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SiS Whey Protein Review

Review of: SiS Whey Protein

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On 2015-06-09
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A specialist whey protein supplement for athletes which has been rigorously tested and refined. All in all, an excellent product let down only by a premium price tag.

Science in Sport (SiS) have been around for years, and my general perception of them has been a brand who lurk in the bargain buckets of your local supplement store, rearing their heads when the sell by dates are nearing.

But head on over to the Science in Sport website and you can clearly see they are a brand who know a lot about sport (d’uh, it’s in the name).

They stock a huge range of performance products and are used by a variety of athletes including (allegedly) some of the big names in British sport.

Science in Sport also produce what they say are some of the finest quality whey protein blends on the market – but can they live up to this claim?

Let’s take a closer look…

Product overview

sis whey protein reviewScience in Sport’s Whey Protein launched in January but they’ve been dabbling in sports nutrition since 1992 so they clearly know what they’re doing.

The thing that sets their protein apart from others is the fact that it’s triple tested for banned substances.

Yep, you heard that right, triple tested, like, three fucking times.

Hell, if you triple tested Coco Pops for banned substances I’m sure something would show up, so there’s absolutely no way you’re going to be done for anything in competition taking this.

It’s currently available in four flavours: Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla.


When it comes to ingredients lists, I like a simple one, and this protein is as basic and solid as it comes.

If I was going to get picky, I’d say the sweetener could be stevia instead.

The protein blend is concentrate and isolate, and is gluten and wheat free.

The nutritionals, per 30g serving, are as follows:

Calories 118kcal
Protein 23g
Carbs (of which sugar) 1.6g (0.9g)
Fat (of which saturates) 2.2g (1.3g)

Taste and texture

I tried the banana flavour of the Science in Sport Whey and it’s pretty damn delicious.

It also has a really ‘natural’ taste, something I don’t find very often with banana flavour protein products.

They usually taste like banana sweets, probably because of the over-use of sweeteners.

The texture of Sis Whey is a lot thicker than some protein blends.

Mixing with 300ml of water still provided a more milkshake like texture, which some folks may not like.


Per serving, you’re getting 23 grams of protein with barely any carbs or fats, so yeah, it’s a good source of protein.

Add it in between meals, after a training session or before bed and you can bet it’ll improve recovery times.

Value for money

The whey protein blend by Science in Sport is pretty much solid in every area except the price.

It is a little too expensive for my tastes at £55 for 2 kilograms.

But, again, this comes down to the age-old dilemma of quality and price: if you’re going to be competing in a tested sport then this blend is probably great for you and might be worth the extra cash.

But if you’re like me and will pretty much drink any old protein, even if it only has Russian on the back, then you’ll be able to get something much, much cheaper than this.

That being said, we often do have discount codes available for our latest reviewed products.


Science in Sport’s whey protein blend is a specialist supplement which has stood up to rigorous testing of banned substances, as well as being an all round solid product let down only by a premium price.

Buy Sis Whey Protein

You can order SiS Whey Protein by shopping here at the Science in Sport website.

Sometimes you can also find it cheaper here at

Over to you

Have you tried this supplement or any other Science in Sport products?

What’s the verdict?

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