MaxiNutrition All In One Supplement Review

MaxiNutrition All In One Review

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On 2013-11-29
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Ideal for beginners, this great tasting, highly convenient all-in-one supplement from MaxiNutrition can help accelerate size and strength gains.

Ahhh MaxiNutrition.

Your favourite jumper, your 2am girl, that unnervingly over-affectionate uncle you’re not actually related to.

(The last point is obviously not a comparison.)

Mr Reliable, MaxiNutrition, have been at the vanguard of the UK supplementation market for around two decades now.

So when a new product like MaxiNutrition All In One arrives on the scene, you instantly pay attention.

Product overview

MaxiNutrition All In One, as it so blindingly states, is aimed at those looking to make big strength gains in addition to packing on slabs of muscle.

Which is perfect for me as I’ve become somewhat disillusioned with bodybuilding.

There’s something about a triple drop set of barbell curls that ends with a weight your average small could lift that just doesn’t appeal to me anymore.

Whereas squatting the equivalent of half a Ford Ka is fucking cool.

MaxiNutrition All In One is designed chiefly with beginners in mind, which is reflected in the convenient – and slightly conservative – blend of macronutrients (which I’ll come onto in a bit).

What’s more, I was pleased to see the MaxiNutrition livery updated with this product.

This was something I felt needed doing in my recent review of MaxiNutrition Cyclone.

It now looks modern and pretty cool.


maxinutrition all in one reviewAll In One is a mixture of MaxiNutrition’s whey concentrate, milk isolate, soya isolate and pea protein, complex carbs (in the form of maltodextrin and dextrose), and creatine monohydrate.

You know it makes sense.

Per 55g serving, we’re looking at roughly 20g protein, 22g carbs and 3.4g creatine.

For someone just starting out on their bodybuilding journey, these ingredients are more than sufficient to affect some decent gains.

However, for the more advanced lifter, these macronutrients will likely need to be consumed in much higher levels.

Taste and texture

I opted for the chocolate flavour which is always a safe bet.

It mixed fine with both water and milk, tasted fine, and wasn’t too sweet.

The creatine didn’t dissolve too well, but then it never does.


I went through a one kilogram tub in three weeks, using one to two servings per day.

So far I’ve not plateaued, even on the hard-to-improve shoulder press.

Recovery was also particularly good.

I felt fresh for all workouts, which really kept me motivated to carry on training.

Value for money

A one kilogram serving will cost you £34.99, including delivery, so this is certainly one for the more serious or affluent bodybuilder.

However, as with all MaxiNutrition products, the results speak for themselves.


MaxiNutrition All In One is a pretty cool product – ideal for beginners – which offers great convenience and definitely aids strength development.

Aside from being a bit on the expensive side, my only criticism is that MaxiNutrition still send it in a tub.

I’m not bothered about recycling (as a heterosexual male) but it’s more the fact you risk spilling the powder everywhere when making a serving.

For one I don’t want to lose any and also I fear the cat will eat it.

But then again, this could be a quick and effective way to finally end her turf war with Spot and Gunter, which is interesting…

NB: do not waste this product on household pets, she doesn’t drink enough to really benefit from MaxiNutrition All In One’s creatine injection.

Overall, this is a cracking new product from a constantly influential supplemental powerhouse.

Order MaxiNutrition All In One

You can pick this product up from the MaxiNutrition shop.

Don’t forget to use a MaxiNutrition discount code to save some money on your order.

Alternatively, you can sometimes snare a bargain by shopping here at

If you’ve tried this product and have an opinion on it, I’d love to hear from you, so make some noise in the comments section below!

Until next time, lift smart and lift strong.

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