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MuscleMeds Reviews

Review: MuscleMeds Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate
This is a product we’ve been wanting to try at Gymtalk for quite some time. Not just because it’s weird, but because of its crazy awesome nutritional profile, and the fact that it’s a protein powder made from beef. Yes - beef. Isolated beef. [...]

Equipment Reviews

Why Apple Watch Is The Best Heart Rate Monitor You Can Buy
The Apple Watch is now the most used heart rate monitor in the world. And as of yesterday’s keynote at the brand new Steve Jobs theatre, we know that the next version of its operating system - Watch OS 4 - will bring additional features that [...]

Universal Nutrition Reviews

Universal Nutrition Animal M-Stak Review
I’m going to start this review by declaring some previous biases, in that I think testosterone products are mostly underdosed rubbish, but that I also have massive respect for the Animal brand in general, something my Animal Pak review certainly s [...]


3 Essential Vitamins & Minerals For The Heavy Lifter
Something I see far too often is guys who train a lot and get a tonne of protein in, yet put little thought into other supplements or foods that may have a positive effect on their training. So, in this post, we’re going to take a quick look at [...]

Supplement Reviews

Huel Bar Review
We tried out the first iteration of the Huel product last year with good results, and in the name of ultimate convenience the company has now launched a bar alongside their powdered drink range. Dropping a big part of your daily nutrition on a bar r [...]
gold standard mass gainer

Optimum Nutrition Reviews

Gold Standard Mass Gainer Review
Another day another mass gainer. This time round it's a new product from Optimum Nutrition: their Gold Standard Mass Gainer. In my eyes Optimum have been releasing too many products recently - whether it's the lean women's range or three differentl [...]


5 Tips For Not Becoming A Fat Bastard This Christmas
Whether we like it or not the festive period is being forced upon us once again. And like every Christmas, most of us are going to be eating and drinking a whole lot more whether we plan to or not. Although obvious health advice would be to sim [...]

Equipment Reviews

Skulpt Chisel Review
Body fat has and always will be a big focus of the bodybuilding industry. Whether you’re an amateur starting out, someone who is happy never competing, or a full-blown six-meal-carrying bodybuilding mentalist, we’ve all had conversations about [...]

Sci-MX Review

Sci-MX Rippedcore Stack Review
We often review individual supplements or a series of similar supplements at Gymtalk, so I thought we’d try something different and review some supplement ‘stacks’, starting with the ‘Rippedcore’ series by popular UK brand Sci-MX. For the [...]


Bugs & Insects: The Future For High-Protein Diets?
Insects are now pretty much readily available to buy in the UK. Yeah, they aren’t in your local Tesco, but with a quick search online you can find pots of ‘ready to eat’ insects from somewhere like Musclefood quite easily. Crickets, gras [...]

Supplement Reviews

Allmax Aminocore Review
BCAAs are a staple of the committed lifter, becoming a go-to for providing an anti-catabolic environment in the body during hard training sessions, and often in-between too. I’ve been drinking BCAAs all day in my gigantic Myprotein 1.9 litre water [...]

Supplement Reviews

Review: Aminoman R5 Aminos
I’ve actually gotten to the point where I see the word "amino acids" on a supplement and start to zone out. BCAAs are a great product, sure, but as I’ve said before they aren’t really a supplement you need to take. So many brands are pr [...]


Essential Grooming Advice For Blokes Who Lift
OK, yeah, you might think we’re getting a little bit less macho here. Gymtalk doing an article on male grooming? What a bunch of sell-outs. But don’t worry, we’re not about to go full Men’s Health style on you and recommend a bunch o [...]

Protein Dynamix Reviews

Protein Dynamix DynaBar Review
Oh protein bars, how I’ve come to depend on you. You’re always there when I need you, stopping me from eating inferior sugar-filled bullshit from the nearest corner shop. But the protein bar market has become massively saturated in the past [...]

Love Life Supplements

LLS Primal Beef Jerky Review
Beef jerky is without doubt the manliest of snacks available to humans on planet Earth. It bloody stinks, yet tastes amazing, and it’s pure fucking beef which you can carry in your pocket. What’s not to like? It’s often hard, however, [...]

Workout Tips

4 Beginner Errors Which Are Killing Your Progress
Here I’m going to address some common gym mistakes that I see over and over again with newcomers. Along with Charlie's previous article on rookie mistakes in the gym, these are the absolute top tips for when you’re starting out, and hopefully fo [...]

Supplement Reviews

Huel Powdered Food Review
You’re probably wondering what the hell is Huel? Well, Huel is nutritionally complete human fuel. And by that I mean it differs from a supplement in that rather than supplementing your diet it can completely replace food. Seriously. As they sta [...]

Supplement Reviews

The Best UK Mass Gainers: The Ultimate Showdown
Summer has come and gone, and many lads all over the country have returned from booze-infused Magaluf holidays (hashtag Chundergeddon) with the abs they worked so hard for (for a maximum of three weeks prior) now coated in full-board hotel breakfast [...]


5 Bullshit Excuses You’re Using For Not Working Out
The most common reason people don’t stay healthy is because they have some kind of lame excuse preventing them from doing so. Fact is, weight training is one of the best things you can do to strengthen yourself physically and mentally, so by bei [...]

Multipower Reviews

Multipower 100% Pure Whey Protein Review
I’m going to go ahead and start this review by being completely honest. I've always thought that the brand Multipower were a bit... well, shit. Back in the day, when I first started lifting, Multipower were notorious for producing ‘workout’ [...]

Myprotein Reviews

Myprotein Protein Muffins Review
Here we are again with yet another protein-infused food review. Like I said in my recent protein pancakes review, I’m still waiting for protein Haribo, but for now it seems that Myprotein have the perfect solution: protein muffins. Yeah, muff [...]

Bodybuilding Warehouse Reviews

Bodybuilding Warehouse Premium Protein Pancakes Review
The thought of pancakes on a regular basis is something which excites me greatly, and I'm sure a lot of people would agree. A big trend in the protein cooking scene - i.e. where we just add protein to literally fucking everything (still waiting fo [...]


The Secret To Fitness
We’re going to cover very briefly here the simple rule that defines those who make progress with their physique and those who don’t. This is the secret to getting ripped. This is the secret to losing weight. This is the real secret behin [...]

Bulk Powders Reviews

Bulk Powders Sports Multi AM:PM Review
Apologies if we sound like your grandmother, but at Gymtalk we believe vitamins should be an important part of every lifter’s diet, and the easiest way to ensure you’re getting a benchmark of vitamins is by taking a good quality multi. When I r [...]