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About Us

Our goal

Gym-Talk was set up as an antidote to the unending parade of bodybuilding websites and fitness gurus that take themselves far, far too seriously.

Yes, we can see you lift, but you’re fucking boring.

Supplement reviews, bro-science and articles about workout regimes and diets are all well and good, but sometimes you need the odd scatological reference, wanking joke, f-bomb or picture of a man deadlifting with his cock and balls to lighten up proceedings.

What other people are saying

“These guys write some pretty interesting stuff, which sets them apart from 90% of all other gym-related sites that only asks questions like ‘What motivates you?’, ‘What’s your diet?’, ‘Top 3 Exercises’.”

Frank Yang, bodybuilding personality and YouTube nut-job.

“Great article!”

Kali Muscle, bodybuilder, actor, author, motivational speaker, philanthropist

“Never did I think I would be giving the thumbs up to a review that talks about cock so much!”

– Mark McCall, Managing Director of Activate Nutrition

“Love the Gym-talk witty writing style!”

– Sam Waterton, Martial Herbs

“The most amusing supplement reviews we’ve read.”

– Alex Mills, MuscleFood

“Singularly the FUNNIEST thing I have read all day. Brilliant!”

AustraliaWow! Fitness Software

Meet the team

206618_10150217878136203_3635101_n Henry


When he’s not bench pressing the world, Henry is a keen marathon runner. He also has a Black Belt in Sipalki Kung Fu and has competed at national level in Swimming. He once punched a cat just for staring at him.

DSCN0169 Greg

Head of Content & Logistics

Having spent every waking hour of his childhood swimming, Greg now works, lifts, eats chicken and travels. He is our (un)masked Zorro of bodybuilding academia.

moustache Joe

Head of Design & Human Resources

Three times failed Big Brother applicant and local hero, Joe is an enthusiastic gym-goer who spends the majority of his time deadlifting or bench pressing. When not in the gym, he can be found in ‘The Dog and Duck’ bicep curling a pint of Guinness until failure.

julian Julian

Head of Social Media

Julian is man with no athletic ability or any interest in the gym. We’re basically letting him have a go at this out of sympathy.

charles barclay Charlie

Nutrition Advisor & Beverage Dissemination Officer

Charles Barclay is a Personal Trainer, CrossFit Trainer and wannabe Frank Zane with a degree in Biology. When he’s not in the gym changing lives and being inspirational he can be found eating chicken covered in hot sauce for reps.


In-house Personal Trainer & Accounts

Will lives in London and is a Digital Marketing Executive by day. He first started going to the gym because being weedy and ginger doesn’t really get the girls. Now he is muscly and ginger he still doesn’t get the girls, but at least he can bench more than their boyfriends. You can find him blogging over at willkennard.com.