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‘Which Bodybuilder Am I?’ Quiz

Bit of a throwback to the 90s with this article.

This is probably the kind of thing you would’ve done to determine ‘Which Member of S Club 7 Am I?’

(Jo strangely enough – then again she was the most butch.)

So I’ve decided to make one based on bodybuilding.

All you do is work your way down the chart, choosing the options that’s most relevant to you/your goals, and then you find out which bodybuilding personality you are most similar to.

Be honest with yourself and enjoy!

Take the quiz

which bodybuilder am i quiz

Who are you?

So there we have it, please share who you are with us in the comments below – and whether you think this is a good match!

Until next time, lift smart and lift strong folks!

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  1. I got Kai Greene – bit worrying seeing as he f**ks fruit!

  2. Well I got Jo from S Club 7 again so something’s gone wrong.

    Do you think anyone will come out as Mariusz Pudzianowski?

  3. I got Mariusz. Wooooo!

    1. You can eat a wild boar in a day?! Respect

    2. Dan, have you just quantum stepped here from 1365?

  4. Ben Pakulski for me. That’s pretty accurate!

    Did you know he’s training in London at the moment?

    1. Pakulski is in London!?

      We need an interview!

      FYI – I got Branch Warren.

      I don’t like spreading one hour’s work over two just so I can talk bro science.

      Some people just come for the social!

      1. Henry, can you please find Ben Pakulski and get an interview today

        1. Yeah he is training in UP Fitness gym in Mayfair.

          Think Henry would stick out like a sore thumb in that kind of area…

          1. Henry, can you get a haircut, gain 20kg and earn £500k a year then get an interview?

  5. Think I’m somewhere between Branch Warren and Kai Greene, an interesting contrast.

  6. Hannibal video is something else…

  7. I guess I’m Ronnie Coleman, lol!