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Review: Aminoman R5 Aminos

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An excellent recovery supplement for those who train hard but also live a busy lifestyle. You’ll instantly experience deeper and more restful sleep when taking it before bed and performance will benefit as a result.

I’ve actually gotten to the point where I see the word “amino acids” on a supplement and start to zone out.

BCAAs are a great product, sure, but as I’ve said before they aren’t really a supplement you need to take.

So many brands are producing them and people are beginning to think they are essential, sometimes even replacing protein supplements with them.

Side note: you won’t build muscle with BCAAs alone!

In reality you’re not going to see dramatic changes in your training and physique by taking them.

But when I saw the R5 Aminos website which stated “Formula supported by 116 research articles” I was immediately intrigued.

And it turns out that R5 is not a BCAA supplement, rather an amino acid blend designed for optimal recovery.

So let’s find out how it performs…

Product overview

Aminoman R5 Aminos

R5 is essentially the pinnacle of recovery supplementation, designed specifically to produce more growth hormone, improve collagen production and reduce carb cravings to maximise human performance.

The product was formulated by Matt Lovell, a performance and nutrition specialist who works with elite athletes such as Jonny Wilkinson (what a dreamboat) and football clubs including Man City, Spurs and England.

The thing I most like about R5 Aminos is that it was formulated based on scientific studies and an opportunity to improve recovery rather than because of a demand in the market.

This means it’s a genuinely unique product with a strong and clear offering.


The ingredients comprise a blend of amino acids, minerals and botanicals, which when combined result in something that could be described as ZMA 2.0.

The usual suspects are in there such as Glutamine, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B6, but there are also a few other ingredients I don’t see too often.

For example, the botanicals blend contains Clove and Griffonia, which I’ve realised combine to make a great anti-inflammatory and relaxation aid.

I absolutely love the fact that the exact quantities of each ingredient are on the back of the product – there’s no pissing about with proprietary blends with names like “sleep matrix” in which you have no idea what the actual amounts are.

Unlike me down Weatherspoon’s on a Saturday night, you know exactly what you’re putting in your body.

It’s really clear that sheer passion has gone into formulating R5 Aminos, and the quality overall is absolutely excellent.

Aminoman R5 Aminos

Taste and texture

At first I thought the taste of R5 Aminos was terrible.

It actually took me about a week to get used to it, but when I did I was completely hooked.

Seriously – I love drinking this stuff!

I always have it warm, and the taste can be described with words that, for the sake of my manhood, I’ll never say out loud, such as “wintery”, “warm” and “fuzzy”.

It’s absolutely the perfect drink to have before bed, as the taste just relaxes you.

Considering the product is also completely natural – i.e. nothing is added to make it taste better – and many of the ingredients are disgusting in their natural form, it’s surprising how delicious it is to drink.

It mixes well into a big mug of hot water – but don’t use boiling water straight from the kettle, let it cool a bit first.


The directions say to ‘use 20 grams after training, or at night before sleep’.

And I’ll just say now that I definitely do not recommend having it right after training, purely because it relaxes me so much that I sleep like a baby after it.

Perhaps it’s just me, but it really does help me nod off right away, and I have a bit of a routine at the moment drinking it in bed and getting an incredible night’s sleep every time.

It’s not a “knock out” effect like a sleeping tablet, but more of a “once you’re down you stay down” kind of thing.

And that’s coming from someone who naturally sleeps really, really lightly.

I tend to sleep less than some people as it is, getting about six hours sleep a night, but I just find that R5 Aminos before bed ensures I sleep really deeply and wake feeling much more alert and rested than without it.

The directions say to cycle the product for five days with two days off, so I take the weekends off but have it every weekday evening.

It’s especially effective if I’m training early, I just feel stronger and more rested, and I now make sure it’s part of my routine the night before heavy lifts like deads or squats.

Value for money

At just under £40 for a tub, you get 20 servings which is enough for a full months supply.

I think considering the high quality of R5 Aminos and the fact that it’s completely natural makes the price really good value.

I don’t think R5 Aminos are aimed at those who are new to training though – it’s not as essential as, say, protein powder.

It’s really for those who already train hard and just want that extra advantage through improved sleep and recovery.

Particularly if you’re really busy and time is a vital asset, R5 Aminos just make life easier on your body, and quickly become an essential aid for maximising your physical potential while under a busy work schedule.

Aminoman R5 Aminos


R5 Aminos are an excellent recovery supplement for those who train hard but also live a busy lifestyle.

You’ll instantly experience deeper and more restful sleep when taking it before bed, and performance will benefit as a result.

Buy R5 Aminos

You can purchase A5 Aminos by shopping here at the Aminoman website.

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