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All In One Protein The Works Review

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On 2014-04-28
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Without doubt one of the best quality all-in-one supplements I've tried. It effectively aids muscle and strength goals while providing unparalleled taste and texture, and while it's not the cheapest all-in-one out there, it still offers great value.

I’m a big fan of all-in-one supplements.

Unlike fellow Gymtalk writer Charlie, I just don’t have the time/can’t be arsed to measure out the specific quantities of creatine or glutamine needed for each serving.

Like a 69oz Mixed Grill, with all-in-ones you get everything you could possibly want in one hit (but without skyrocketing your waistband/cholesterol obviously).

And these days, provided you don’t get your pants shredded by Holland and Barrett or Maxi Nutrition, most all-in-one supplements provide great value.

For a long time my favourite all-in-one has been Myprotein’s Hurricane XS, just for its sheer value for money.

However, having recently finished my last batch, I felt like a change.

The Protein Works is always a popular choice in the Gymtalk office, so I decided it was time to try their equivalent: All In One Protein The Works.

Product overview

All In One Protein The Works

All In One Protein The Works is, as I’ve already established, an all-in-one supplement designed to aid lean muscle and strength gains.

In addition to the standard all-in-one ingredients (whey protein, creatine), The Protein Works have also added a bunch of other elements, such as leucine peptides, to aid muscle building as much as possible, and various enzymes to help with the digestion process.

Per 70g serving, All In One Protein The Works comprises:

Calories 225kcal
Protein 27.9g
Carbs (of which sugar) 21.8g (13.5g)
Fat (of which saturates) 1.2g (1.2g)
Fibre 1.3g
Salt 0.32g
Creatine monohydrate 5g

For more info on the ingredients, check out this page of the TPW website.

Taste and texture

I ordered the Chocolate Silk flavour of All In One Protein The Works.

Other flavours include Choc Mint Brownie, Strawberries and Cream, and Vanilla Creme.

While it was certainly not as tasty as some of the other TPW supplements I have tried, such as the divine tasting Whey Protein 80, it certainly runs rings around similar all-in-one supplements in this department.

Hurricane XS, for example, tastes like Sébastien Chabal’s feet wrapped in burnt hair.

Well, at least how I would expect his feet to taste like – I’m not actually a foot fetishist with a penchant for hairy French rugby players.

In addition, it mixes perfectly and the creatine dissolves like a charm leaving no residue at the bottom, which was great to see.

All In One Protein The Works also digests really well.

It certainly doesn’t sit in your gut for hours afterwards and leave you waddling around the gym with a turtle belly.


I’ve been using All In One Protein The Works to supplement a six week cycle of the 20 Rep Squat Routine.

Working up to 20 reps on 130kg, I knew I would need all the help that I could get!

I’m currently four weeks into the programme and while size and strength gains have been impressive, it’s recovery where I have really noticed a difference.

Between using this all-in-one and getting in some light cardio between sessions, the DOMS has been pretty negligible.

Value for money

Buying in bulk, All In One Protein The Works comes in at £54.99 for 4kg.

While this is miles cheaper than products such as Maximuscle Cyclone or PhD Synergy, it’s still a little bit more expensive than Hurricane XS, which works out at roughly £48 for 4kg.

However, the taste and texture of this supplement completely trumps the Myprotein equivalent.

So, if you’re happy to spend a bit more for a premium quality all-in-one that ticks every single box, I would highly recommend All In One Protein The Works.


All In One Protein The Works is without doubt the best quality all-in-one supplement I’ve tried.

It effectively aids muscle and strength goals while providing unparalleled taste and texture.

And while it’s still not the cheapest all-in-one on the market, it still offers awesome value for money.

Buy All In One Protein The Works

You can order All In One Protein The Works by shopping here at The Protein Works website.

And don’t forget to use one of our The Protein Works discount code vouchers to save some money on your order.

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