FortiFX FIT Crunch Bars Review

FortiFX FIT Crunch Bars Review

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On 2013-11-10
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These protein bars from super chef Robert Irvine have a great nutritional profile, are easy to digest, and taste absolutely exquisite. An outstanding product that we urge you to try.

Every so often you have the serendipity to come across a new product that’s so absolutely fantastic it evokes the same emotion you experienced when you stumbled across the answers to the nine times table quiz aged six.

I really can’t remember at what age I learned my nine times table.

I’m of above average intelligence (whatever that is) so it was probably around six.

If not someone please correct me.

Anyway, I digress.

The product I’m referring to here is FortiFX’s FIT Crunch Bars, which are marketed as the “first and only six-layer baked meal replacement bar on the planet”.

Product overview

These particular bars are the result of a marriage between FortiFX and American celebrity chef Robert Irvine.

However don’t go thinking this guy is like Gordon Ramsey, i.e. a shaft.

Irvine’s earned his stripes.

He was discovered initially by Prince Charles cooking in the mess halls of the British Royal Navy and he hasn’t looked back since.

His career highlights include cooking for 3,000 refugees in civil war-raged South Yemen, preparing food for the Oscars, and cooking for the Queen of England.

So stick that in your grand marnier and flambé it.

Aside from that, he looks in damn good shape, being a keen bodybuilder.

Immediately I knew these supplements were going to be great.

FortiFX FIT Crunch Bars Review

Taste and texture

When I first laid eyes on these FortiFX FIT Crunch Bars, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

They looked fantastic and were the size of Red Rum’s wedding tackle.

This instantly had my attention (the bars).

And to top it all off, these six layered baked beauties tasted fantastic, particularly the peanut butter one.

Kinda like a Reece’s Pieces bar but with a bit more texture.

All this when most other protein bars taste disgusting, are dense, don’t digest, and any other adjectives beginning with ‘d’ that are derogatory.

Nutritional breakdown

Now an idiot might say there’s too much fat in these bars, but it has to reiterated that they are a ‘meal replacement’.

I don’t think you’ll find too many meals with a similar nutritional breakdown that only contain 8g of saturated fat.

And this is the real benefit of baking these bars.

The protein content is excellent at 30g and there’s not too much sugar which is of course the real villain.


Overall, the FortiFX FIT Crunch Bars from Robert Irvine are by far the best protein bars I’ve ever tried.

They have a great nutritional profile, are easy to digest, and taste exquisite.

An absolutely outstanding product that we urge you to try.

robert irvine FortiFX FIT Crunch Bars

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