The Secret To Fitness

The Secret To Fitness

We’re going to cover very briefly here the simple rule that defines those who make progress with their physique and those who don’t.

This is the secret to getting ripped.

This is the secret to losing weight.

This is the real secret behind all those banner ads you see of people’s transformations online.

And we’ll start with a word I hear a lot:


douchebag gif

I’ve been called a douche many times, and I’m sure you’ve probably called people a douche, even for a joke.

It’s a common phrase, and a phrase that’s definitely associated with “buff” gym-goers a lot more than others.

See ‘How sad young douchebags took over modern Britain’.

For the most part it’s a simple way of summarising how you get treated differently if you work out.

I used to use it myself when I was a skinny bastard – I certainly made fun of those who trained and looked muscular, mainly because I didn’t understand it.

Now I’m not saying being called a douche is offensive, of course it isn’t.

But the funny thing is, when you train the majority of people look down on you.

You spend time learning how to sculpt your body into something that’s strong and aesthetic, and rather than praise, 90% of the time people just throw jabs at you.

Again, I used to do it myself.

I’d mock those with a great physique and put them down in any way possible, and it’s obvious now that my mocking was a projection of my inner insecurities.

And I’d bet 99% of people, including myself at the time, deep down, are just too damn dishonest with themselves to say “that’s how I want to look” and fucking do something about it.

golden era bodybuilding

What is the secret to fitness?

Well it’s not really a secret.

At the end of the day, there really is one single, simple thing that sets apart those who stay in shape, and those who don’t:

The decision to do so.

It applies to making any changes in your life – getting in shape or otherwise.

Just make the decision to do it, stick to it, and fucking do it.

There has not been one single instance I’ve ever encountered where this isn’t true.

And the worst thing you can do to yourself is make excuses.

good things come to those who earn it

It’s magical how as soon as you start getting in shape, your friends notice, and suddenly you have an extra hour added to each day.

They have 24 but you have 25 so you can train!

Well, at least that’s how it feels.

Because you worked hard to learn as much as you can about nutrition, take it seriously and make training a vital part of your lifestyle alongside many other commitments, you are frowned upon by others.

Because they simply must be busier than you.

This goes hand in hand with a phrase I’ve heard so many times:

“You’re so lucky to be in shape!”

I guess I must be lucky to spend hours a week preparing meals.

I guess I must be lucky to carry supplements with me wherever I go.

And of course, luck is almost always involved in the evening, fucking tired as shit after work, when I drag my ass to the gym instead of watching TV.

There is no secret pill, no secret diet, no ‘right time’ to do it – you just have to get the fuck on with it.

For most people, their life will be full of excuses, and they simply will never improve their fitness or nutrition.

They are happy with the way they look and comfortable in their body.

If you’re truly one of those people, fine, I applaud you.

But the truth is that 99% of the people who say they are comfortable with their body, deep down, just really aren’t.

But are they going to get up off their ass and train?

Absolutely not.

But that’s another article entirely.

This is for those who have made the decision but are afraid of ridicule.

The ‘douche stigma’

There’s certainly a stigma associated with going to the gym, especially where weightlifting is concerned, and this is a massive barrier for some who are on the verge of making the decision.

gym douchebag

You don’t want to be seen as one of those gym douchebags.

Perhaps in the past you’ve made fun of that lifestyle and feel like you’d be mocked for suddenly changing your views.

This is exactly the situation I’ve been in.

Well, you know what, quit being a little bitch about it.

Weight training changes your life.

It improves your mood, you become stronger, more confident, your brain works better, your body works better, you look better and are healthier.

With physical strength comes the strength to stand out, to stick to what you believe, and to not give a fuck about what people say about you.

You’ll have to get up at 5am.

You’ll have to think about everything you eat.

You’ll have to drive yourself to be better, to learn, and to never settle.

Be a gym douche and be proud of yourself for it.

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  1. This is so true.

    It’s only sad that the majority of non-lifters are trying to insult us lifters, only because they feel insecure about themselves.

    Great article!

  2. Absolutely, I agree with you.

    I have been training for years and am considered a veteran at my local gym.

    Guys saunter in, do a little training, and disappear for weeks.

    They come back a few weeks later and remark on my looks and say I am their inspiration or some such s#$%, ask for advice and make promises of coming every day and again disappear.

    I have wasted countless hours counseling and offering advice on how to train and get the muscles.

    Of the hundreds who walk in a maximum of 3-4 stick on for a few months.

    Only one has continued as long as me.

    My conclusion:

    They want it without working for it or they just don’t want it as badly as some of us do.

  3. So true.

    And I love your quote – “If you want it work for it. It’s that simple”.

    Yet folks want magical results…

  4. I really loved this article, you told it as it is.

    Whether it is bodybuilding or losing weight or achieving a goal, unless you are willing to bust your guts you will not get it.

    Thanks for reminding us.

  5. “Just fucking do it” – gotta love that advice!

    People just have too many damn excuses.

  6. I get so many sly comments about my physique it’s crazy.

    It was a little annoying in the beginning, but now I just take it as a compliment.

  7. Great read!

    The best way to accomplish something is to simply DO IT!

    But nowadays people don’t want to put that work in and think there is some other magical way.

    Thanks for the read!