ProSupps Dr Jekyll Intense Pump Pre-Workout Review

Review: ProSupps Dr Jekyll Pre-Workout

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On 2016-10-04
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Light on the stimulants but heavy on the stuff that actually works (at least when it comes to giving your muscles some well needed metabolic damage), Dr Jeykll is a highly effective pre-workout supplement which also provides decent bang for your buck.

Two things that go together perfectly:

Chocolate and orange.

Peanut butter and jelly.

Caffeine and kilos.

Unfortunately too much caffeine and late night workouts can be a bit of a nightmare.

My mind is already thinking of the endless memes of people lying in bed at 3.45am because their pre-workout hasn’t worn off.


Being a coffee addict myself, I came to the conclusion I probably drink too much caffeine on a daily basis anyway.

But I still want to get absolutely buzzed off my tits before a workout and smash up the weights like some kind of coked-up Harambe (RIP).

This is where Dr Jekyll by ProSupps enters the picture, the solution to my caffeine quandary.

Let’s dig a little deeper…

ProSupps Dr Jekyll Pre-WorkoutProduct overview

One of a pair of pre-workout supplements produced by US company ProSupps (the other being Mr Hyde), Dr Jekyll is light on the stimulants but fairly absurd when it comes to getting you pumped up like the Michelin Man.

Loads of flavours are available (Cherry Bomb, Cotton Candy, Blue Razz) but I opted for the very middle-of-the-road Watermelon flavour for this review.

One tube contains 30 servings and will set you back around £30/$30.


Dr Jekyll focuses on proper ingredients to get you swole as hell:

Beta-alanine, Glycerol, a Citrulline variant, and, most importantly, Agmatine Sulfate in the form of AGMAPURE.

The latter is the hardest ingredient to find in most pump products but it’s THE most effective and finally I’ve managed to find a pre-workout that contains it in a reasonable amount.

Leg the gains begin!

On the insane energy side there is not a lot in this, so if you’re looking at Dr Jekyll as an after-office-hours pick-me-up before you jump on the bench press, look elsewhere.

100mg of caffeine is all you’re going to get in one scoop so it’s not going to blow your mind – but for my purposes that is just fine!

Taste and texture

The watermelon flavour of Dr Jekyll tastes fine.

It’s not going to impress Gordon Ramsay, but you’ll be able to neck it and not feel like you need to hold your mouth closed in case it backfires on you.

There is a slight downside in that it doesn’t mix amazingly well.

You’ll find some particles lurking around, which I’m guessing is one of the ingredients that doesn’t dissolve fully.

It’s not a huge deal as I’m not sitting down to enjoy a long drink with the lads, so just mix it with as little water as possible, get it down, and proceed to the weights room to wreak havoc.



Yeah, it’s effective.

On my second workout using this I was getting towards the end of an upper body session and I actually had to get someone to take a picture because I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing.

ProSupps Dr Jekyll Pre-Workout pump

Normally I’m not even particularly vascular at the best of times so for me this is pretty insane.

Firstly, the pumps you get on Dr Jekyll are nearly skin-splitting, especially in your limbs.

Even my quads, which I personally find quite hard to get going, were throbbing (careful) after only a couple of high rep sets of leg extensions.

My biceps felt like they were going to pop and my triceps looked like I was trying to smuggle horseshoes out of the gym.

Basically, I found that Dr Jekyll allowed me to train a little bit harder for a little bit longer, while really providing all the tingles you’d expect from Beta Alanine and all the blood flow and vascularity from the Agmatine.

Value for money

A tub of Dr Jekyll provides 30 servings for $30, and you can’t really say fairer than that.

Unlike some other pre-workouts where you sometimes find you need one-and-a-half to two scoops, one scoop of this stuff is plenty, so you won’t be doubling up and caning your way through the tub in under two weeks.

Great value for money, in my opinion.

Note: as with most US brands, Dr Jekyll is a bit harder to find in the UK, and generally more expensive, at around the £30 mark.


For anyone looking for a pre-workout that is light on the stimulants but heavy on the stuff that actually works, at least when it comes to giving your muscles some well needed metabolic damage, then look no further.

The taste is totally drinkable, little bit of mixability issues, but nothing that’s going to put you off the product by any means.

Buy Dr Jekyll

Generally you can grab a bargain on Dr Jekyll by shopping online at Amazon, where it usually goes for well below the recommended retail price.

Over to you

Have you tried Dr Jekyll from ProSupps?

Tried any other pre-workouts that you’ve enjoyed lately?

Agree or disagree with the review?

Let us know in the comments below and get back to getting a sick nasty pump!

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  1. Solid review!

    I was wondering where this product ranks on your overall list for pre-workouts?

    1. It’s no Original Formula Jack3d but I personally love it.

      If I need more of a ‘buzz’ or pick me up I usually go with Cellucor C4 but if I’m good to go for energy I much prefer this cos the pump you get and the extra reps and the burn.

      It’s awesome basically, right up there!