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The Protein Works Protein Flapjack Luxe Bars Review

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On 2015-03-11
Last modified:2018-04-13


Combining amazing taste, high-quality ingredients, great macros and a decent price, these bars are ideal for boosting protein intake throughout the day.

Like ‘Gary Glitter’ – ‘innocent’, ‘Ed Miliband’ – ‘win’, ‘female comedian’ – ‘funny’, ‘protein supplement’ and ‘luxury’ are words that are rarely associated.

However, when a flash sale popped up on my Facebook feed from The Protein Works for a luxury protein flapjack, I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

Heck, I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything else they’ve made, so if they want to bring out a Cherry Bakewell flavoured protein dog turd then, quite frankly, I’m in.

Let’s see how the product stacks up…

Product overview

The Protein Flapjack Luxe Bars are, in my opinion, The Protein Works attempt to tap into the growing dispensable income enjoyed by those working in the private sector.

Or maybe a way of stopping those employed publicly from whining all the time (“Boohoo, my pension is only 3/5 of my final salary”).

Not that we’re politically biased at Gymtalk… but by God I wish I lived in Chipping Norton.


It’s fair to say that the majority of protein flapjacks and bars can be quite rancid in terms of taste and texture, so we welcome a supplement company having a go at producing something more premium.

And, as per the website description, the Protein Flapjack Luxe Bars are “packed full of the finest premium grade ingredients, they not only taste great, but deliver exceptional nutritionals” (which is a made up word).

Indeed this is certainly not the mass produced crap we are used to.

The Protein Works Protein Flapjack Luxe Bars

Nutritional overview

Per serving, the stats look like this:

Calories 274kcal
Protein 19g
Carbs (of which sugar) 37.9g (5.3g)
Fat (of which saturates) 5.3g (1.6g)

Superb – particularly the ratio of complex to simple carbohydrates.

Remember: sugar is your real enemy.

The protein complex is derived from whey isolate, casein and glutamine, which provides a solid balance of fast and slow absorbing proteins to keep hunger locked up and gains set free over the course of a day.

These bars also boast a low GI combination of wholegrain oats and rolled oats and, as we’ve come to expect from TPW, all natural, pure ingredients.

Taste and texture

The Protein Flapjack Luxe Bars come in double chocolate flavour and contain such textual delights as toasted oats, protein granola, coconut oil, flaxseed and freeze dried raspberries.

This culinary juxtaposition results in a product that not only tastes absolutely fantastic but positions itself somewhere in the sweet spot between flapjack and brownie (flapnie?).

They are indulgent and highly addictive.

Value for money

As the name suggests, the Protein Flapjack Luxe Bars are premium, but not outrageously so.

A pack of 7 will cost you £13.99 but when you figure that The Protein Works standard flapjacks only cost you £0.50 less, to me it’s a no brainer.

What’s more you’re getting better quality ingredients so if that’s important to you then upgrade to Luxe!


As far as I’m concerned, this is definitely the top protein flapjack/bar on the UK market in terms of taste and texture.

Throw into that high quality ingredients, great nutritional figures and a fair price then you’ve really got a winner.

Like David Cameron.

But seriously, this is a fantastic product from our favourite innovators that I implore all foodies to try.

It goes without saying, if you’re smashing two or three of these a day without doing some serious work in the gym then you probably will put on weight.

However, if you’re regularly hitting those big compound lifts and eating sensibly then you will soon be gaining slabs of muscle luxe…

Bon appetite.

Buy Protein Flapjack Luxe Bars

To order the Protein Flapjack Luxe Bars, or for more product info, shop here at The Protein Works website.

Don’t forget to use one of our exclusive The Protein Works discount codes to save yourself some cash when ordering.

Over to you

Have you tried these premium flapjacks?

Thinking of putting in an order?

Hit me up with  a comment below!

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  1. They are far too expensive. They are also not very filling.

    Very tasty though. The crack cocaine of protein bars perhaps.

    1. Hi Gorgon.

      I disagree with you on price.

      If we’re talking about the myriad protein flapjacks you can find online that contain the floor sweepings from the production facilities then you get what you pay for.

      I struggle to find comparable protein flapjacks in supermarkets or health food shops that are less than £2.


  2. These look amazing, got to try some of these.

    Most of the flapjacks I’ve have been through are really heavy and dense… taking ages to chew through, not very nice.

    1. Hi Adam.

      These are fantastic – not the usual jaw workout you get with 90% of the other protein flapjacks out there.

      I implore you to try them.


      1. Surely you guys would want the extra jaw workout?

        They do look and sound really good though, thanks for sharing.

        1. Hi Andy.

          I don’t fancy looking like Jamie Roberts, 100% chin.

          Definitely give them a go though.


  3. Finally a legit protein bar with some quality carbs.. this is great.

    Thanks for the review. Look forward to more!

    Follow my journey!

    1. Thanks Chad.

      Definitely give them a go – great product.


  4. These are a personal favorite of mine!

    1. Mine too – you almost forget they’ve got 20g of protein in them as well.