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Review of: BSN CELLMASS 2.0

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On 2014-11-14
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An overpriced supplement with the right ingredients in the wrong doses. I can honestly say that in terms of results, BSN CELLMASS 2.0 made absolutely no difference whatsoever.

BSN CELLMASS has been around for a few years now.

I remember taking it when I was just starting out weightlifting, thinking I was going to get hench in four weeks.

It comes in shiny packaging and has exclamation points after every ingredient written on the front, which naturally would have you believe that this product is a load of crap.

So let’s find out if that’s true or not…

Product overview

BSN CELLMASS 2.0 is a blend of creatine and amino acids, designed to promote muscle recovery and uptake of creatine for increased strength.

You take a little scoop, which is around six grams, post workout, although the tub does recommend you take two servings per day.

A tub with 30 servings will set you back over £30 retail price, which is quite frankly ridiculous considering the ingredients, although I have seen it as cheap as £15 online.


BSN CELLMASS 2.0 ReviewThe BSN CELLMASS 2.0 ingredients are pretty much creatine monohydrate, taurine and glutamine, with a few other bits of filler thrown in, classic BSN style.

There’s some amino acids in there, but not enough to even bother mentioning.

What’s most shocking about the ingredients is that there is only three grams of creatine and one gram of glutamine per serving, a quite frankly pathetic amount.

You really would need about five grams of each post workout to make a difference.

But of course I’m an absolute fucking beast so I’d take more like 20 of each.

Taste and texture

The flavour I tried was Apple, and it’s actually really delicious like many of BSN’s other products, such as Snytha-6.

It just tastes like sweets.

The colour resembles what I can only describe as Hulk’s piss or radioactive waste.

The texture of CELLMASS is pretty dire – it mixes into basically a foam on top with creatine mono settled at the bottom.

Foamy post-workout drinks are never appetising.


Due to the fact that you have to take this post workout, it just becomes awkward, as you then need to take protein too, but there’s no way I’d mix this with whey protein as it just wouldn’t taste right.

I can honestly say that in terms of results (I used this for a month), I saw absolutely no difference at all.

I even tried doubling up the servings for a few days and it still had no effect.

I’m not saying that creatine mono is going to turn me into some kind of monster, but judging by the claims from BSN you’d think it would.

Value for money

You could spend the equivalent money on about four times as much creatine mono and glutamine and still have change left over.

So yeah, there’s no value for money here at all.


BSN CELLMASS 2.0 is a completely overpriced supplement with the right ingredients in the wrong doses.

Spend your money on some straight up glutamine and creatine instead.

Over to you

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  1. Hi Will, thanks for sharing your honest opinion about the bsn cellmass.

    I didn’t expect such poor results, keep on reporting!

    By the way, “Hulk’s piss or radioactive waste” made my day 🙂

    Cheers, Pasquale

  2. Totally agree.

    I personally mix 5g of tasteless creatine with protein powder after a workout and it is more effective, tastier and a cheaper option.

    I believe same goes for pre-workouts.

    As I’m not a fan of the taste of most pre-workouts, I’d just buy the ingredients separately and mix a good amount of them.

    This way I know what I get and can mix it with any liquid without affecting taste that much.

    Then I’m also able to adjust the ingredients day by day.

  3. You guys are biased and retarded.

    Cell Mass made EVERY ONE of my lifts go up by 10lbs within 2 weeks.

    It works.

    Read every other review on the internet.

    It’s proven.

    Fucking ass hats, quit spreading false reviews.

  4. U mad bro?

    Or just retarded?

    “I can honestly say that in terms of results (I used this for a month), I saw absolutely no difference at all.”

    As you mentioned, you used this just for a month.

    We don’t have any information about your freaking gym routine, your diet, your other supplements in use.

    And you don’t have any idea either as far as I can see.

    BSN’s products were never cheap, and will never be cheap.

    But that doesn’t make it full of shit.


  5. This is the best supplement I have ever taken.

    I’m no crazy gym junky however the only time I’ve wanted to push through my strength and body weight ceiling, Cell mass has played an important role in helping me do so.

    Far more effective than regular creatine mono.