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GymBoss Interval Timer Review

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On 2014-04-09
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Setting itself apart from other stopwatches with its excellent build, design and vibrate function, this is a great little gym companion to make your workouts that little bit stricter.

I’ve seen the GymBoss Interval Timer knocking about a bit around the Internet – there’s quite a few of the ‘hashtag fitfam’ type of people using it – but I’ve never thought of it as being much more than a glorified stopwatch.

Surely I could just use my phone, right?

Let’s find out what all the fuss is about…

Product overview

The GymBoss is a little sports timer and can be used as a repeating interval timer, countdown timer, or stopwatch.

This means it can of course be used for many sports, but has most effect in interval training.

In this instance I have been using the timer to keep my rest breaks focused during weight training.

I’d call this a glorified stopwatch if it wasn’t for the awesome vibrating function, which is such a simple touch that makes this a really great addition to any workout routine.

The product seems to be quite popular in the US, but it’s available in the UK through Amazon for less than 20 quid.


Gym-BossI was really impressed with the quality of the product – it’s sturdy and small and has a nice feel to it.

The buttons are solid and big and click when pressed, and there’s a little clip on it which can be removed.

It just feels like a well built product, and it’s clearly thought out to be useful for people who train, with smooth edges that allow it to sit comfortably in your pocket for a long time.

The one thing that it’s slightly let down by is the confusing interface, which takes a bit of getting used to.

This may also be made worse because I am a man, and as a man I refuse to use instruction manuals, because I know best.

OK, so eventually I did read the instructions, and it’s not too hard, but some things like the setting of the vibrate/beep function is just not so obvious.

There’s also instructional videos on the GymBoss website and YouTube channel if you get totally stuck.


There are 2 interval timers which count down, and you can set the amount of rounds it will count, making it perfect for strict sets of interval training.

For a bodybuilder, however, this product pretty much has 1 main use, and that’s to time your rest breaks.

I’ve timed my rest breaks in the past and it’s been really beneficial, especially for fat loss, and the GymBoss interval timer really helps out with that because of 1 thing – the vibration function (that’s what she said?).

You can just set it to a single interval time, in my case 45 seconds, shove it in your pocket and forget about it.

Then every time you finish a set just click the button and wait for the vibration and get back to it.

Simple yet very effective.

And the fact that it can be hidden in your pocket keeps you from getting distracted, unlike having a timer on your phone.

Value for money

The timer is about £16 from Amazon, which isn’t bad at all, especially considering I’ve used it every time I’ve trained since I got it.

It’s really something that you just get used to using, and my training intensity has increased massively since timing rest breaks to the second.


I’ve never really been into having too many gym accessories, but the GymBoss interval timer is a really useful one.

It is well built and feels great to use.

Let down slightly by a confusing interface, but otherwise an awesome little product.

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