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Go Nutrition Protein Pancake Mix ‘One Shot’ Review

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On 2014-08-04
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These nutritious 'single serving' protein pancakes are the perfect antidote to watery porridge and bland egg white omelettes. Easy to prepare, highly convenient and utterly delicious.


Associated with American diners, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson memes and the death of Jesus (or something to do with the Bible anyway).

But protein?

Not so much.

However, those culinary boffins at Go Nutrition, no doubt locked in a Albuquerque superlab and given nothing but pre-workout, fat envelopes of cash and the threat of familicide to fuel their creativity, have once again come up with the goods with the Protein Pancake Mix One Shot.

Now perhaps I’m giving them a bit too much credit.

Other companies have given us protein pancakes before – or you could just chuck a scoop of whey into your normal mix – but this is once again all about tried-and-tested convenience.

Product overview

Go Nutrition Protein Pancake Mix One Shot reviewGo Nutrition themselves already sell bag of pre-mixed protein pancake mix but the beauty of the ‘One Shot Mix’ is that you’ll actually make it properly.

Let’s be honest, who just adds one even scoop of protein to their shaker?

Measuring’s for punks, pretty boys.

With the One Shot mix, all you do is add 50ml of water (two shot glasses) and shake.

This incredibly-easy-to-prepare high protein snack combines 80% whey, milk and egg protein with pure fine oats, medium chain triglycerides and flax seed to produce a healthy and nutritious snack packed with 58% high quality protein.

My words, not theirs…

Nutritional info

As mentioned, this protein pancake mix is stocked full of high quality ingredients, and, per pancake, the numbers look like this:

Calories 97
Protein 15g
Carbs 5g
Fat 2g
Sugar 1.5g

In the words of Shakin’ Stevens, “Lovely stuff”.

Taste and texture

At this point I would like to have posted a picture of a perfectly spherical protein pancake.

But, and I like to stress this is probably more down to my saucepan than the product, the finished pancake looked like a squashed pheasant lying tragically at the side of the road.

That said, it tasted delicious, just like a normal pancake.

As I couldn’t give a fuck about abs, I served mine with bacon and maple syrup, Canadian style.

But you can add all sorts to yours to spruce it up: Greek yoghurt, blueberries, chicken sausages, etc etc.

Value for money

If you buy 10 of these one shot protein pancakes they’ll cost you £1.19 each.

It’s worth stating that these protein pancakes are not like those shitty thin crepe type pancakes we usually cook.

These are big, thick bastards.


The real worth of these protein pancakes, and this is once again the genius of Go Nutrition, is giving those following a fairly boring diet a delicious and nutritious alternative.

Protein Pancake Mix One Shot is the perfect antidote to watery porridge and bland egg white omelettes, providing something truly great with which to start your weekend.


Buy Pancake Mix One Shot

To order Protein Pancake Mix One Shot, or for more product info, visit this page of the Go Nutrition store.

And don’t forget to use a Go Nutrition discount code when you order to save yourself some money.

Tried this product or any other protein pancakes on the market?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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