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The Protein Works Super Greens Review

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On 2014-10-20
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Packed with 23 nutrient dense superfoods to supplement your nutritional intake, Super Greens provides your five a day in one single serving. While it might not taste amazing, it offers great value for money, convenience and, most importantly, will certainly improve your wellbeing!

Mum always said, “Eat your veg – you’ll get big and strong!”

Well, Mum, you were wrong.

It’s protein that makes you big and strong you bloody idiot, do you even lift?

Jokes aside, it’s often this very reason why guys who lift skip out on a complete meal.

It’s laughable how little fruit and veg most lifters eat, and I have to say I’m guilty of it myself sometimes – stuffing my face with chicken and rice and forgetting to balance it out with some good old broccoli or spinach.

So, with Super Greens, The Protein Works offer a product that can help you fill your body with greeny goodness in a convenient way.

It’s by no means a replacement for actual vegetables in your diet, but can help out a lot.

Let’s take a look.

Product overview

The Super Greens powder comes in various sizes, but you can get 250 grams for just under £17, which will last you a full month of one serving per day.

It comes in various flavours including Mandarin Orange, Pomegranate, and Raspberry and Tropical Punch.

The Protein Works Super Greens


This beast contains 23 ingredients, ranging from spirulina to carrot powder in such legendary doses that you get all of your ‘Five a Day’ in one serving!

The ingredients list is pretty epic indeed:

 Apple Fibre Powder
 Alfalfa Powder
 Barley Grass Powder
 Oat Fibre
 Soy Lecithin
 Acerola Extract 4:1
 Red Beetroot Powder
 Pomegranate Powder
 Siberian Ginseng Powder
 Carrot Powder
 Tomato Fruit Powder
 Astragalus Root Powder
 Spinach Powder
 Broccoli Powder
 Ginkgo Biloba Extract 120:1
 Green Tea Extract 95%
 Soy Sprout Powder
 Elderberry Powder
 Polyphenols – Grape Seed Extract 95%
 Polyphenols – Proanthocyanidins 90%
 Polyphenols – polyphenols 120:1
 Natural Flavouring – Manderin Orange
 Natural Colouring – Beta Carotene
 Sweetener – Sucrolose
 Citric Acid

Taste and texture

Now here’s where it usually goes wrong with greens powders – the taste.

I usually find that greens powders are absolutely disgusting and basically comparable to drinking tree bark.

Which is understandable really as they are made of pure plant extracts.

But Super Greens from The Protein Works isn’t so bad.

Don’t get me wrong it’s still pretty minging, but the taste is more than bearable, and, what’s more, it’s sweetened naturally.

So in the taste department it’s not totally bad news

Texture is much the same as all greens powders and it’s a bit like drinking sandy leaves, but just grin and bear it like a trooper.

The Protein Works Super Greens


It’s hard to say how effective Super Greens is.

I took it for a month, every day, but I also eat greens and take a solid multivitamin daily anyway, so telling the difference was hard.

One thing that it did seem to help with was digestion.

I did notice more ‘regular’ movements, as they say in the medical profession.

Super Greens also really helped when I took a couple of doses during a bout of man flu – I did feel a lot better after taking it.

But I would definitely say that if you have trouble eating enough veg and don’t really concentrate on getting in vitamins and you start taking this product, you are probably going to notice a real difference in how you feel overall.

eat your vegetables gif

Value for money

Super Greens is one of the better greens powders out there for the price.

17 bob for a month’s worth of insurance that you’re getting your daily nutrients is pretty damn cheap really.


Ultimately you should never replace whole foods with supplements, but if you’re going to, make it a greens mix.

And Super Greens from The Protein Works is nutritional insurance at its finest.

Order Super Greens

You can order Super Greens by shopping here at The Protein Works website.

And don’t forget to use a The Protein Works discount code when checking out to save yourself a bit of cash.

Over to you

Thinking of giving Super Greens a go?

Already taking it?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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  1. I recently bought super-greens, read the reviews which were all positive so thought why not give it a go?

    I shit like clock-work, generally feel better, and my erections have increased two-fold, can’t fault it.

    1. Do you mean two fold in size or quantity?

  2. Thanks for this review it’s useful!

  3. Drink this all the time and definitely feel better for it.

    A word of warning though, this green potion seems to get lodged everywhere when drinking it – beard, nostrils, etc – so make sure you clean your boat before heading out for that important 9am meeting!