Fresh Fitness Food Review

Fresh Fitness Food Review

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On 2014-11-25
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If you’re serious about nutrition and training, yet live a busy lifestyle, Fresh Fitness Food is the perfect solution. There’s no better place to get food prep which is exactly what your body needs to reach its potential.

I am a man who likes food, there’s no doubt about that, and when I heard about about Fresh Fitness Food I had to see what all the fuss was about.

A company that sorts out all of your meal prep?

Gains heaven.

So let’s hear more…

Product overview

Fresh Fitness Food provides bespoke meals for those who are serious about nutrition, prepared fresh daily and delivered to your door before you wake up.

Really – the food gets to your door before 6am guaranteed, it’s that awesome!

You can choose from three or five meals delivered daily, and there are currently six menu or “package” options:

Prices vary and become better value as you order more.

So ordering three meals per day for a week will be more expensive than ordering five meals per day for 20 weeks.

I chose a week’s worth of five meals per day from the ‘Fat Loss – Paleo’ plan.

I wanted to experience a true paleo diet for a week – something I think is extremely hard to maintain on a regular basis.

And without a doubt it was the best nutritional week of my entire life!

Fresh Fitness Food Review

The food

The quality of the food is absolutely incredible.

I do have to say, I’m used to chewing on my usual three-day-old overcooked BBQ fajita chicken and plain rice, so a week of fresh food daily felt like the best thing that had ever happened to me.

Which it kind of was.

And I was skeptical when Fresh Fitness Food stated that the food was prepared fresh by a chef.

I mean, it still comes in tupperware so how can it be that good?

But as soon as you taste some of the meals that seem so basic, you immediately notice the difference.

A simple chargrilled chicken salad would just have something about it that was perfected, like I could tell care and skill had gone into preparing it, and I genuinely looked forward to each mealtime.

When I prepare five meals per day for myself, you can pretty much guarantee that two or three of them are going to be identical.

But not with Fresh Fitness Food.

Each day had at least four different types of meat, and most days five different kinds of meat!

The menu

Here’s an example menu with macronutrients, which also happened to be my favourite day.

Meal 1: Friday Fry Up (gammon, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms)

Calories 615kcal
Protein 51.4g
Carbs 18g
Fat 37.5g

Meal 2: BBQ Chicken With Raw Noodles

Calories 148kcal
Protein 19g
Carbs 13.2g
Fat 2.1g

Meal 3: Thyme Roast Turkey With a Pomegranate and Green Vegetables

Calories 227kcal
Protein 36.9g
Carbs 12.9g
Fat 12.9g

Meal 4: Coconut Crusted Salmon

Calories 329kcal
Protein 32.4g
Carbs 11.9g
Fat 16.9g

Meal 5: Beef Massaman Curry

Calories 330kcal
Protein 32g
Carbs 18.6g
Fat 14.2g

Fresh Fitness Food Review

The service

Right from day one the service from Fresh Fitness Food was brilliant.

Before the meals start, you have two options: either give Fresh Fitness Food your daily macronutrient requirements and they will create a plan from there, or give them a goal and get a bespoke plan designed just for you.

They really do personalise and sort out your nutritional plan to perfection, and can incorporate any protein shakes or supplements that you may be taking.

On a daily basis the food gets left in a convenient place for you, such as at your office reception or somewhere safe like a front porch, so by 6am it will be delivered there in a cool bag, no need for a signature or any messing about.

Just leave the day’s bag in the same place every night and find a fresh one there the next morning!


It’s pretty obvious that Fresh Fitness Food is going to be effective, especially for a broke weightlifter such as myself.

Going from eating eggs, oats, chicken, rice, broccoli and Maoam every day like it’s a fucking religion to eating the finest veg and a range of meats is obviously going to have a positive effect on someone.

But this really is the best in nutrition, and made me feel so much better all day.

Training on a paleo diet is hard – I did miss having some starchy carbs in the day – but at the same time I just felt ‘clean’, like my body was running the way it should do.

Value for money

Fresh Fitness Food plans range from £18 per day to £40 per day, depending on the plan and duration.

The plan I was on was £175 for a week’s (five days) worth of food, which is pretty expensive really.

But consider what I was eating each day – five meals of different meats, veg and salads, delivered to my door, prepared fresh, and tailored directly to my macronutrient goals.

There’s absolutely no way I’d be able to prep meals like this myself, and not just because I’m a shit cook, but the logistics and cost would be far too much for me to handle whilst working full time and training five days a week minimum.

Fresh Fitness Food Review


If you’re serious about nutrition and training, yet live a busy lifestyle, Fresh Fitness Food is the perfect solution.

There’s no better place to get food prep which is exactly what your body needs to reach its potential.

Order Fresh Fitness Food

Visit the following webpage place an order with Fresh Fitness Food:

Alternatively, you can email

You can also connect with FFF on Facebook and Twitter.

Over to you

Have you used Fresh Fitness Food before?

Thinking of giving them a go?

Hit me up with a comment below!

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  1. THIS. IS. AMAZING. And I’m so jealous that we don’t have them, here! Did you ever try them out again, after this blog post?

  2. Nice post. Think I will give them a try.

  3. Really liked your post Will.

    It is really important to talk about the value created by following bespoke meals for those who are serious about nutrition.

    Thank you for sharing this review.

  4. Hi Will.

    Great post.

    Can you please publish the costs of this package?

    I worked out that the three meal a day programme over a short contract period was very expensive: like £30 a day.

    Is that right?


    1. Graeme you dumb f**k.

      The prices are on the website, nothing which needs to be worked out, very obvious.

      You pretentious low life…

      Don’t know you but your post is annoying as f!

  5. Very good service!

    Great for those of us in a hurry or who don’t feel like cooking.

    Just started my plan but very happy thus far.

  6. Awesome service!

    I’ve been using it for a month and its fantastic!