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Expires on: 12/31/2019
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How to use a Protein Dynamix discount code

Seen a code that you would like to use?

Don’t worry, applying your discount and saving money is a piece of cake!

Simply find the promo offer which takes your fancy and then click “Reveal Coupon”.

This will reveal the discount code you need while opening up the corresponding offer page of the Protein Dynamix website.

Then simply proceed to checkout on the Protein Dynamix website and when you see the “Voucher Code” box (see below screenshot) just copy and paste the relevant code from the coupon on this page.

Protein Dynamix Discount Code Vouchers

Then click on “Apply Coupon” and you should see some green text appear saying “Coupon code was applied” (see below screenshot).

Protein Dynamix Discount Code Vouchers

And voila, your discount is now active!

Help! My Protein Dynamix discount code isn’t working!

If you find that your voucher code isn’t working as desired (as per the below screenshot), don’t worry, there may be a few things you can do.

Protein Dynamix Discount Code Vouchers

Firstly check, and then double-check, the terms and conditions of the offer, which should be given on the coupon.

Oftentimes a code won’t be working because of the following:

If you have checked for all these issues and you are still getting the annoying “Coupon code is not valid” message of doom, feel free to get in touch with us via email or social media (e generally respond fastest on Twitter), and we’ll jump straight on it and get it sorted for you ASAP.

GymTalk and Protein  Dynamix

We work exclusively alongside Protein Dynamix to provide these fantastic discount codes and special deals.

Often we will manage to negotiate a truly massive discount, exclusive to GymTalk readers, which you will not find anywhere else on the web.

So make sure you keep coming back and checking this page to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

More about Protein Dynamix

Protein Dynamix is a UK-based sports supplement and nutrition brand who have quickly risen to become one of the market leaders in this very competitive sector.

Protein Dynamix Discount Code Vouchers

Their commitment to producing world-class products has laid the foundation for their rise to prominence, exemplified best by their market-leading Protein Dynabar (reviewed here on this blog), which has one several awards and been voted the best tasting protein bar available anywhere (it is indeed truly divine!).

They certainly embody their #BeTheBest hashtag!

Other popular product lines include their flagship Whey Protein Concentrate, Dynapro Anytime (which contains more protein than any other blend in the UK market), and DYNAMO, an enormously popular pre-workout supplement.

Aside from the sheer quality of their products, another aspect of Protein Dynamix which sets them apart from their competitors is their commitment to providing unmatched value-for-money, as their Whey Protein Concentrate supplement, for example, is currently Europe’s best value protein.

Protein Dynamix currently sponsor a number of fitness models and world-class athletes, including Eddie “The Beast” Hall, the UK’s strongest man and the only person ever to deadlift 500kg!

The Protein Dynamix Loyalty Scheme

If you’re browsing this page, then the chances are that you absolutely love a bargain (don’t we all!).

Well you’re in luck, because, aside from using our exclusive promo codes, then are more opportunities to save money at the Protein Dynamix by jumping on board their popular Loyalty Scheme, also known as “PD Loyalty Points”.

And like the superb Protein Dynamix product lines, this loyalty scheme is also a market leader, as in addition to giving you loyalty points for buying Protein Dynamix products, the scheme also rewards you for talking about the brand on social media, reviewing products on YouTube or various fitness forums, and referring friends and family.

Once you start earning points, you can then cash them in for money off your next Protein Dynamix order!

For every £1 you spend at Protein Dynamix, you get 1p (that’s 1 point) off your next order.

So if you spend £100, you’ll get £1 off your next shop.

In addition, referrals count for 1000 points, and reviews and video reviews count for 100 and 500 loyalty points respectively.

Connect with Protein Dynamix

For more information about Protein Dynamix – and for all the latest news and updates – follow their social media profiles:






Alternatively you can create an account on their website to join their mailing list and keep abreast of all things Protein Dynamix!