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Fitness Gurus You Should Be Following On Twitter

Let’s face it, most fitness pros on Twitter are absolutely useless.

Their posts consist of telling you which workout they did today, a retweet of someone stroking their ego, and some shitty Ghandi quote.

So I’ve come up with a short list of bodybuilding personalities who will help you get the most information from 140 characters or less.

More often than not it’s information you can implement in your own gym routines or your diet right after you’ve read their posts.

Hopefully this will make time spent scrolling through your Twitter feed while sitting on the throne a bit more productive.


Nick Mitchell

Profile: @UPFitness

Nick Mitchell

Mitchell writes for a few men’s magazines, is a respected author, and owns a gym in Mayfair (recently frequented by Ben Pakulski himself).

However, despite this impressive pedigree, he’s probably a name in the fitness industry that doesn’t get enough of a mention.

Nick Mitchell appears to be a big believer in current research and not buying into any fitness ‘trends’ which earns my respect instantly.

He writes about both diet and training in a no-nonsense way – just search the hashtag #BeatTheBS on Twitter.

Mitchell also frequently answers questions that people may have, which he answers honestly, and his knowledge goes from muscle building all the way to diet and conditioning.

Well worth a follow.

James Conci-Mitchell

Profile: @JCMFitness

James Conci-Mitchell

After 7 years with the British Army, James Conci-Mitchell opened his own gym/PT studio which got a lot of publicity in many of the fitness industry publications.

Just check out their web page – the place looks awesome!

Conci-Mitchell is also another guy who doesn’t clog up your feed with ridiculous bro-science.

He regularly links to his Facebook page where he often provides quality information in great detail.

Yoni Freedhoff M.D

Profile: @YoniFreedhoff

Yoni Freedhoff M.D

Yoni Freedhoff is not a fitness guy by any means, but he is an obesity doctor who knows a lot about what it takes to get a healthy diet going.

He tweets the latest food research, articles about current diet trends, and has really interesting blog posts about the food industry and what can be done about the obesity crisis.

A good read if nothing else!

Layne Norton

Profile: @BioLayne

Layne Norton

Layne Norton is another chap with a doctorate – but this man is serious.

Norton, who is also an acomplished powerlifter, specialisies in getting people into competition shape using recent scientific data as his guide.

Although sometimes controversial, he’s always got hard facts to back up his arguments.

You might also see him over at, where he often contributes.

Steve Cook

Profile: @stevecook_32

Steve Cook

Cook, an all round nice guy, is a pro physique athlete who has plenty to say about training and eating right.

The reason you might recognise his face is because he is sponsored by Optimum Nutrition and can be seen as the face of their adverts in most of the fitness magazines.

Most recently, he was on the cover of Muscle & Fitness showcasing his incredible shape.

Admirable guy and also worth a follow.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Profile: @TheRock

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Again, strictly speaking The Rock is not a fitness guy, but who wouldn’t want to be in his shape at his age?

Or any age for that matter?

Johnson often tweets pictures of himself schmoozing with the stars, as well as some snaps of his colossal meals, and is fond of the odd inspirational quote or two as well.

Still a hero after all this time.

And he’s The Rock, need I say more?

Personal plug

If you’re really running out of ideas, you can follow me, Charlie Barclay, @CDBFitness.

I try and post at least mildly helpful stuff and I will always try and answer any questions about training and nutrition.

Signing off

So, there we have it, say hello to your new, more helpful Twitter feed, which will no longer be saturated with girls taking pictures of their new fingernails.

Have I left anyone off this list?

If you know of any other fitness gurus on Twitter who are worth a follow, let me know in the comments below!

Also, be sure to check out our post on fitness gurus you should (or shouldn’t) be following on YouTube.

And, on another related note, the six most common fitness personalities on Instagram.

Until then: dream big, lift bigger!

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  1. Very interesting article.

    Do you think in this digital age it will become possible to conduct personal training sessions without being in the same place as the client?

    1. Maybe not the sessions but online coaching is becoming pretty big business already, providing diet and nutrition plans and training splits.

      Most trainers throw in an hour skype session or something as well.

      How they really track training intensity is another matter I suppose.

      Also budget gyms like ‘Tru Gym’ and ‘The Gym’ now do ‘virtual classes’ to save money on an instructor.

      Basically a group home DVD session.

  2. Charlie, in your professional capacity, have you ever offered personal training sessions via Skype?

    And, if so, aren’t you worried it my turn into a sordid sex festival (depending on the client)?

    1. I haven’t offered it yet.

      I am looking into doing, I suppose you’d call them, seminars over it on nutrition and programming.

      Something that is easier to talk about without being in a gym.

      I’d be really disappointed if they didn’t turn into a sex fest.

      Isn’t that what the creators of Skype made it for?