A Guide To Protein Snacking: Gains On The Move

Gains On The Move: A Guide To Protein Snacking

We’ve all been there.

You say you’ll see some friends for the day, agree to meet up in town, and end up having a drink in a Pret, Starbucks or any other one of those bullshit coffee places that normal people love.

You’re surrounded by bread, cakes, pasta, and plenty of vegan options – this shit is your worst nightmare.

How can you possibly stay anabolic while attempting to look normal?

he missed his 30 minute anabolic window step brothers

They then want to go back to someone’s flat to watch a movie for the evening.

It’s sure to be a hummus and popcorn fuelled catabolic romp – so what the hell can you eat?

What are the best snacking options to ensure your gains stay right where you want them?

Let’s take a look.

1) Nuts

Let’s start with the obvious – nuts.

Cashews, almonds, walnuts and even peanuts are all a great source of minerals, protein and, most importantly, testosterone boosting fats.

You can get nut mixes in almost any coffee shop or convenience store, so there’s no excuses when it comes to availability.

Yeah, nuts can be covered in salt, but as long as you’re not banging back an entire pack of KP Dry Roasted every day, you’ll be fine.

A few quid well spent.

2) Protein bars

Chances are if you’re on a high street, there’s probably a Holland & Barrett close by somewhere.

Nowadays even most Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s have a small range of protein bars.

If you plan ahead a bit, you can nip in and grab a couple of decent protein bars before you socialise.

Yeah, you’ll look like a douche getting them out in a coffee shop, or in general for that matter, but not as much of a douche as if you’d stank the place out with your cabbage fart smelling cold chicken breast and rice in tupperware.

3) Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt contains a surprisingly high amount of protein – about 17g for a small pot of Fage Greek yoghurt.

What’s more, you can get awesome flavours like honey or pomegranate, and it’s only usually just over a quid for a small pot.

I think there might be friendly bacteria probiotics or something like that in there too, but you can get more details on that by reading Women’s Health magazine.

4) Meat

When visiting a supermarket or convenience store, head straight to the meat section.

If the meat you see is sliced into a square shape, fuck that shit – it’s processed and you ain’t seeing gains from it.

See if you can grab some cooked chicken – preferably a whole chicken because you’re a fucking badass.

Rotisserie counters are your best friend here.

5) Ready-to-drink shakes

Like protein bars, RTD shakes are becoming available in a ton of supermarkets around the country.

I’ve seen Cyclone Milk in Tesco and Asda before, and other popular RTDs like Musclemilk keep popping up.

One thing you need to avoid is the ones with a ton of sugar.

Although some may seem like sports supplements, they are just full of shit.

I’m looking at you For Goodness Shakes.

As a last resort, you can guzzle down a pint of milk like some sort of barnyard animal.

Signing off

So, there we have it, five high protein snacks which you can unleash on the move to keep your gains ticking over nicely.

Remember to keep a selection around you at all times – stuffed into pockets, pants, socks, underneath your baseball cap, in strategic locations around your girlfriend’s apartment – and you’ll never need to resort to Pop Tarts, Billy Bear Ham and Dairy Lea Dunkers again.

Do you rely on any of these protein snacks?

Are there any other essential items which I’ve missed off the list?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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  1. Mattessons Fridge Raiders – 12g of questionable grade protein per bag