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Muscle Fury Designer Whey Review

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On 2014-01-31
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You NEED to try this stuff. I assure you, once you do you won’t want to finish your workouts with any other whey. Not only is the product practically perfection, but the brand itself is trustworthy with a no-bull attitude. It simply does what it says on the tub.

If you were born in the 90s you’ll be a fan of Nesquik milk.

That nostalgic drink that drags us right back to our childhood; of days playing outside in the summer sun, way before Facebook and Twitter sucked the daydreams out of today’s kids.

Strawberry was my favorite. A daily treat from Mum to get us to drink our milk – and who wouldn’t drink pink milk?!

I remember she would freeze it to make homemade ice lollies during the summer and mix it with ice cream to make a thick milkshake.

I loved it, it was the best thing EVER!

But when you live the life of a bikini athlete, you don’t get to have much fun and drink Nesquik and munch on lollies.

Unless it’s specifically planned in our diet for the cheat meal – and then we’d probably rather spend the calories on a massive pizza or Oreos or Pop Tarts or cake!

The closest thing we get to milkshakes are our protein shakes and some of them, to be quite frank, are pretty rank. The watery, artificially flavoured whey shakes used to have me heaving after a brutal gym session.

I tried a number of different supplements and diet shakes in the hope I would find something remotely better than the last, but alas it was a continuous trend of thin, sickly shakes that left a bitter aftertaste and gave me the dreaded protein breath.

That was, until I stumbled across Muscle Fury’s Designer Whey.

Hurrah, my savior!

Product overview

muscle fury designer wheyWith five incredibly tasty flavours (strawberry, chocolate, banoffee, vanilla, raspberry), each 167 calorie serving of Muscle Fury Designer Whey contains 24g of protein, only 9g of carbohydrates, 3.9g fat, and 1g fibre.

It makes you wonder how they manage to make it taste so damn good without any rubbish being pumped into it.

Muscle Fury state that their new Designer Whey ‘contains the most refined, micro-filtered, undenatured (processed at low temperature) ingredients to produce this superior quality Designer Whey protein, which is high in Peptide Bonded L-Glutamine and BCAAs.’

The full recipe is probably the best kept secret in the industry at present, but what I can tell you is that it contains: whey protein concentrate, glutamine peptides, maltodextrin, immnoglobulins, natural identical flavouring and natural artificial colourings, natural sweeteners (sucralose, dextalose), and a massive list of amino acids.

Taste and texture

When it comes to taste, this protein is AMAZE! I can’t get enough. It tastes better than Nesquik.

I 100% consume too many calories per day because I always sneak another half scoop into my shaker, and it fills (almost) every craving void I may feel.

Muscle Fury have been producing whey protein for years, but the founder, Neil Batchelor, a highly reputable UKBFF bodybuilder, has been secretly developing this magical powder for 7 years, with the goal to produce the tastiest protein made in the UK.

And by jove he’s only gone and done it!


Muscle Fury Designer Whey is the most versatile protein powder I’ve ever come across.

I love to make protein pancakes with it; these work best when mixed with instant ground oats from and a few egg whites.

My favourite is chocolate at the moment, for protein oats, but strawberry is the best for creating that thick, frothy milkshake we’ve all been dreaming of.

Best blended, all you need to do is add water and ice and you have THE most perfect protein shake, with nothing but beautiful goodness.

You can even freeze it to make protein ice cream and ice lollies.

After every workout I’m instantly taken right back to those days playing in the summer sunshine and sipping on my yummy Nesquik drink.

But now I play with barbells rather than Barbies!

Value for money

Ultimately, Muscle Fury Designer Whey offers great value for money.

The company is releasing a new size of the supplement in a 5kg size tub retailing at only £75, making it one of the most affordable, high-end whey products around.


You NEED to try this stuff. I assure you, once you do you won’t want to finish your workouts with any other whey.

Not only is the product practically perfection, but the brand itself is trustworthy with a no bull attitude.

It simply does what it says on the tub.

Order Muscle Fury Designer Whey

To order Muscle Fury Designer Whey, head over to the Muscle Fury website.

Alternatively, for more information on Muscle Fury products, just pop into their gym and talk to Neil in person.

Tried Designer Whey or any other Muscle Fury products? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi Emma, always looking for new products, what else would you recommend from this company?

    1. Hi Greg, I’ve been using their Mass Fury for years.

      It’s great for bulking, best tasting and overall the best protein shakes I’ve ever had and I’ve tried most of the top brands.

  2. After going to Bognor to buy a tub of Syntha-6 Edge I got to Maximas bodybuilding shop early.

    I waited 20 mins for shop to open?

    The owner bowls up at opening time to tell me I can’t buy anything from the shop as he’s late for a massage.

    Rude arsehole – I’ve spent around 200 to 300 pounds in his shops on goodies, he’s an arrogant little man who will sell you crap just to get your money.

    I ain’t going back there any more it was close and convenient but I found this little place tucked away called Muscle Fury.

    I was greeted with a warm welcome and was helped out by a lady and a gentlemen who fed me with ideas and let me taste some of the protein shakes.

    OMFG I swear to God I nearly fainted as the yummy taste embraced my tastebuds.

    I have had loads of different shakes and nothing comes close to how good this stuff tastes.

    Good prices, excellent customer service, well manned staff.

    ” I’ll be back” – see you lovely people soon for more of that yummy protein powder!

  3. I ordered this protein from the website and it was the worst service I’ve ever experienced.

    A month went by without me receiving my protein or any emails from the company.

    I had to ring up 3 times and email them twice yet every time they made up a new excuse why I never received it.

    They never responded to my emails and I honestly felt like they weren’t going to deliver it.

    I spoke to someone on the phone who promised to ring me back Monday as it had been so long and he forgot so I had to ring him and the guy on the phone pretended to be someone else yet his voice was exactly the same.

    He was clearly that embarrassed by their service.

    Anyway in the end I never received the protein and had to ask for my money back.

    Would never order Muscle Fury protein again.