LLS Primal Beef Jerky Review

LLS Primal Beef Jerky Review

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On 2015-12-17
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A convenient way to carry around real protein that also doubles up as a way to exert your manliness in public. Quite simply one of the best beef jerky products available in the UK and the chilli flavour is ridiculous.

Beef jerky is without doubt the manliest of snacks available to humans on planet Earth.

It bloody stinks, yet tastes amazing, and it’s pure fucking beef which you can carry in your pocket.

What’s not to like?

It’s often hard, however, to get a decent jerky that has the perfect balance of taste, texture and generally good ingredients.

Can Primal Beef Jerky from Love Life Supplements provide this?

Product overview

Primal Beef aims to be the beef jerky of choice for, well, anyone looking for a high quality dose of protein on the go without any added shite.

Where it differentiates itself is by using only 100% British beef from grass fed cows, making sure even the beef itself is the most beneficial for your body and mind.

You can pick up the jerky from their website at £10.95 for three 35g bags or £12.95 for three 50g bags.

There’s also an option to subscribe if you’re a proper jerky addict.


Love Life use 220g of beef for every 100g of jerky.

This means that per 35 gram serving there’s over 21 grams of protein and an excellent 0.5 grams of carbs and 1.5 grams of fat.

LLS Primal Beef JerkyNot bad for something you can fit in your pocket.

Other than that there’s really not much else in terms of ingredients except for some preservatives and some spices for the flavoured kind.

This means it’s suitable for all you paleo/primal nutters out there.

Compare this to supermarket jerky where you’re getting a tonne of added sugar and other crap, and Primal Beef stacks up pretty well.

Taste and texture

There are currently three flavours available: Original, Chilli and Peri Peri.

To me, the original flavour tastes like dog food, although any friends that have tried it seem to love it, so it’s probably just my personal preference.

The chilli and peri peri flavours are pretty damn awesome, and I found it hard not to want a few packs a day.

Seriously, the chilli flavour is addictive.

You’d think they have added MSG or perhaps some crack-cocaine in there, but nope, it’s just awesome spices.

The texture is really tough, but in a good way in that it almost makes you feel like you’re eating a real meal rather than a snack.

While we’re on the subject of health, fitness and wellbeing, I must say it really is the perfect complement to a pint of ale.

Value for money

LLS Primal Beef JerkyThis might be my only gripe with Primal Beef Jerky, as it can be quite expensive.

For the small bags, three for just over a tenner is quite pricey when compared to, say, protein bars, but we come back to something that I seem to be talking a lot about at Gymtalk lately: quality.

Simply, if you want the best protein snack available to you (and, more importantly, your body) then go with Primal Beef and fork out the money.

After all, unlike a bar, this isn’t processed and is real food available in convenient form.


Quite simply, Primal Beef Jerky is one of the best jerky products available in the UK, and the chilli flavour is ridiculous.

A convenient way to carry around real protein that also doubles up as a way to exert your manliness in public.

Buy Primal Beef Jerky

You can order Primal Beef Jerky by shopping here at the Love Life Supplements website.

Alternatively, you can sometimes find it a bit cheaper here at Amazon.co.uk.

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