Allmax Aminocore BCAA Supplement Review

Allmax Aminocore Review

Review of: Allmax Aminocore

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On 2016-06-29
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If you’re looking for the perfect BCAA with massive dosing, Aminocore is sure to fill the spot. It’s ideal intra-workout, but expect to shell out your cash if you’re a UK lifter.

BCAAs are a staple of the committed lifter, becoming a go-to for providing an anti-catabolic environment in the body during hard training sessions, and often in-between too.

I’ve been drinking BCAAs all day in my gigantic Myprotein 1.9 litre water bottle like some kind of paranoid anabolic mentalist Rich Piana wannabee.

But if you’re training hard as hell, like, really fucking training, you’ll know that constant aching of your muscles needs feeding.

And experienced lifters know that BCAAs can certainly help, but it’s often hard to find the perfect formula.

Have we found it with Allmax Aminocore?

Read on…

Product overview

Aminocore is a BCAA that’s aimed differently than most, seeming like much more of an intra-workout product due to the addition of vitamins for energy.

And with a huge 8.1 gram dosing in a uniquely created 45:30:25 – leucine:valine:isoleucine formula, you know Allmax aren’t fucking around here.

This dosage was based on a scientific study, this one in fact, and other brands are starting to produce similar ratio products.

Allmax Aminocore


This is where Aminocore really stands out.

Firstly, we’ve got B vitamins and Alpha K.I.C added to the BCAA mixture, meaning you’re going to get a pretty nice rush of energy when taking the product.

It’s by no means a stimulant, but it will give you an extra boost.

I’ve taken Allmax Aminocore with many evening weights or cardio sessions and been able to sleep fine afterwards.

It has become almost a replacement for my pre-workout when I’m training in the evenings.

Aminocore can also be awesome for when you’re feeling a little tired at work; having a serving as a pick-me-up works great.

The specific dose of BCAAs in the product itself with a higher leucine content means you can pretty much guarantee it’ll be kicking you into an anabolic state.

I really like the fact that Allmax have based this dose on a scientific study rather than just throwing out there some high leucine content like 10:1:1 – it’s a nice touch and testament to their quality.

Allmax Aminocore

Taste and mixability

I can say hands down this is the best tasting and mixing BCAA product I’ve ever used.

Whereas most other BCAA kind of leave this weird frothy ectoplasm crap on the top even with a shaker, Aminocore mixes instantly and froth free even into a glass of water.

Not only that but the taste is perfect.

I tried Key Lime Cherry and Fruit Punch Blast and both were really subtle but delicious, not too overpowering.

Man I sound like a wine connoisseur.

tyrion drinking wine gif


It’s hard to say whether BCAAs really ‘work’.

As I’ve detailed in my previous posts on which supplements are good for beginners, BCAAs aren’t some kind of magic potion you can take to make you suddenly grow more muscle, even if the packaging may convince you otherwise.

But what Aminocore by Allmax will do is give you some ‘insurance’ that you’re not going to be in a catabolic state during a workout, which is particularly useful for longer cardio sessions whilst dieting.

This much is emphasised by the huge 8.1 gram dose per serving.

Value for money

Aminocore is just about the best BCAA you’re going to get for your cash.

But, it’s going to cost you quite a bit of it.

This is largely due to the company not having a solid presence in the UK at the moment.

The official retailers are the only option and this means that a 400 gram, 44 serving tub of Aminocore is going to set you back a whopping £35 per tub (on average).

But, like I’ve said many times before, you’re paying the price for the absolute highest quality product, and the dose is much larger than many competitors with cheaper products.

In this case it just so happens that price is the only negative.


If you’re looking for the perfect BCAA with massive dosing, Aminocore is sure to fill the spot.

It’s ideal intra-workout, but expect to shell out your cash if you’re a UK lifter.

Allmax Aminocore

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You can usually get the cheapest price on Amincore by shopping here at Amazon.

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