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Primal Power Review

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An excellent product to simultaneously keep you anabolic and give you a ton of energy at maximum convenience, but don’t expect it to replace your everyday whey shake

Primal and paleolithic dieting and training is all the rage nowadays.

Popularised mostly by American Crossfit nutters, their diets aim to get your body into a more ‘ketogenic’ state.

That is, using fat for energy by eating more fats and less carbs as well as including plenty of proteins in daily food.

Primal Power is a protein powder supplement from Love Life Supplements which aims to fill the gap with supplementation in this area.

Let’s see how it fares…

Product overview

Primal Power is essentially a high-fat whey protein shake aimed at those who are on a Paleo/Caveman diet.

It can also be beneficial for those on low carb diets looking to increase their energy.

Primal Power is primarily a blend of whey protein concentrate and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), and is quite unique to the sport supplements market.

I certainly had some different results with it compared to a regular whey protein shake, as you’ll find out.


Each serving of Primal Power gives you 20g of protein in the form of whey concentrate, 6.6g of carbs, and a whopping 10g of fats in the form of MCTs and flax seeds.

Love Life Supplements have also added in digestive enzymes to help you get the fats digested properly – something I’ve definitely had bad experiences with in the past.

Taste and texture

primal power protein powderThe texture of Primal Power is incredible – more smooth than Don Draper down a water slide covered in butter.

It’s literally like drinking a Frijj milkshake, but without the thoughts of blatant impending diabetes.

It mixes surprisingly well – I didn’t expect it to with the added fats etc but it seemed to mix very quickly with no lumps at all.

It also tastes amazing too, chocolaty but not too rich for a morning shake.

So top marks all round for taste and texture.


As I mentioned before, there are added digestive enzymes in this product to help you utilise the fats properly.

When I’ve had MCTs in the past they gave me an upset stomach – I’d pretty much feel sick right after taking them.

This is because most of the time your body needs time to adjust to this amount of fat being consumed at once.

This doesn’t seem to be a problem at all with Primal Power, and I was extremely happy with the way it digests.

Here’s the thing with this protein: it gives you a load of energy.


I just feel awesome after taking this, like I’ve consumed an energy drink but without the horrible crash associated with sugar, or the buzzing high from caffeine.

That’ll be the MCTs.

This makes Primal Power awesome as a pre-workout shake, about 45 minutes before you train.

I also used it first thing in the morning a few times and before long meetings at work to help me concentrate.

It really does fill you up quite a bit too, and having a serving in my bag ready to go just gave me reassurance that if I haven’t got enough time to eat a full meal, this can energise me a lot more and keep me anabolic in the meantime.

This is a great thing, but it does single this product out as something that can’t replace your regular protein shake.

I definitely couldn’t drink Primal Power more than a couple of times a day as it’s quite heavy on the stomach, and I didn’t feel comfortable having it post-workout.

What I did instead was keep using my whey isolate, and use the Primal Power as a small meal replacement when I needed to concentrate.

Value for money

This is the one area that I think lets the product down just slightly.

At £29.99 for around 18 servings, Primal Power is quite expensive compared to some other whey protein shakes.

But you can’t really compare Primal Protein to, say, a more regular supplement like Gold Standard Whey, because it’s in a world of it’s own – a healthy fat-fuelled world.

The quality is great, and MCTs and other healthy fats of this high standard are known to be very expensive, so I guess you pay for what you get.


Primal Power is an excellent product to simultaneously keep you anabolic and give you a ton of energy at maximum convenience, but don’t expect it to replace your everyday whey shake.

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