Isopure Zero Carb Protein Shake Review From Natures Best

Nature’s Best Isopure (Zero Carb) Review

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On 2014-01-27
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A highly effective product to supplement ultra-lean muscle gains. Watching your carbs? Looking to trim down for beach season? Then this product is perfect!

Let’s be honest, whey protein is, for the most part, the same regardless of what your brand of choice slaps all over the label.

Hell, do you know what whey even is?

It’s what’s left over after milk has curdled and strained.

It’s the byproduct of cheese.

And yet some supplement companies want to make you pay through the nose for it.

But once in a while a product comes along that makes you realise that some companies really do work pharmaceutical-level wizardry to make boring old whey protein into a really useful and, frankly, brilliant product.

That is where Isopure Zero Carb came into my life.

Product overview

Isopure Zero Carb ReviewPicture the scene:

I’m browsing the shelves in a supplement store (I know, who buys supplements in a shop any more? It’s OK, I get wholesale prices there).

I marvel absentmindedly at all the different ways old reliable whey protein can be packaged to look like a completely different product from the one beside it.

Then, like some kind of jacked Hugh Grant meeting a slightly past-it actress in a Richard Curtis movie, something special caught my eye from across the room.

Zero carbs?

A ridiculous helping of BCAAs?

A heap of L-Glutamine?

From the outside this looks to be a 10.

But there must be a catch.

Like most 10s who are often about as bright as an energy saving lightbulb surely this tastes horrific?

And it costs a fortune right?

I’m in love…


Let’s start with the macros:

Zero carbs, one whole gram of fat, and a whopping 50g of protein per serving makes this product a must for anyone who is watching their carbs closely or looking to trim down for the summer.

As well as this, Nature’s Best have gone and added just over 10 grams of BCAAs (in the correct ratios) and another four grams of immune system boosting (among other things) L-Glutamine.

Anyone who has read previous articles of mine will know I’m a stickler for not underdosing a supplement.

With this product, Nature’s Best have only gone and ruddy double dosed their offering!

This really factors into the next section…

Value for money

Shopping around – and depending on what flavour you want – you can pick up a kilo of Isopure Zero Carb for between £35/$35.

For 22 servings this may seem like a lot, but in actual fact you get 44 servings.

I see no reason to take 50g of protein in one hit as well as all those branched chains.

Just half a serving will do the job of any rival protein you can name and more.

So even at £1 per serving at the higher end is still pretty good value for a product this good.

Taste and texture

At this point I was hoping, in a bizarre way, that Nature’s Best Isopure would taste like Miley Cyrus’ lady garden after twerking up on Robin Thicke after the VMAs.

But this shake passed this test with flying colours as well.

As seems to be the trend with supplements at the moment, Nature’s Best offer a whole mess of mental flavours (pineapple, orange and banana anyone?), but I opted for cookies and cream.

And my god!

It tasted like someone put a whole pack of Oreos in a blender.

For something with no aspartame (another string to Isopure’s bow), this shake tastes unbelievably good.

Anyone cutting carbs or dieting down with a sweet tooth should have this at the top of their shopping list.

It’s really that good!


I must confess I’m not worrying about carbs at the moment as I’m training for the Abu Dhabi Triathlon, but I’d imagine this product would be perfect for anyone who is.

I used this as a way to top up my protein macronutrient intake without going overboard on the carbs, and it’s a dream really.

I have to say from coming out of a PHAT training cycle with a calorie surplus I’ve dropped body fat quicker than I have ever before, although I suspect hours of cardio may have something to do with that.

Either way, this product is going to do wonders compared with any standard ‘diet’ whey protein, even if it is just due to the added BCAAs.


In an era when it gets easier and easier to turn your nose up at yet ANOTHER company bringing out ANOTHER whey protein, it is refreshing to see something fairly new and innovative being brought to the table.

Being slightly suspicious of supplements, I never thought I’d give any product 5 starts, but I can’t find any faults with this offering.

Anyone thinking about getting ready for summer should look into shipping this into their supplement cupboard immediately.

Order Isopure Zero Carb

To get the best price on Isopure Zero Carb, shop here at Amazon.

Have you tried this or any other Nature’s Best product?

If so what did you think?

Leave any questions or comments in the section below and, as always, go lift something up and put it back down again!

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  1. You may want to consider adding a rating for how it mixes, as I’ve come across powders that don’t mix well and are clumpy.

    Good review though, thanks!

  2. I have been using this for a couple of years now and your report is spot on!!!

    I have to watch my sugar and carb intake so this fits the bill perfectly for me.

    Thanks for the write up.

  3. As I am from India once I ordered this on Amazon I got a genuine one as it was having a paper lid packing from inside and when I again ordered the same product Isopure it was packed from out and it was open from inside as if was not having a paper lid so how to trust Amazon too sir?

  4. Man!

    Great post.

    I’m really amazed also about the flavor and the ingredients of Isopure.

    Also, there are many tests only that confirm the purity of the protein.

    Try Dutch Chocolate, just great.