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Go Nutrition Muscle Bar Review

Review of: Muscle Bar

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On 2014-08-19
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In my view this is a game changing protein bar. It's better tasting, better nutritionally, and better value than pretty much anything out there. Can't recommend this enough!

Ahhhhh, the protein bar.

Surely God himself would’ve been in charge of this fine creation.

If not him then maybe one of his high-level elves that oversaw the human eye, dinosaurs, or Kelly Brook’s rump.

Or, if you’re not into such things, in this case it’s some mad scientists in a lab in the environs of Manchester who have given us the Muscle Bar, Go Nutrition’s brand new high protein bar aimed at supporting muscle gains.

Delicious chocolately gains.

Nutritional breakdown

Per 80g bar your key macros look like this:

Calories 320kcal
Protein 30g
Carbs (of which sugar) 32.6g (7.6g)
Fat (of which saturates) 7.4g (4.7g)

For me, this isn’t really the complex of a protein bar aimed at lean growth, while the fat and sugar figures are quite low for a protein bar, the calories are around 100 more than your standard bar.

So unless you’re looking to use these as a meal replacement (probably not wise) then it’s probably too calorific as a lean snack – unless you’re Brandon Lilly

That said, the nutritional profile of the Muscle Bar is frankly fantastic, so little sugar as mentioned.


Go Nutrition Muscle Bar ReviewIn order to hit these great numbers, Go Nutrition have called upon everyone’s new favourite complex carbohydrate: maltodextrin

Equally, you can practically count the ingredients on two hands (particularly if you’re from Norfolk), which is always a welcome site when shoveling protein bars down your gullet.

The protein complex is made up of milk protein, whey protein, glutamine peptides and soy protein isolate.

Particularly with the glutamine and maltodextrin, these bars will release their energy more slowly.

Taste and texture

Brilliant, just brilliant.

Most protein bars are too sweet and/or textually similar to a dog turd (just guessing)

Go Nutrition’s Muscle Bars are moist, smooth and delicious.

Currently available in ‘Chocolate Mint’ flavour, I didn’t feel like I was far off from eating a Mint Whispa (in my opinion this is the bar that bored/angry students should campaign to bring back – it’s better than caramel).

Value for money

12 Muscle Bars will cost you £17.99 which works out around £1.50 per bar.

I always think the overall figure seems a bit high, but when you look at the average cost per bar in a supermarket or pharmacy you’ll struggle to find anything that price which isn’t just sugar and sawdust.

So all things considered this is a really, really good price.


Go Nutrition Muscle Bar ReviewGo Nutrition’s Muscle Bar is a game changer in my view.

It’s better tasting, better nutritionally, and better value than pretty much anything out there.

Personally I’d like to see some creatine in there too but in fairness that would definitely affect the smooth texture.

But until such time, Go Nutrition’s Muscle Bar is definitely one to snap up.

Can’t recommend them enough!

Buy Go Nutrition’s Muscle Bar

You can order the Muscle Bar by shopping here at the Go Nutrition website.

Don’t forget to use a Go Nutrition discount code to save yourself some cash when ordering.

Tried the Muscle Bar or any other good protein bars?

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