert really does hit the spot and at the same time it fills you up pretty good (and that’s a hard thing to do for me!).

I’d say the product is best eaten with something else, like adding actual strawberries to the strawberry flavour, or adding some greek yogurt to the chocolate flavour.

Gains wise, I’d say the 30g of protein is going to add to your daily macro goals pretty nicely, and the sources of protein are high quality so you’re getting a decent range of aminos in too.

Value for money

Bulk Powders Complete Protein DessertCompared to other similar products on the market, Complete Protein Dessert by Bulk Powders is really good value for money.

Of course it’s no way near as cheap as getting a normal whey protein product, such as the Bulk Powders Pure Whey, but it is a lot more fun and much more of a treat.

The product tends to be eaten every now and again rather than every day, so it should last you a good amount of time for the cash.

That said, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, Complete Protein Dessert is not by any means an essential product.


If you tend to have cravings for something sugary and sweet in the evening, then Complete Protein Dessert by Bulk Powders will be a godsend.

Add some fresh fruit to the Strawberry flavour and you’ve got the perfect blend of decent sugars and quality proteins.

Buy Complete Protein Dessert

To order the Complete Protein Dessert – or for more product info – shop here at the Bulk Powders website.

And remember to use a Bulk Powders discount code when ordering to save yourself some cash.

Over to you

Have you tried this product or any other protein desserts?

Thinking of giving Complete Protein Dessert a go?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. Awesome review Will, I will definitely be trying some of this. Evening sweet cravings are a huge problem this may well be the solution!