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Are You Inspired?

“If you keep your foot on the accelerator, then chances are that you’re going to run out of petrol pretty fast.”

The problem with all these ‘sayings’ and ‘quotes’ is that they’re a harsh reminder wrapped up in cuddly blanket of inspiration.

Everyday I am confronted with ‘images’ of headless, greased up and ripped bodies, asking ME what I did today.

don't complain about being fat if you're not going to do anything about it

Yes guys, the lifestyle Stasi are now using the medium of fitness to remind us of our inactivity and weak mindsets.

Men, who have spent a day in the gym, salivating over their own physiques, are now taking to Youtube and Instagram to remind us of their physical endeavours.

Women, who have finally realised that resistance training doesn’t turn you into Hulk Hogan, are now asking us if we ‘train hard’.

This isn’t to inspire others however.

Its aim is to shame us and to remind us that they train harder, therefore are superior.


Inspiration usually manifests itself in the form of overcoming physical and mental adversity.

Man rising to the challenge, overcoming it, then telling us HOW he did it.

That idea seems to have been lost on some.

Now we’re subjected to ‘dick measuring’.

People fighting over each other to ‘share’ their workouts and their ‘progress’ hoping to ‘inspire’.

I’ve even been swept up in this whirlwind of cringe, posting videos of a workout, failing to consider the notion that people don’t give a shit about what you’re doing.

They only care about what it can do for them!

One technique that seems to be popular is telling all your friends that you intend to complete some form of challenge.

Losing weight or doing a ‘cleanse’.

Usually accompanied with a deadline.

All your buddies will be cheering you from the sidelines, inspired by your steely eyed determination and laser focus.

Pushing you on to finally power through that finishing line.

You then reward them with a selfie.

Standing there, scowling, as you reveal that hard, chiseled body.


Here’s the reality.

Your friends are fucking bored of your self-obsessed ramblings.

That photo of chicken, asparagus and broccoli you posted to Facebook?

It is viewed with the same dread as walking into your house and finding your wife making a bukkake gangbang porno.

Is this inspiring?


If you want to inspire then get the job done, on the downlow preferably.

Record your results and log your workouts.

Then show us eager beavers how you got there in the end.

You never know, someone might be inspired to follow the exact same system that worked for you and achieve a similar result.

Maybe a little less ‘she squats bro’ and more ‘here’s how to squat bro’.

Over to you

What do you think about the profusion of motivational material online?

Is it inspirational?

Or just a big online dick measuring contest?

Join in the debate in the comments section below!

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  1. Hi Lee, I’ve enjoyed your musings and am in total agreement, most female “motivation” videos only inspire me to rub one out.

  2. Great stuff.

    I also tire of the constant selfies throughout Twitter and Facebook.

    Most of these so-called motivational people are not doing it for anyone but themselves.

    This is, of course, not meant to be a blanket statement.

    I believe in helping people where possible, but keeping my workouts to myself.

    I log my numbers, but never feel the need to share them.

    People who know me know what I do.

    I do love posting a good tutorial though because the majority of people I see use horrible form.

  3. I agree.

    People seem to be more interested in getting sweaty so they can selfie and get social media fawning over them.

    We get it, you train.

    Get your validation elsewhere.