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Protein Dynamix DynaBar Review

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On 2016-03-10
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The Dynabar is a no-go for those dieting, but if you’re looking for a protein bar that’s a genuine treat at incredible value, then look no further.

Oh protein bars, how I’ve come to depend on you.

You’re always there when I need you, stopping me from eating inferior sugar-filled bullshit from the nearest corner shop.

But the protein bar market has become massively saturated in the past couple of years, presenting us with a lot of brands claiming they have created the best protein bar ever.

Enter Protein Dynamix and their offering, the Dynabar, which they claim was “Officially Voted The Best Tasting Protein Bar On The Market!” – a bold statement.

Eddie Hall, the biggest bastard in the UK, is sponsored by them, so I expected to see a pretty high quality product.

Let’s see if it lives up to the hype…

Product overview

The Dynabar is a big ass protein bar at 64 grams, not just in weight but in sheer size.

As you’ll see in the ingredients section, this gives it plenty of room to fit macros in.

The bar itself looks a lot like a Lion bar, which is quite frankly awesome and a welcome change from most protein bars that look like square spaceman food.

You can grab the bars for the best price of £29.99 for 24 at the Protein Dynamix website.

Protein Dynamix DynaBar


It’s immediately clear when looking at the ingredients of the Dynabar that it’s not for those who are dieting.

Macros, per bar, are as follows:

Calories 268kcal
Protein 20g
Carbs (of which sugar) 25g (15g)
Fat (of which saturates) 10g (5.9g)

As you can see Protein Dynamix didn’t make any effort to cut down on the carbs and sugar in the Dynabar.

So yeah, if you’re dieting, give this one a miss.

But if you’re not in total pussy mode however, and like us at GymTalk you fucking love sugar, then gorge away.

It’s also become a trend for brands to use a bunch of E-numbers and a ton of sugar alcohols (which have no ‘net’ impact on carbs) which the Dynabar does not do.

I’m still undecided on the effect sugar alcohols may have on the body, so it’s good to see some high quality ingredients.

Protein content is also high, derived mostly from milk and soy.

Yeah I said soy, but don’t freak out over the broscience, as soy has literally never been proven to increase oestrogen and in my opinion is a high quality protein.

There’s only one exception to good ingredients here and that’s the invert sugar syrup, which is something renowned for being pretty shitty for the body, although likely tastes incredible.

Perhaps Protein Dynamix can work on removing this ingredient in the future.

Taste and texture

So I mentioned how the Dynabar looks like a Lion bar, and I have to say it tastes nearly as good, while the texture is epic and very satisfying.

amazing gif

Focusing on taste here, just as Protein Dynamix do with their marketing of the product, the Dynabar is a real winner.

It really does taste amazing, and the first time I got hold of some I ended up smashing a whole box quicker than you can say “soy gives you bitch-tits”.

But like I mentioned before, the Dynabar has a lot of sugar in it, which explains the amazing taste.

A tradeoff for those who aren’t so strict with carbs.


Due to high sugar content, if you’re on a quest to be the most ripped dude out there, I’d give these bars a miss.

If however you are bulking, or perhaps a powerlifter or crossfitter more focused on strength, then these are absolutely the perfect treat.

One thing I found most effective about them was that they really stop cravings and genuinely fill you up.

This is due to their size but also the fact that they aren’t super dense like a lot of protein bars, meaning you’ll wharf it down but feel satisfied and actually enjoy it.

Value for money

At just over £1.24 per bar (if buying 24 bars at a time) these Dynabars are really excellent value, and this is what makes them so great.

Protein Dynamix DynaBar

There’s not much else to be said here really – the bars are big, satisfying and full of protein (that’s what she said) and they’ll cost you little over the price of two gains-wrecking Mars bars.

Contrary to what Protein Dynamix claim, this isn’t the best protein bar out there, but at this price it’s almost certainly one of the best bars to part your hard earned money over.


For those dieting these bars are a no-go, but if you’re looking for a protein bar that’s a genuine treat at incredible value, look no further than the Dynabar.

Buy Dynabars

You can order a pack of Dynabars by shopping here at the Protein Dynamix website.

Don’t forget to use a Protein Dynamix discount code when checking out to save yourself some extra cash.

Over to you

Have you tried Protein Dynabars?

Thinking of putting in an order?

Got any other protein bar recommendations?

Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi Will,

    First of all awesome bio.

    Secondly I have used many protein bars but not this one though.

    Don’t know how I missed it.

    Well, will surely give it a try in a few days.



    1. Make sure you keep them for treats only mate, they get pretty addictive!

  2. Thanks for the review just ordered some to give them a go!

    1. Now that I have tired these I am a massive fan, they taste great cross between a toffee crisp and a milkyway.

      They are not the best macros as mentioned but def do the job of a quick protein/carb hit

  3. Thanks for the awesome review Will!

    Much appreciated, glad you liked the UK’s best tasting protein bar 😀

  4. I’m excited to try the Dynabar.

    I’ve been looking for something on par with this.

    Great article.

  5. Easily the best protein bar I’ve had in a long while.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. One of the best bars I’ve tasted and doesn’t cost the earth.

    They’re a decent size so pretty filling.

    Thanks for this in-depth review Will.