Maximuscle Promax Protein Review

Maximuscle Promax Review

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On 2014-06-23
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A high-quality, great tasting protein supplement with excellent ingredients. However it's bloody expensive, so if you're on a budget look elsewhere.

Maximuscle have recently rebranded themselves as MaxiNutrition, in what I can see as an attempt at making their products more appealing to a wider audience.

This is something which a lot of nutrition companies are doing at the moment.

And, in this case, it kind of works.

The rebranded supplements certainly look less masculine, so they’ve done a pretty good job.

Anyway, they sent Gymtalk some of these rebadged products to review – the Promax Protein and Promax Bars – and I had the pleasure of trying them out.

Product overview

The products are pretty much the same as they have always been, just in a new package.

And it must be said that the branding is really decent.

I especially like the ‘How to use Promax’ part.

This also gives you an idea of who these products are aimed at: people going to the gym who don’t necessarily know what they are doing or know much about nutrition.

Noobs essentially, which is fine.

It’s a huge market.

The protein comes in a 907g tub with 32 servings and the bars come in a 12 box, each bar containing 21 grams of protein.

The tub sets you back £39.99 and bars are £25.99.

MaxiNutrition Promax Review


The ingredients in both products are excellent, particularly the Promax protein, which is made up of whey protein isolates and hydrolysates – both very high quality proteins.

MaxiNutrition pride themselves on having approved ingredients with no controversial substances, and the products really do reflect this.

The bars are made up of mostly whey concentrates and milk protein, which is understandable for a bar of this texture.

There are a couple of E numbers in the ingredients, but that’s just nitpicking.

Overall the ingredients are pretty great.

Taste and texture

The Promax protein shake is really delicious and mixes extremely well, but you’d expect that for a product of this calibre and price.

It’s also delicious, but nothing spectacular compared to some of the cheaper brands I use (strawberry flavour).

The Promax bars are really damn nice.

The dark chocolate flavour is a proper treat – when you’re craving something sweet, they hit the spot.

The texture is bang on too- soft and chewy like something out of a goddamn Quality Street tin.

I did get sick of the taste at one point, but that was only because I had three in one day.


I’d say with these ingredients, particularly the fast acting proteins in the Promax shake, both products are going to be very effective for building muscle and adding to your daily protein intake.

The shake is great for immediately after a workout as it doesn’t fill you up, and the bars stop cravings and provide you with something with protein in at the same time.

Value for money

This is probably the most important point of the review.

Both products are very expensive, especially the Promax protein.

If you buy from MaxiNutrition themselves, you’re looking to pay £39.99 for a 906g tub which provides you with a measly 32 servings.

Even if you managed to get it from a cheaper retailer, you’ll still end up paying around £29.

This makes each serving at nearly a quid.

To put that in perspective, the protein I regularly get works out at around 30p a serving.

So the value for money of Promax is pretty bad really.

I suppose you pay for what you get – the quality is very high and it is all ‘approved’ ingredients – but it’s a very high price.


Maximuscle have done a good job of rebranding to MaxiNutrition and the quality of the products are excellent.

But you pay for what you get and they are bloody expensive.

If you can afford it these products taste awesome, but for those on a budget, look elsewhere.

Order Promax

You can usually get the best price on Promax protein powder and Promax bars by shopping at

Over to you

Have you tried Promax before?

What do you think of the rebranding?

Found somewhere where you can get a great deal on these supplements?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. Great article! You’ve really got a whey with words.

    1. Thanks Susan, you’re whey too kind.

      (Couldn’t think of any other protein puns!)

  2. Hi Will, really like the review – these bars remind me of a chocolate version of a milky bar!

    I was wondering however, you mention in the review that your usual supplement is around 30p per serving – what do you use?

    And is it of similar quality to this?

  3. I recently bought 2 tubs of cyclone in a buy one get one free deal from Maxinutrition direct for the bargain price of £33.

    Now after using it for 4 weeks concentrating on my arms I can see definite and noticeable growth in muscle mass.

    A top product and highly recommended.