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Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Review

Review of: Animal Pak

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On 2014-09-25
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An old-school multivitamin that has stood the test of time, Animal Pak is a solid part of a nutritional programme (if you can afford it) and provides a daily dose of man-vitamins like no other.

Animal Pak, which has been around for over 25 years, is the all-time most respected multivitamin of the bodybuilding world.

Not many supplements last the test of time, often jumping on the marketing bullshit bandwagon and disappearing when they don’t live up to claims.

But Animal Pak has broken through this barrier and continues to be a staple vitamin supplement that has garnered an almost cult-like following.

So let’s dive in and take a closer look at this absolute beast of a multivitamin.

Product overview

Animal, a Universal Nutrition brand, have a strange product strategy.

They don’t put claims on their adverts about getting massive and ripped after taking their products, and they never have.

Animal Pak ReviewThey simply keep them focused on bodybuilding.

A favourite of mine is the ‘Shut The Fuck Up And Train’ advert.

Shit, if that doesn’t get you motivated to lift, I don’t know what will!

The adverts certainly suggest a ‘no fucking around’ approach to training, and their supplements ooze that exact same vibe.

Animal Pak comes in a big fucking tin with 44 individually wrapped daily packets of man power.

Each packet contains 11 pills and delivers a concoction of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

This is designed to be the ultimate product for covering your daily vitamin needs.


Listed below are the ingredients for two packs of vitamins.

I’d say you never really need to take two packs per day though (my results are based on a single pack per day), so halve those ingredients..

What strikes me about Animal Pak is that some of the vitamins I consider most essential – such as vitamin D – just simply aren’t in high enough quantities here.

There’s also a few amino acids, particularly the BCAAs, that are basically pointless in such small doses.

Overall, this product really does cover the bases for a bloke, although I’m sure some of the amino acids could be taken out and replaced with something more useful.

Animal Pak Review


This is where it gets interesting.

As mentioned above, the Animal Pak ingredients do seem to be quite low for some things, but that doesn’t stop the product being highly effective.

Now, I’ve taken a lot of different multivitamins, most of the big brands and a lot of smaller ones too, and Animal Pak is hands down my favourite.

I feel so much better in general when I take it, and the most noticeable difference is my testosterone levels.

I just feel like a fucking machine while I’m on Animal Pak – like I could punch a bear in the face and eat it raw.

I have no idea what the main reason for this is.

Perhaps it’s the increased dose of phenylalanine elevating my overall mood, or maybe it’s the masses of vitamin B6 helping me get the most out of my diet.

Whatever it is, it fucking works, and I love it.

south park gif


11 bastard pills you say?

11 per day?

Yeah, if you’re not good at taking pills then this isn’t the product for you.

There’s 11 to take per day, and a few of them are so big it’s like swallowing a Bourbon Biscuit whole.

They also taste like the smell of a dirty hamster cage.

Indeed, a lot of people reviewing Animal Pak online moan about the amount of pills and the taste.

But shit, we’re hardcore right?

If you’re a bodybuilder it’s likely that you care about your overall health and gains over petty things like taste.

So shove it down your fucking gullet and man up.

Animal Pak Review

Value for money

Animal Pak is priced at around 25-30 quid for 44 days’ worth.

This is damn good value considering I’ve seen other popular brands for as much as 20 quid for a month’s worth.

But if you’re on a budget this might not be for you.


Animal Pak is an old-school multivitamin supplement that has stood the test of time, and rightly so.

It’s a solid part of a nutritional programme if you can afford it, and provides a daily dose of man-vitamins like no other in its class.

Buy Animal Pak

You can normally land a bargain on Animal Pak by shopping at Amazon, however for UK customers it’s often cheapest at the Predator Nutrition website.

If you find a good price somewhere else online let us know in the comments section!

Over to you

Have you tried Animal Pak or any other products from Universal Nutrition?

Any comments or questions?

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  1. Animal Pak was ahead of the game years ago.

    Now everyone is slowing doing “packs” from the Grenade Ration Pack to USN’s version.

    Personally I prefer Dedication Pack after finding it on

    Arnold’s Iron Pack is great too with a nice amount of EFAs.

  2. Hi, I am about buy this, but before that I have some serious of question to ask.

    I’m entirely new to any supplement.

    I’m not a bodybuilder, I’m already underweight.

    I lost so much of my energy since I was working in night shift (I’m from India).

    Lack of sleep and improper diet this leads to me being so weak.

    I just want to gain energy thats it for me and a proper nutrition for my daily life.

    So will this product help me or can you suggest something else?

    I’m very concerned about side effects, please guide me.

    Which one is better ON Opti-men or Animal Pak.

    Which one will work for me.

    Thank you for your response.

  3. Product is excellent… results are very good… feel like powerman.

  4. Turns my piss green… wtf?!?!

  5. If people want something more pocket friendly try Scitec nutrition packs at only £14.95 for 30 days worth of packs.

    You get your vitamins and minerals and also omegas etc, it’s not a bad pack and well worth the money.

    And then if you pay £24.95 you can get the Grenade packs – 30 days supply at 4 tablets in a strip, you get your vitamins and minerals, omegas, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, so all your basis is covered.

    Keep up the great work!